Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap & Dish, 125g

Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap & Dish, 125g

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Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap contains natural lanolin from sheep's wool and is especially suitable for sensitive skin. Designed to be used with a Shaving Brush, these soaps are gentle, soothing and produce a great lather. Comes in a refillable ceramic bowl with lid.

  • Lanolin-Based Shaving Soap.
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.
  • Natural soapy aroma.
  • 125g soap refills sold separately.
  • Made in the UK.

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Use a damp shaving brush to work up a rich, protective lather. Use brush to apply to face. Shave and rinse. Ideally shave straight after a shower or hold a hot, wet towel over your face for a few minutes to soften the hairs in order to prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps.


Sodium Tallowate, Potassium Stearate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Stearate, Aqua, Potassium Cocoate, Glycerin, Parfum, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal, Lanolin, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Silicate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Magnesium Sulphate, Tetrasodium Etidronate.

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Old School Classic Review by: Chris 5/02/2019
During my neophyte phase of straight razor shaving I didn't really rate this soap, preferring the super-cushy, luxury artisan soaps. But coming back to MWF, I realise this is the sports car to those soaps' limousine -- lots of road feel and maybe a truer sense of what's actually happening to your skin. Plus a clean, fresh scent that really is shave-like-your-grandpa. Highly recommended.
Very slick Review by: Matt 2/05/2018
This takes a while to get lathering right. I found it took a few attempts to get the right consistency so the lather didn't collapse down to a soapy mess. But once you've got our technique down, you've got a deeply moisturising lather for a very comfortable shave.
Great product Review by: Samuel 16/04/2018
Great product. Lathers well and is good for sensitive skin. Isn't really scented. The ceramic bowl and cardboard-boxed refills are also a great way to cut down on plastic waste (one of my motives for double-edged shaving in the first place).
Great lather Review by: Ricardo 16/07/2017
One of the best shaves out there. Takes a while to get the lathering technique right. Can be bit harder than some others, but well worth it for super comfortable shave.
Good Gift Option Review by: Nicky 20/06/2017
My Husband has sensitive skin and loved this product. I got it for him as a gift last month. Mens Biz gift wrapping was fantastic too! Thanks!
Great product Review by: Nicholas 12/09/2016
Very moisturising.

This is a good video to watch on how to lather it, as I read that some found it difficult.
Great soap Review by: Andrey 1/09/2016
Fantastic product, produces nice lather, and the dish looks classy
Inexplicably good Review by: Michael 29/07/2016
I have used several different soaps from Men's Biz; all are good. Mitchell's Wool Fat, however, is in a class of its own. I can't figure out how this soap produces a closer shave than any other I have tried (using the same other equipment), but it does. The ceramic bowl looks great on my bathroom counter, too.
Good Review by: James 8/06/2016
Just good
Great Product Review by: Mike T 21/04/2016
I use Mitchell's for straight razor shaving as it rinses easily from the blade (unlike a lot of creams). It lasts for ages and has a conditioning effect on your skin. I have not had any trouble lathering this soap as I throw a small amount of water in just before I start shaving and this softens the soap enough to load the brush. be aware that water hardness may be a factor in lathering soaps in general. Great product though.
Solid performer Review by: Simon 15/04/2016
This soap probably suffers from over-comment ; that is , I was expecting the most amazing soap , but in reality it is another very solid performer in my collection ; on par with DR Harris and Valobra I would say . You have to work a bit harder with lathering , but very good overall performance .
Wonderful Lather Review by: J 3/12/2015
I'm a novice wet-shaver. This is the first soap I've used and it lathers better than the shaving creme I was using previously. My skin is kinda sensitive and this soap didn't seem to make that obvious.

After learning to really to get that soap in under the hair, it's the smoothest shaves I've had.

