Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood Skin Food, 100ml

Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood Skin Food, 100ml

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A cult favourite, Geo. F. Trumper's Sandalwood Skin Food has a subtle and sophisticated sandalwood scent and is ideal before or after a shave. As a pre-shave for sensitive skin, massaging Trumper's skin food against the growth of the beard lifts and softens the bristles in preparation. Its light non-oily glycerine based formula adds additional nourishment and protection to the skin, allowing the razor to glide with ease. By smoothing on Trumper's skin food after a shave, the new tender skin is soothed, sealed and offered nourishing relief.

  • Pre/Post Shave Balm.
  • Lightweight gel consistency.
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Ideally used as a pre-shave and a post shave to prevent and soothe any burns or irritation.
  • Bright spiced sandalwood aroma.
  • Vegan.
  • Made in the UK.



Apply immediately before a shave to prepare the skin and soften growth, and/or after shaving to soothe and hydrate the skin.


Aqua, Alcohol Denatured, Glycerin, Astragalus Gummifer Gum, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Fragrance, Rosa Damascena (Rose Otto) Flower Oil, Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol, Citronellol, Coumarin, Benzyl Salicylate, Eugenol.

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Slimy and smelly Review by: Michael 23/10/2018
Not in the same league as other pre or post shave products. The smell to me is very off-putting. Leaves skin sticky and doesn't provide the protection a pre shave should.
cant get enough Review by: Tony 10/08/2018
Really smooth and subtle i love this product
Great scent Review by: kris 23/07/2018
Smells great. Probably overpriced for what it is, however glad I tried it.
Great start to the day Review by: Mick 27/03/2018
Really nice after shave, I have been using it for 1 week now and my razor burn has gone! Leaves my skin feeling fresh and smelling great all day. Only a tiny amount is required, feels like the 100ml will last a long time!
Great post shave Review by: Dylan 18/10/2016
Absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue. Scent is subtle.
Incredible post shave Review by: Mr. G 26/09/2016
Excellent for post shave.

Small amount creates slick surface that absorbs very quickly with NO greasiness.

Nothing makes my skin feel better after a shave.

If the price makes you skeptical, I recommend buying the $10 sampler pack of shave cream/ skin food and judge from there.

Expensive but worth it IMO. Will buy again!
Subtle Fragrance, Review by: Dean 5/04/2016
Nice subtle fragrance, leaves skin soft, recommended
Smooth & Fresh Review by: Martyn 1/03/2016
The scent is lovely, and with only a tiny bit needed it goes a long way. It's not oily or leave any residue, leaving you refreshed after a shave.
Feel feel, nice smell Review by: Chris 23/02/2016
This has really sorted my razor rash out
Great scent, awesome feel Review by: Daniel 16/11/2015
Being relatively new to the DE shaving world, I read a few reviews of the Skin Food and decided I need to try it for myself. I must say that in my opinion the 5 star reviews were right. Along with the wonderful smell it has, the cooling, rejuvenating feeling this brings post shave caps off what is now a fantastic shaving experience.
The Smell is Intoxicating Review by: Charles 21/07/2015
I received a sample of this in another order I placed and ordered myself a bottle of this straight after smelling it and experiencing how well it works with my skin. It leaves a non-greasy, moisturising layer on your face along with an intoxicatingly awesome (and manly) scent. I'll certainly be buying more of the Sandalwood products.
Great smell but... Review by: Matthew 6/05/2015
I found this to be okay at best for my skin, post shave... and have nearly no pre-shave properties. Almost feel as if I fell victim to the hype, and question all these other positive reviews.

Awesome smell, mediocre irritation deterrent, bad post shave, bad price to value (but a little does go a long way in comparison)
Better than most specialised products Review by: Benjamin 12/02/2015
Over the years, I've tried countless pre/post shave balms, all with the promise of ridding that pesky razor rash which most guys are subjected to. I got this product as a free sample and loved it so much I bought the full sized bottle straight away. It smells amazing and works far better at soothing my skin after shaving then any of those other products, there is a noticeable difference in my skin when I use it.
5 stars Review by: PR 12/01/2015
Mens biz recommended this product and i couldnt be happier. Lovely scent and wonderful feel
stolen by the wife Review by: kh 29/11/2014
this is actually a really good moisturising product for sun care as well as shaving. I've been using it as part of my usual skincare habits regardless of whether I shave, I find it adds a bit extra as a balm than a lot of creams. My wife has been stealing it too for night moisturising because she loves the smell and it's great for sensitive skin!
good but not great Review by: David 3/10/2014
I ordered this based on all the other reviews.

It's alcohol based which I've always read is bad. I didn't realise until I got it.

I have no idea how this could be used pre-shave.

