Jack Black Pit Boss Deodorant, 78g

Jack Black Pit Boss Deodorant, 78g

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Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant offers superior protection from odour and wetness in a gentle formula that won't irritate skin. The invisible solid glides on easily, leaving no trace of residue on skin or clothes.

Awards: Ranked #1 Men's Deodorant 2018 (according to The NPD Group, Inc sales data).

  • Aluminium-based Roll-on Deodorant and Antiperspirant.
  • Ideal for all skin types, including those with sensitive underarms.
  • Ideal for everyday use, including active types.
  • Natural botanical aroma.
  • Free of alcohol, parabens, sulphates, gluten, and colourants. Hypoallergenic. Cruelty-free and vegan. Dermatologist tested.
  • Made in the USA.

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Turn base of stick to raise solid, apply sparingly (one stroke per armpit) to underarms only. Be careful to not apply too much - one stroke should be enough. Use morning and evening.


Active: Aluminium Zirconium Trichlorohydrex Gly 20% (anhydrous).

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: A calming and cooling ingredient that hydrates and softens.
Glycerin: A natural humectant, which helps maintain the skin's moisture balance.

Inactive: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Behenyl Alcohol, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Fragrance, Glycerin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, PPG-14 Butyl Ether, Silica, Steareth-100, Stearyl Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E).

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Hands down the best around Review by: Dan 5/03/2020
I have tried numerate deodorants but have always found them wanting on one metric or possibly two. While some carry a wonderful fragrance, they do not go the distance however this is not the case with Pit Boss - it goes the distance and the fragrance does not interfere with my cologne. As someone who reacts to many deodorants Pit Boss checks the low allergen check list too, its light, effective and causes no redness or irritation. A definite mainstay in my routine, and one I keep returning too time after time
So far so good Review by: Mark 22/12/2019
I was suffering with irritation from the supermarket brands and it seems to be settling down. I work outdoors and the pit boss has performed well in the recent high temperatures
Absolutely brilliant Review by: Dario 17/10/2019
Beta deodorant Ive ever owned, gentle scent that works well with maritime-ish colognes
It works Review by: Nick 26/02/2019
Smells good (but not overpowering), works a treat.
effective, but marking Review by: Peter 18/01/2019
If my sweat were to play a role in an action film, it would be cast by Arnie and it would be The Sweaternator. My sweat is unstoppable. I stand as a removed, independent party simply witnessing the patches form beneath my pits.

Do you wear a heather grey or light blue shirt? I envy you. I haven't worn one in years.

I'd love to say that this stuff has fixed my world and that I never sweat when I wear it. Alas, that is not the case. But, I can say that it does slow the stream- even on big days. I keep this on the shelf for big meeting days or for days when I am attending events. I recommend it- just do the usual check that you haven't left the white "zebra marks" on your shirt before you walk out the door.
Not bad, but will leave white marks on clothes Review by: Black Jack 20/11/2018
Good deodorant and has a nice fragrance. I works well in terms of reducing odour. I has left while marks on many of my shirts though.
As expected Review by: kris 23/07/2018
As expected,quality product. I tried speick prior to this and although I liked the scent it didn't have the staying power of the pit boss. Glad I bought. 78grams should last a few months. I hope for the price.
Excellent deodorant Review by: Zac 11/05/2018
Pit Boss has become my everyday deodorant. It's got a really nice scent to it but it's not overpowering at all. It lasts all day which is a huge plus. The one slight downside is that leaves little white stains but they always wash straight out.
One Deodorant To Rule Them All! Review by: TomG 3/05/2018
Since trying Pit Boss a few years back, I have never used another deodorant. It's performance is next level. When I am traveling and have long routes, Pit Boss shines, stopping any perspiration stains and keeping me smelling fresh. You don't need to apply much - the stick lasts a long time. Indispensable!
Disappointed Review by: Matthew 9/08/2017
This is the first time I've ever been disappointed with a Jack Black product, and I use quite a lot of them.