Mensbiz quickly sent a replacement bowl because the first one had a little damage during shipping. Top notch service.
Best I've used Review by: Matt 4/11/2015
I love this soap, best product I have used from either a soap or cream. Was worried about how it lathered from all the comments online but I found it the easiest to lather of any soap I used. Very slick and cushioning. I usually get a bit of irritation from some of the tougher spots on the neck but no issues with the Fat. You won't regret giving this a go.
Thirsty soap Review by: Shane 12/05/2015
Great soap for summer. Can be very thirsty and requires some lathering skill. I find that more than three days' use causes me some dryness, but this might be due to my skin rather than anything else. No problem when used in warmer weather when my skin secretes more oil. I find it works better with my aggressive razor as it is a little too thick for my milder razor which needs to be rinsed more frequently when using the Fat.
True shaving nirvana Review by: Wayne 22/12/2014
I was initially hesitant on purchasing this stuff due to the reviews you read online bout it's lather ...well I'm glad to report it exploded in lather with my usual routine with soaps, soak the pink in warm water along with brush, squeeze and load then face ...scent although faint, is very pleasant and if your age over 40 it will surely remind you of something . best post shave feeling ever...soft and owe it to yourself to purchase this ..go spoil your self ...I also love the ceramic dish ..just fantastic ...thanks again mensbiz for your fantastic service...
Marshmallowy like a pav! Review by: Andrew 1/12/2014
As a hobby farmer with a small flock of sheep, I was enthused to find a lanolin based shaving soap. Something that I could muster into a creamy lather, yet not smell like I had dragged a sheep left out in the spring rain across my face.

It did not disappoint. With no more than a brisk coaxing from my super-badger hair brush, Mitchell's Wool Fat delivered a creamy foam with stiff peaks, like a light airy meringue made from whipped egg whites and sugar, begging to be baked at 100 degrees, topped with chantilly cream and various accoutrement.

Once developed, the lather provided a smoother than frictionless surface - akin to fresh linoleum - for my 1940's Gillette razor to glide along and harvest the unwanted crop of facial hair.

What more can I say about Mitchells Wool Fat Shaving Soap, other than it is a shear delight to shave with - pun intended.
My new favourite Review by: Andy 25/11/2014
After reading reviews here and on other websites about MWF, I was a little concerned that I'd have trouble trying to get a lather using the hard water here in Adelaide. Admittedly it takes me a little longer to build up a lather than it does with other soaps, but the quality of the lather is much more silky and smooth than other soaps I've tried.

Personally, I think the shave bowl/soap combo is a little expensive for what it is, and in hindsight I probably should have just bought the soap 'puck' and saved my money for some extra shaving products, but the soap itself is great.
About the best shave soap out there. Review by: Chris 1/08/2014
All the other reviews thus far are basically spot on. A wonderful rich lather with relatively minimal effort coupled with a nice subtle smell. No issues at all with the local water, either.

My only 'complaint' is the ceramic dish arrived in a few pieces in its journey to Perth, but a little ceramic adhesive later and no worries.
Great soap experience Review by: Matt 21/07/2014
Having used a single puck of GFT Coconut Soap for the last two years, it was time to replace it, and so for the last week I've been using this amazing product.
It gives this brilliant thick and creamy lather, although I need a little more water in the brush than I have in other products.
I'm a fan of the fragrance of this, and the packaging in the ceramic bowl helps add to the premium feel of this quality product.
Also bought some GFT Almond Cream at the same time, but I think that will remain in the box for some time now. :)
Great First Soap Review by: Big Weir 26/06/2014
An unpretentious back to basics shaving soap. It works well.
One of the best soaps Review by: Jacques 15/12/2013
This is a great soap and it definitely lives up to its reputation as a top soap. I am predominantly a soap user and this soap is my no 1 soap at the moment.

Some say its hard to lather but Like many others I have found that you need drip some warm water on the soap and allow it to soak to soften it up. Then follow by lathering almost upside down so the brush can load easier, make sure you load the brush properly, from there in it will lather with ease and in abundance.

The shave with this soap is top class, it has good slickness and does not dry out easily. But what sets this soap apart is the skin moisturizing properties of the Lanolin it contains. It lee aves your skin in an amazingly supple moisturized state post shave.

Last but not least I must commend Mensbiz for amazing customer service. Keep it up.
Best I have used Review by: Steven 9/12/2013
I have been using this soap for about 2 months now and I can say that this is by far the best soap I have ever used.
I previously used Crabtree and Evelyn soap which I used to think was good.
My rating scale has now had a shake up.

Can = inadequate rubbish,
Crabtree & Evelyn Soap = Adequate
Wool Fat = Fantastic!

I have noticed that results do vary with the hardness of the water as previously mentioned on the site. I myself have no issues at home, however I went on holidays on the Sunshine Coast (QLD) and noticed it was harder to achieve the excellent result from home.

