Men's Biz Lather Bowl v2: Black

Men's Biz Lather Bowl v2: Black

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These porcelain shaving bowls have been handmade in Melbourne by ceramic artist, Bridget Foley. Fired to 1300 degrees, the bowls are heat resistant, strong and durable. The thick walls retain heat to keep lather warm and the steep sides of the bowl stop lather from escaping. The outside of the bowl features an ice porcelain glaze, while the inside is a metallic black (also available in blue) and has ridges on the base to assist the creation of lather. Each bowl is individually hand signed by the artist. Made in Melbourne.

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Height: 60mm. Diameter: 120mm. (These are handmade items and as such, no two bowls are the same - there may be variations in size, shape and colour).


Soak bowl in warm water before use (the heat of the water will warm the bowl and keep the brush and lather warm while you shave). Scoop out an almond sized amount of shaving cream and use a damp shaving brush to work up a rich, protective lather in the bowl.


Bowl Lathering, Wet Shaving, Working up a Lather, Lathering Shaving Soaps and Creams.

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Excellent bowl! Review by: Anthony 5/08/2019
Very satisfied with this product. So much easier to later up with this. Perfect size and easy to hold in the palm of my hand. Would highly recommend this to everyone.
lather bowl Review by: geoffrey 30/05/2019
got a few different lather bowls and mugs this one is well made and well worth the money star pattern on the bottom assists with building a good lather well worth the investment
Very nice bowl Review by: Thomas 30/12/2018
The bowl is a decent size and very well made. I love how easy it is to produce thick creamy lather. So glad i purchased this, it looks great in the bathroom and paired with the SB5 brush makes shaving an enjoyable experience.
Makes lathering easy Review by: J 7/11/2018
I was sceptical about purchasing this bowl. I thought it'd barely make a difference. I am happy to report that my reservations were unfounded. The difference is marked. Due to the grooves at the base of the bowl, the lather is built in greater volume in a fraction of the time of using a generic bowl. The size of the bowl is just right for my hands and I have found it quite comfortable to hold. Has a nice aesthetic as well. Really feels unique. I'm glad I bought one. Highly recommend.
Beautiful bowl Review by: Mark 24/10/2017
This bowl is beautifully crafted, sits comfortably in the hand, with good height on the sides to hold lather. Quite a few people seem to have dropped theirs which is understandable as it gets very slippery when wet, but a great bowl and very glad I bought it.
You’re simply the best Review by: Rob 7/10/2017
Better than all the rest. This shave bowl, combined with Trumper cream, results in a thick lather in sub-30 seconds. I have been unable to achieve this with other bowls, particularly metal ones. 4 years with this one and it hasn’t missed a beat.
Move over, apothecary mug Review by: Leigh 8/06/2017
Looks good, feels good, is good. Fits the hand (well, mine anyway) well so working the lather is no problem, and the ridged base helps the process along, so functionally it ticks all the boxes, but it's also a damned handsome piece of work to boot.
Best I've found so far Review by: Cam 15/04/2017
I'm on my second one of these. It's built well but not well enough to survive a drop onto tiled floors, oddly enough (so keep it away from your SO).

It produces a good lather but it could just be my mad skills. I'm going to give the bowl some credit anyway.