Applying the product was like scraping your armpits with fine-grade sandpaper, and I didn't notice any better odour-control than from other similarly-priced products. I think I'll be sticking with the Tabac deodorant stick henceforth.. for one, it doesn't feel like your underarm hair is being pulled out when you apply it.
Well Pleaased Review by: Andrew 1/08/2017
The Pit Boss deodorant works so well I only have to apply once a day! Way betetr than what I was using before and the scent is decent.
Ordered from Mensbiz and they were so prompt and efficient in sending it out I don't need to look anywhere else. Easy choice for me to recommend them and the product.
Use for scent - perfect Review by: MIKE 10/06/2017
I don't actually use this for its antiperspirant qualities - I use a once a week product. But this scent is brilliant and works really well as a deodorant.
Will last a whole day! Review by: Chris 20/04/2017
The only product that works for me. I have tried countless products with this one being the absolute best.
Good stuff Review by: Nigel 24/01/2017
I like this deodorant. I usually go for roll-ons as a preference but this is good. I like the subtle scent and the protection has good staying power.
Best Deodorant Ever Review by: Mich 23/12/2016
We first found this product in the States several years back and it was the best deodorant we had ever tried. We hunted it out back in Australia, and found Mensbiz great to order from, quick and efficient. Customers for life.
Go-to deoderant Review by: John 9/12/2016
Scent is like most Jack Black products, pleasant without being overbearing. Compliments most colognes. Only criticism would be it is not the best at blocking sweat, although I should probably sweat less.
Great scent and won't mark Review by: Sam 5/12/2016
Great scent that isn't overpowering, but strong enough to last the day. Goes one white, but won't stain your clothes.
Long lasting scent Review by: Hamish 25/10/2016
I love the scent and it lasts all day. It even lasts through a gym session and shower! Great product, fair price and has become my "go to" deodorant
Excellent product Review by: Adam 28/09/2016
Pleasant subtle scent with endless staying power, I haven't felt like I've smelt once since switching to this product. For what it's worth, I found a lot of the non-antiperspirant products gave me a nasty rash, while this deodorant, despite containing aluminium, has never once irritated my skin. On my third stick and will be buying again.
Average for the price Review by: Madison 21/09/2016
Found this to be marginally better then your "good" supermarket antiperspirant sticks. The smell is fairly average for the price. No white marks and good presentation. Overall I found this to be a good product, but I feel the price detracts from its overall rating.
Pretty awesome Review by: Quooston 19/09/2016
This deos is in a class of it's own. It seems to last forever and does a great job. No BO here...

Just one thing; I find it relatively tough to wash off my body completely.
Just Great Review by: Greg 6/09/2016
This product really is so far ahead of off the shelf stuff its not funny. I am a tradesman and this lasts the day through and seems to stop some sweating , I purchased a second tube to carry in my travel kit permanently.. No need for me try others now so long as this is available!!!
Problem solver Review by: Euan 24/08/2016
I have a few illnesses which cause me to excessively sweat and pretty much destroy any tops I'm wearing, however with this handy little product my sweating is less excessive and allows me to have to just wash my tops once after use instead of several which was getting ridiculous.
Legit Review by: KV 4/06/2016
Has a nice smell, lasts for the day and goes the distance (i get at least 4 months daily usage from one).
Boyfriend no longer stinks! Review by: Priscilla 22/05/2016
Yay I can love him again haha!! This roll on has that signature Jack Black smell that I love. It lasts for hours on my boyfriend and clearly must be working because I don't dodge his hugs after he gyms. Be weary of putting too much on when wearing black shirts.
By far my favourite Review by: Jake 23/04/2016
Pit Boss is by far my favourite deodorant and antiperspirant. The scent is fantastic - smells clean and fresh but not overpowering and it works well with the rest of the line. Best part is that I still smell clean at the end of the day. Give it a go!
Very Good Review by: Tony 1/04/2016
Great product
The best I have used Review by: Shannon 26/02/2016
I am so happy to have stumbled across Pit Boss. This stuff is great. After years of being disappointed by different types of supermarket brands and their claims about reliability and fragrance- I found this. The fragrance is great, yet not overpowering enough to compete with any other fragrance that you might want to wear. But the fact that this stuff is like some sort of impenetrable sweat shield for my pits is by far the best bit. It lasts all day and has not let me down once. It's worth the extra $$.
Flawless Review by: Dan 1/02/2016
Great deodorant, couldn't sweat through it if I tried. The smell is great because it is a clean but neutral smell so it doesn't clash with any fragrance or cologne you wear.
Amazing! Review by: Danny 30/01/2016
As the reviews say, you pay for what you get! With the Pit Boss I do not sweat and always smell great! I would highly recommend this product.
Great product Review by: Chris 28/01/2016
Discovered this brand when Mens Biz sent me a free sample of "Face Buff Energizing Scrub" (another fantastic product). Pit Boss lasts longer than any other antiperspirant I've tried. The smell is fresh and pleasant and it doesn't degrade as the day progresses. I'll be sticking with this one.
Worth the cash Review by: Craig 29/12/2015
So I was hesitant to shell out this kind of $$ when I can get stuff at the supermarket for $4, but as usual you get what you pay for.
I live in FNQ and this stuff has been doing an amazing job. Has a 'clean' kind of smell that I love and it is very effective on sweating and smell. If it can handle FNQ heat and humidity, it is a winner!
Exceptional product Review by: Sweaty pits 28/12/2015
If you can sweat through this stuff then that's on you. Smell is neutral so it won't clash with your fragrance/aftershave. Pressure can deodorant is disgusting in comparison
Functional but not great Review by: Alex 4/11/2015
This works very well as an antiperspirant, but it does smell like detergent or washing powder. Fine for work (I work as a barista - it gets quite hot standing in front of a machine all day) as it keeps the sweat away, but not the most pleasant smell to wear out.
Lasts ages! Review by: Dale 24/07/2015
Normally, my partner would just get me supermarket spray on anti perspirant which I found blasted my pits but also my face and didn't have much of an appealing scent (unless you like flyspray). So I gave this a whirl and have to say it works as both an antiperspirant and as a pleasant smelling product. I bought a roll nearly 6 months ago,use it daily and still have plenty left. Well worth it.
Not really that good Review by: Mike 2/04/2015
Feels good first half an hour after the white marks have dissolved. But it's downhill from there. I didn't like the fragrance. For this price, it was a waste of money.
Thank You Review by: TOM 1/04/2015
Love this stuff, really works and is kind on the business shirts. Thanks for the reviews that put me onto this.
Great! Review by: Dan 6/03/2015
Great fragrance and lasts all day!
Very impressive Review by: Hainsworth 29/01/2015
Reduces wetness and stops odour very well, one of the best antiperspirant's I have ever used. I have tried other well reviewed products that left me with burning and itchy underarms but this product is nothing like that.