I use a 10 year old mason pearson badger brush and I find the best results are achieved with a face lather after loading the brush. I can easily get 3 passes out of a fully loaded brush.

Love it! Review by: Tony 8/08/2013
My First MWF soap! And what can I say. I'm speachless.

Was a pleasure to lather (no issues at all), nice, thick, creamy lather. More than enough to complete 4 passes.

Has a really nice soapy scent, and leaves my face nice and soft.

The Soap Dish is also a nice touch! I would recommend this in a heart beat!
First Soap Review by: Chris J 29/07/2013
First soap I have tried, although I have used a shaving stick, cream, canned gel and canned foam.
Easy enough to lather using my grandfathers old shaving mug. Works great and got an irritation free-shave without an overpowering smell. Feel's very old school!
I was hesitant because of the price, but it's lasting a lot longer than a tube of cream does and once you have the bowl, you can just buy the refills.
Would definately recommend this to anyone wanting a better shave without all the fragrance.
No need to look further Review by: Brian 12/06/2013
Having played with a few soaps, I thought I'd add a puck of MWF to the collection and see what all the fuss was about. After a week or so of using MWF exclusively I've decided that this is the soap for my face.

With Melbourne water this stuff lathers up without a great deal of effort, feels great on and provides all the protection and lubrication you could ask for.

Inevitably I may give other soaps and creams a try, but I can see MWF being the soap that is most frequently found in my shave den!
Great product Review by: Sam 24/04/2013
I've only tried it on soft water (Melbourne and tank), but it lathers extremely well.
Sure you could get that cheaper soap, but it may not be as good, or last as long. This will probably last you a year and refills are as cheap as chips.
Also the packaging is great! I use the box for my keys and spare change.
Fantastic Review by: Daniel 7/01/2013
This is my first shave soap. Can't say I'd ever use anything else again. This is the duck's guts. Great for face lathering as well as bowl lathering. I will be ordering more of this in the future.
Shaving Soap Royalty Review by: Ryan 13/12/2012
This stuff is without a doubt one of the best shave soaps you will find. It produces a slick lather quickly.
Using this I have been able to shave daily without irritating my skin. I use it with Feather blades in a Merkur DE razor and a badger brush.
The scent is a plus - not overpowering at all - much like a traditional soap. The ceramic bowl is also a nice extra.
Would buy again and recommend to all Review by: Matt 1/07/2012
I found this shaving soap to have a pleasant scent which was very subtle. The dish is of adequate size and good quality. Generated a great lather very quickly and doesn't irritate my skin. Definitely going to be one of my regular use soaps.
Awesome Review by: Paul 7/05/2012
Have lots of strong scented soaps that I love but keep on going back to the "fat". Just nice and soothing on the skin. I ted to use lots of water and makes it explode in beautiful soft lather which helps with glide also. Occasionally when I don't use lots of water if feels dry on the skin. Easy solve just tip the bristles in some warm water and re-lather on face - back to awesome. The ceramic bowl is great makes the feeling even more old school. When I run out (will be a long time) will reorder with the bowl as I could easily use it with another soap and have a spare puck. I have seen some reviewers say its hard to lather but I have never had a problem with Perth water.
Excellent soap best I've tried Review by: MattyJ 19/01/2012
I have a wide collection of soaps and creams and this is my new favorite. Had no problem lathering the soap and it made a lovely lather.
After a final rinse the skin is left soft and irritation free the added lanolin is a real treat for the skin.
The price put me off initially but as they say you really get what you pay for with this soap. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Keep in mind, this is my first soap or cream. Review by: Tim 5/01/2012
After previously having used canned goop or just shaving in the shower, I read up on the benefits of using proper products and got this and a Vulfix Super Badger brush (not from Men'sBiz).

I have to say that I have had a varied experience with this. I had read that this stuff was the best, so went for it, along with the ceramic (I think?) dish. I have tried lathering in the dish, in a bowl, palm lathering and face lathering. I have found palm and bowl lathering to work best, FOR ME. Most others say face lathering is the best but I find it doesn't work as well.

Now, this soap usually provides me with a decent lather and good shaving experience. It is post-shave that I find that it loses out. Every time I use it (and I have tried many different methods, from one-pass, all the way to five-pass) my skin ends up drying out and I have since resorted to buying some Nivea Post Shave Balm to moisturise afterwards.