It does smell nice, although for me the smell fades very quickly.
Good and Bad Review by: Huss 17/06/2014
Smells absolutely brilliant! The consistency is light and applies easily. As a post shave for irritation i found that it didn't perform as well as i would of hoped, although it could just be me.
Good product, worth a try!
Great way to finish a shave Review by: Chris 23/04/2014
Love Trumper's Sandalwood Skin Food the minute I used it. The scent is uniquely masculine yet subtle. Very classy.
great product, worth the price Review by: Fatty 27/02/2014
a great smelling, gentle balm. I use it as a post shave balm, not pre. during this years scorching Perth summer i needed something that wasn't too heavy, and this was perfect.
Leaves soft skin and a great smell Review by: Cads 21/02/2014
Smells great and leaves your skin soft and supple after a shave. Highly recommended to add to your routine.
What is all the fuss? Review by: hg 4/02/2014
I bought this as an alternative pre shave to an oil. The oil was average at best and this stuff is pure marketing hype. It does not make an iota of difference as a pre shave. I am now totally convinced the best pre shave is in this order
a) cleanse face well with a good quality cleanser
b) lather well with a pure badger brush and shaving soap (not shaving cream)
c) lather for at least a minute

Then use a nice sharp blade such as a feather or astra. Repeat lathering well for second and third pass.

The end result is as you would expect. The skin food is absolutely superfluous.
Awesome product Review by: Peter 29/01/2014
Love it. I was surprised by how little you need. The nozzle on the top is great, you can get a small 'dot' of liquid out & it covers a large area of your face - so only need 2 or 3 'dots'. Feels & smells great on my skin too.
5 star product, 5 star price Review by: Adrian 29/01/2014
Great product, I love the sandalwood scent especially from this product and the GFT sandalwood shaving cream.

It's expensive compared to other pre/post shave products but worth the money in my opinion, especially in the 500mL size. I love buying this size as a gift for people.
Mild moisturiser with quick absorbtion Review by: V C 22/01/2014
A great post shave solution to nourish the skin. A small drop spreads effortlessly around the face, then absorbs completely within seconds, leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated. Particularly good at taming drier skin.
He Always uses this. Review by: Vanessa 30/12/2013
My Husband loves this product and it makes shaving a whole lot easier for him. He loves it and the smell is lovely for him and me ;)
Ok but not worth the price Review by: tonchas_360 11/12/2013
This product offers a nice scent that manages to stay with you for some one to two hours post application. It applies easily and only a little goes a long way.

However, when I compare this product to a cheap Nivea post-shave balm, I don't see how it's price is justified. I think some users have gotten carried away with the hype in other reviews and what's said about it in forums. I think it offers little as a moisturiser and its price is three times that of a Nivea after shave balm which frankly does a better job of soothing the skin and moisturising after a shave.

I expected more of this product. Worth a try but hard to see myself buying it again.
Lasts a while Review by: Jacob 3/11/2013
I bought a bottle of 100ml sandalwood approximately 11 months ago, and I am only needing to refill the bottle now. I shave every other day and use roughly a 5c piece sized amount of this.

It smells great, like a type of sandalwood. It seems sandalwood is quite a difficult scent to nail as even many Geo f 'sandalwood' products can end up smelling vastly different.

It is obviously close to a toner, so it will cause your skin to tighten and make the shave look closer.

Apply some non-oily moisturiser after this as well.
Fantastic before and after shave Review by: Ash 28/10/2013
I received a free sample of this and was hooked.
Smells great and is not to strong. Placed on the skin before you lather up will give a smooth shave and afterwards for a silky feel.
Not at all sticky and I can see the 100ml bottle lasting for over a year.
As a bonus the missus loves the smell.
Soothing Review by: David 23/10/2013
Skinfood offers fantastic soothing after a shave and works quickly to calm the skin and seal any nicks. I have dry skin and found it to be not as moisturising but its calming effect on the skin outways this drawback and you can always top up with some moisturiser if needed. The 100ml size is small but seems to go a long way.
Excellent Pre Shave Review by: persistanceofloss 25/08/2013
Excellent pre shave. The scent is not overwhelming and it preps the beard perfectly for shaving. You only need a small amount so even the 100ml will last you forever.
Simply brilliant Review by: James 28/05/2013
Ok I didn't actually buy it as it came as a free sample with my last order. Hands down the best thing I've ever put on my face after a shave. No sting just pure bliss and soothing. Smell is incredible and I'll be buying some very soon.
Feels good, smells great Review by: Damien 13/05/2013
I'm using this with the red Proraso shave soap, and it complements it very nicely. It feels kind of tacky when rubbing it in, but the feeling goes away quickly and then your face feels great.
The wife likes the smell, too.
Pleasantly surprised Review by: Milorad 5/04/2013
Received a sample along with my new Futur today. Was eager to try it out so after what turned out to be the most comfortable shave of my life, I thought I'd apply some of this Skin Food goop expecting it to be fairly similar to everything else I've tried.

As it turns out, it's better than most and for a very reasonable price! It absorbs quickly and 5 minutes later leaves absolutely NO sticky residue. Skin feels baby soft... and to top it off, as I write this my fiancee has begun kissing and sniffing around my neck. Can't beat that for the price.

