500 Years EDP Spray, 100ml

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For over a decade, Etat Libre d'Orange has celebrated enlightenment through an awareness of beauty, goodness, sensitivity and intelligence. Five hundred years ago, merchants confronted the two established orders: the Red (priests) and the Black (soldiers). They created a third path, cleansed of dictates, for the proliferation of the arts – and perfume.

Etat Libre d'Orange honors the sons and daughters of the Renaissance by offering a trail of insight and alliance for their skin. Invoked is the majestic memory of the rose, the power of spices and the sense of something precious. The story of humankind delivered to you in a perfume.



Fragrance Family:
Woody Oriental

Main Note:

Eau de Parfum

A warm and romantic fragrance, best for such occasions.

Made in France



What would Etat Libre d'Orange's ideal, utopic vision of the world be? Completely unbound artistic expression, that is free, open, and full of rich and diverse cultural perspective. Is 500 Years the apotheosis of this vision? It may very well be.

500 Years is pure feeling and sensuality, an aphrodisiac where the freshness of rose tumbles amongst the full and earthy sweet note of bittersweet cocoa, enlivened with amber and saffron. This rests on a bold base of beguiling oud, fortifying the composition. This is a beautiful fragrance - memorable, and a great spicy edition in anyone's wardrobe.



Cardamom, Turkish Rose, Saffron, Cocoa, Oud, Amber, Bergamot