NB: I have since read that the Vulfix brush that I use is not preferred and is too floppy and hard to use (especially as a first brush). Apparently, stiffer brushes, with more backbone (or even boar) brushes work better with this soap.
The BEST Review by: Michael 27/10/2011
My wife has always sworn by lanolin products so i decided to give this a go...and I have never looked back! I am now onto my third soap refill. It is incredibly soft and smooth on sensitive skin, lathers easily and has a pleasant but very subtle fragrance.
I use it with proraso before and after. It just doesn't get better than Mitchell's.
First and Only? Review by: Michael 12/10/2011
My first soap purchase, was concerned with water quality issues regarding lather quality. This was not necessary as the lather pours out of the brush and the shave mug.

Give it a bit of a sprinkle with water before a shower and it will lather effortlessly. Builds enough lather for 4 passes and a rub into my hands for a lasting MWF smell.

Pressure gel packs never again , ever.
The Only Soap for Me Review by: Pete 21/07/2011
I got my shaving soap in January this year. I can safely say that after almost 5 months I'll never be going back to shaving cream in a can. Smells good, lathers good and makes shaving so easy. I recommend this soap to all my friends even if they don't use a DE razor.
SUPERB Review by: NinetySix 9/05/2011
I decided to put this stuff through its paces. I shave my head with a Merkur Futur @ setting 2 with Feather blades daily. Today i cranked it up to 3 and used a 3 day old blade (My blades are normally only comfortable for 2 full head and face shaves). Cringeworthy experience. Pretty heavy razor burn and irritation. Removed the bottle cap and added a few drops onto a cotton ball and applied to scalp. Voila! It was like it never happened. What razor burn? It has a faint smell of peppermint, the alcohol it does contain stings a little but it is really nothing compared to the sting of an old style aftershave, very mild. Camphor and Aloe Vera soothe the skin wonderfully, plus the usual astringent benefits of Witch Hazel. Exceptional at cleaning bacteria and infection and preventing or combating razor bumps. You probably don't need to use this stuff daily, but if you are learning the paces of traditional DE/Straight razor face/head shaving and need something which will fix you up when you go too far or make the mistakes you are bound to make; you really cant fault this superb product.
A must for Straight razor users with sensitive skin Review by: Chris 8/03/2011
Have to agree with Michael and Paul. This is an excellent shave soap - particularly for a straight razor.

Very good for sensitive skin and creates a great consistant lather.
First Class Product Review by: Peter 8/03/2011
Lathers easily and is rich and thick. Protects my sensitive skin better than any other shave soap I have used. Looks like it will last for ages too, definitely buy again.
5 stars. Review by: Vince 8/03/2011
I have dry skin. The Mitchells wool fat soap lathered nicely with
a pure badger brush and left my face feeling softer and smoother
than with any other soap/cream I have tried. For me, again 5
stars. The order arrived within 2 working days. The contents were very
well packed. Great initial impression.
Dense, protective, very moisturising lather. Review by: Michael 8/03/2011
This soap takes a little getting used to, but the more I used it the easier I got an optimal lather from it. Get the brush soaked in hot water, whirl it on the puck and lather on the face. If the lather is too thin, whirl the brush on the puck some more. If it's too thick, add a little more water. Can't go wrong.
Thumbs up Review by: Paul 8/03/2011
I use this with Proraso pre post. It makes a great lather and is one of my favourites for a smooth shave.
One of my favourites Review by: Ian 8/03/2011
MWF is one of those "holy grail" soaps in the wetshaving community. It has a fairly neutral smell and the lathery tallowy goodness just explodes when you use it. The addition of lanolin is just a bonus and is great for the skin.
Most excellent soap Review by: Matthew 8/03/2011
Once one has got accustomed to the idea that you are essentially applying a dead sheep to your face, then this is a top knotch product. Lathers well, good cushioning, and leaves the skin well nourished and soft. My current go to choice of soaps.
The King Review by: David Morphett 8/03/2011
I have used MWF almost exclusively for 2 months and have found that after my shave i dont need to apply any aftershave or balms at all. It lathers consistently every time and i get a great 4 pass shave with some reserve for a brush squeeze to apply to my face while cleaning my gear.A simple rinse in cold water and your away feeling refreshed and smooth.A must have for anyone in their shave den.


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