The Jet Set Man: Travel Grooming Kit

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A life on the go demands clever products: portable, multi-functional, and effective. In creating this pack, we selected products without compromising on quality, ensuring they find their proper place inside of luggage, gloveboxes, carry-ons, and weekend bags. Moreover, travelling to new and exotic locales confronts the skin with new challenges, and so the products here address these. Perfect for jet setters, and simply for those who can’t stay in one place (or time zone) for too long.



First and foremost, supplied in this pack are 3x 53mL GoToobs, silicone-based travel tubes designed to be filled (and refilled) with the products you already know and love.

We've got your basic skin care routine covered: a Multi-Action Face Wash from Lab Series cleanses, exfoliates and conditions the skin - covering all bases and refreshing the skin of the weary traveler. Finish with Matt Moisturiser from men-u, an ultra concentrated formulation that is oil-free, oil-controlling, hydrating, and reparative. Even better - it comes in a convenient and compact pump bottle. Don't forget to finish this moisturising step with some lip balm, as the lips are equally exposed to the elements as is the skin on your face.

Included is a small bottle of Patrick's Deep Clean Shampoo - ultra luxury in portable format that effortlessly foams to wash out product and built-up that accumulates during the course of the day, improved with a combination of antioxidants that protects, repairs, and strengthens the hair in the process. Even toothpaste receives the portable luxury treatment in Marvis' Travel Gift Set, which includes 3x 25ml tubes of the most popular flavours: Classic Strong Mint, Whitening Mint, and Cinnamon Mint. Simply put: travel with flavour.