I haven't tried any other pro shaving mugs so take this review with a grain of salt.
Great Bowl Review by: Glen 25/01/2017
This is my 2nd bowl. My wife stole the 1st one for shaving her legs. These are a well made bowl, fits to the palm of the hand readily. The porcelain (also weighted base) retains heat well enough for the shave. The latest bowl has more texturing on the walls of the bowl which aids in bowl lathering. Overall highly recommended.
Awesome! Review by: Dan 23/12/2016
I love this bowl! It's a perfect size, it helps the cream/soap lather well due to the star-shaped indents at the bottom, it's thick enough to retain heat, and it looks great.
Perfect Review by: Michael 29/07/2016
The best way that I can express how much I like this bowl is to say that it is my second. Stupidly, I broke my first one after it slipped from my hands into my bathroom sink. I was then on Men's Biz within two minutes to order another. This bowl looks terrific, is a fantastic size, holds heat really well, and helps to quickly build a great lather from each of the four) different soaps I have used (Taylor's, Cella, Valobra and Mitchell's). I do not believe that there is a better product of its type available anywhere. Hopefully I will not have to buy a third for myself, but I would do so in an instant if I had to!
Quick & good leather Review by: Tom 27/07/2016
Retains heat nicely and forms a good lather quickly.
Terrific Review by: Lloyd 12/01/2016
Absolutely fantastic bowl for shaving, great design that helps lathering
Excellent bowl Review by: Steve B 15/12/2015
Using a smaller and cheaper shaving bowl in the past, this particular bowl is a very significant improvement and it's definitely worth its price.

Great size and great shape that comfortably fits into the hand, plus the star-shaped indentation at the base of the bowl really helps with lathering shaving creams & soaps.

This is an excellent shaving bowl, a must-have if you regularly wet shave.
One of my best purchases in a long time. Review by: Jay T. 23/07/2015
Not only does this bowl look great, but it also helps to create a really good lather in a short period of time.

It's the perfect size and a good weight. I wish the blue one were in stock at the time of my purchase, but I'm just as happy with this bowl. A+
Great Bowl Review by: Shannon 16/01/2015
This handmade bowl is looks great and excellent for my shave soaps. Fits in the hand nicely and making lather is a breeze.
Great Review by: James 2/11/2014
If you're going to buy one shaving bowl, make it this one. It's the perfect size and the indentations at the base of the bowl really speed up the process of making a great lather. Highly recommended.
Excellent lather bowl Review by: Liam 19/09/2014
A perfect size to fit in the hand, nice and solid, good weight, and the star shaped indentation in the bottom does speed up the lather quite a bit. Big enough that you can see the quality of the lather without stopping to inspect the brush. An excellent lather bowl.
Great bowl, too shallow though Review by: Sean Sydney 10/05/2014
This is a great bowl, very strong and certainly sturdy.

My only qualm is that it's too shallow and I find lather being pushed over the edge during the lathering process.
Great lather bowl! Review by: Drew 21/02/2014
Product produces a great lather mainly due to the ridges at the base of the bowl. Fits in the hand well too.
Excellent Review by: Jo 15/01/2014
I was using a small bowl for for my shave soap. I received one of these for xmas and it is fantastic, lathers up the soap well. I think i will buy another for a spare. Don't miss the chance to purchase one of these beauties.
perfect Review by: Adam 9/11/2013
I used a few other bowls, but nothing beats this. you can't use a hard soap (like Trumper) without a good bowl.
Exellent bowl Review by: Cads 22/10/2013
Perfect size, great quality and price. Ideal for mixing your favorite shaving cocktail.

The bowl has a raised star inside which looks good (not feminine) and creates a great lather.
A bit pricey, but provides many happy returns Review by: James 13/10/2013
The bowl is a bit pricey but it has a unique design at the bottom on the inside - ridges that dig in, in the shape of a star. I felt these ridges helped speed up the creation of my lather. I also feel that it helps to retain excess water, and thus controls the rate at which water is introduced to shaving cream (also in the case when you have too little water, excess cream will sit in the ridge).
In summary, this bowl makes the lather creation process much more forgiving than with an ordinary bowl - and faster. It has a nice sturdy base too.
If you're shopping for a bowl, this is the holy grail! Review by: Nathan 9/08/2013
Does everything it says and more.

You'd be crazy to buy anything else, especially at this price!
Makes Lather in a breeze! Review by: Tony 7/08/2013
I love this bowl!

I was a bit hesitant purchasing it as I was already using a "Shaving Mug".

However, that hesitation was quicly gone, as lathering in this bowl is a breeze!

Its a great design, nicely weighted and a pleasure to use!

I highly recommend this bowl and can't speak highly enough of it!

Thanks Mens Biz!


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