I will definitely be ordering a larger bottle once I'm done with this sample.
Scepticism overcome Review by: Michael 20/03/2013
I'm not sure what led me to try this but I was very sceptical on my first use, but I've been surprised with the results. I actually am getting a better shave with this. I have sensitive skin and it hasn't caused any irritation, plus it smells great. Most importantly, a closer shave. I did not expect this to work.
My favorite Review by: Big Trev 22/02/2013
This is my "usual" aftershave. It's really concentrated and you hardly use any of it- My previous 100ml bottle (which is almost out) has lasted me over 12 months; I reckon I've got 100-150 shaves out of it at least, maybe 200.
Great feel, light scent. It's 15 shades of Awesome as far as I'm concerned!
The scent for me (and you?) Review by: Yoshua 11/12/2012
This stuff smells divine. No, you don't understand. It just smells *so* good. If you haven't smelt it before, buy a sample right now. Find out what you're missing. You won't regret it.

It's also very easy on sensitive skin. It's not cheap, but it's worth it, and besides, a 100mL bottle will last for months. I do wish the bottle was made of glass instead of plastic, but that's a minor quibble. Highly recommended.
Highly recommended Review by: Attila 20/10/2012
This product does not disappoint. Apply both before and after a shave to ease razor burn and irritation. I use it with its matching shaving cream and together they result in a smooth shave. The fragrance is subtle yet masculine.
Unsusual scent but very effective Review by: Douglas 13/09/2012
It took me a few uses to get used to the scent of the sandalwood as it's quite strong, but once I had I was quite taken with it. Very soothing after shaving, far better than most aftershave balms I've tried (including GFT's Coral and Limes skin food). The scent is much more noticeable and lasts far longer that GFT's other scents too in my opinion, often up to a couple of hours after I've applied it.
I got converted Review by: Fabian 21/03/2012
I received a sample as part of my first order and tried it after my firswt shave. I liked the smell, how fast it is being absorbed and the fact that it also stops bleeding from minor nicks.
Before I used to use aftershave only every so often since I felt it being only a parfume, clashing with my other perfume.
I finished the sample of the Geo F. Trumper and are excited to get the big bottle today.
Overpriced Review by: Oliver 20/03/2012
This stuff is ok at best. No idea why so many people rave about it. The sandalwood frag is nice but other than that this is mediocre in my opinion. A bit of a herd following nonetheless.
Fantastic pre and after shave Review by: Trishan 17/02/2012
Till now I have been using Dermalogica pre-shave guard and aftershave balm. This stuff, at the very least, is just as good if not better. The feel is fantastic, the smell is pleasant and lingers just enough, and the price point is very reasonable (especially compared to the dermalogica products). I'm definitely going to try more of Trumper products. I hope they are all this good
Awesome Review by: Jeff 29/01/2012
This stuff is great. I apply a bit of this after my shave. It leaves my skin silky smooth and smelling great. The sandalwood lingers on for a few hours and I feel like a real man!
Top product Review by: Mark 7/12/2011
Really nice to use. Smells great and is very refreshing on the skin. Bargin at this price. Treat yourself!
Wonderful Review by: Scott 30/06/2011
I bought this product to accompany the GFT sandalwood shave cream and I am really impressed by it.
Great as a post-shave balm, not only does it soothe your skin immediately but it also smells great! I shaved about two hours ago and I'm still getting subtle hints of it.
Outstanding Review by: Andrew 8/03/2011
If you only purchase one product this year, purchase this one.
It's non-oily and immediately soothes the skin. The scent lasts for around an hour and is not overpowering like some sandalwood products.
You only need a small amount each time so even the small bottle will last ages.
Well worth the money.
Amazing stuff! Review by: Greg 8/03/2011
I received a small sample of this with an order. I used it as an aftershave, with incredible results. Soothes wonderfully, and leaves a pleasant scent which lingers for 20 minutes or so, though the scent is not what I would normally associate with sandalwood. Only a tiny amount is required, so a bottle should last many months. If I had this much to spend on an aftershave, I'd get this in an instant.
Incredible Review by: Bruce 8/03/2011
I received a sample of this in my Headblade order. This is a seriously good product.

I used it as an aftershave, but I'm hanging out to see what it's like as a preshave.

As soon as I can afford it, this product is coming to live with me.
So good Review by: Ben 8/03/2011
This is a fantastic product and smells sensational. I've used it as both a pre-shave and an aftershave, and while it works well in both scenarios, I don't feel its lubrication for pre-shave is amazing and I now use it exclusively as an aftershave.
The best aftershave Review by: Aussie 8/03/2011
In my mind, this is the best aftershave I have tried.

It is extreamly soothing, not sticky and feels generally brilliant. The sandalwood scent is very manly but subtle.
Quality product Review by: Chris 8/03/2011
Tried the Limes and Rose Skin Foods also but the fragrance of the Sandalwood is head and shoulders above the other two. Great as a pre- or after shave balm. Wife also loves the smell - which doesn't last as long as a cologne but you do get the added benefit of having nicely toned and hydrated skin.


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