Goes on with one or two rolls and lasts all day, has a very subtle aroma but really kills the nasty smell! Absolutely worth your money.
Recommended Review by: bmwil 7/01/2015
Big fan of this. If you overuse, it can leave some white residue on dark clothing, but it's very minor. The actual antiperspirant and deodorant qualities are very good.
Best yet Review by: Gregory 30/11/2014
Bought this from the Melbourne shop under advice during a hot spell. My regular roll on was failing and this is a million times better. No shirt residue,pleasant aroma and works all day, will use this again for sure
fantastic product! Review by: jimmy 5/11/2014
top product! lasts all day, no more reapplying every few hours. highly recommended!!
Leaves the supermarket stuff for dead Review by: Johnnyjoejoejr 3/10/2014
I apply it in the morning before I ride to work (with a backpack = sweat city), and this is the best anti-perspirant I've ever used. I no longer need to reapply through the day, and the scent is not too strong or confronting.
Good but looking to others Review by: Leigh 6/02/2014
Does the job & nice scent. However, it does smell similar to "Speed Stick Fresh Scent" & while you'll probably use a little more to get the same result as the Pit Boss I'd estimate you'd still save more money with the SSFS. If someone really liked the smell of SSFS but found it gave them skin issues then I'd recommend Pit Boss. For me I'll be trying some others.
Fantastic performance & scent! Review by: Anthony 21/01/2014
Having read nothing but good things about "Jack Black" branded products, I thought I would give this antiperspirant a go.

The application glides on easily (as stated in the description) only a little is needed. The scent is quite "gentle" and not an "in your face" deodorant. The scent lingers most of the day, and I liken the scent to something that would be used as a fabric softener? Very nice on the nose.

There is no residue left on my work shirts (that is amazing in itself!).

Overall I think this is a fantastic product for anyone who wants something that isn't too over powering and doesn't contain any nasties! Only a little is required, and your clothing will thank you!

Thanks Menz Biz for another fantastic product offering! Ultra Fast shipping and fantastic service as usual! Awesome!
great product Review by: Daniel 30/05/2013
great product, work in a outdoor enviroment in long clothes all day and not a smell of body odour coming from me, but still allows to sweat which is healthy. best deodorant I have tried for working outdoors.
Excellent, will buy again Review by: User 22/02/2013
You really only need one swipe and you're done, fragrance lasts all day and washes off easily with soap. Product should last a long time used like this.

The fragrance is kind of a generic old-school shaving soap type smell. Quite light and smells better on than from the tube.

Will buy again, if I ever run out
Not bad Review by: EB 23/05/2012
If you're looking for a fairly long lasting deodorant with a scent that won't stand out, this one is pretty good.

I didn't score too high due to the soap like scent and slight difficulty when applying, though if you always use sticks then that may be a non issue.
My husband loves this Review by: Amanda 8/03/2011
I have just bought him a few more sticks. Thankyou.


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