Dovo Solingen Klipette Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Dovo Solingen Klipette Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

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The Dovo Klipette is a small stainless steel, non-electric, rotary clipper that safely and gently removes unwanted nose and ear hair. Simply insert the clipper and twist to rotate the concentric blades. Hair is cut cleanly without being pulled. Superb quality instrument made to the highest quality and covered by a 2 Year Australian Warranty.



Insert the cutting head of the Klipette with thumb and index finger of one hand. Rotate lower cylinder back and forth with your other hand in short rapid movements, and thus hair is cut cleanly without being pulled. To clean periodically, remove the screw to detach the two cylinders and clean the cutting head with water or alcohol. Dry thoroughly and use light oil to lubricate. Store Klipette in the plastic tube provided to protect the delicate cutting head.


Nose Hair Trimmer, Ear Hair Trimmer, Personal Trimmer, Travel.

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Well made Review by: J 7/11/2018
Great, simple design that is easy to maintain. Compact as well, so it doesn't take up a great deal of room. Only a two piece design so as aforementioned cleaning and maintaining it are easy. When using the trimmer there is little to no pull at all. I highly recommend.
A well build device. Review by: Kodizzie 15/05/2018
As soon as you feel the weight of this thing in your hands you know it's well built. When first using this thing I was a bit worried it would just tangle my nose hairs and I'd have to just rip them out, that's what cheaper models of these things do, and it's painful. If you've experienced this, it stays with you and the flashbacks alone will make your eyes water.

This device worked flawlessly though. It's so incredibly sharp you can't even feel it cut. I haven't used this device enough to say how long it'll stay sharp, but I think it'll be a while, especially with the ability to easily clean the trimmer. If you have issues with nose hairs, this thing is so much better and faster than the special scissors. You won't regret getting one.
Marvellous product Review by: Michael 19/10/2017
The best manually nose trimmer, cannot believe it's that smooth in doing the job. Hundred times better than electronic trimmer. As the price is affordable, absolutely recommend to those who are looking for nose trimmer.
Job done with no fuss Review by: Joel 13/09/2017
It's both smaller than you expect and heavier than you expect. Like most German tools it's a beautiful combination of quality materials made with precision and finished to perfection. Does the job easily and quickly with no pulling or pinching.
Cool Gadget Review by: Pamela 14/08/2017
Removing hair hanging out of the nose or ears is an absolute necessity of life! This appliance does the job quickly and painlessly.a handy present for my gentleman friend who loves his new look! Thanks Men's Biz!
Superb product, exceeded my expectations. Review by: Warren 25/07/2017
I have a couple of battery operated ear & nose trimmers and only use if I cannot locate some scissors as they pull and tear which brings tears to my eyes. I used the Dovo trimmer the day it arrived, it was simple to use and it did not tear or pull any hair, a quality product and well made, it bettered my expectations by a long way.

Great service, received item to country NSW in a couple of days, was kept up to date on when it would arrive by email.
A tool for every man Review by: Paul 10/07/2017
Admitting that you have a nasal hair problem is the first step in overcoming said problem. Step two is arriving at the realisation that those old tweezers and scissors combo is both painful and largely innefective. Enter the Klippete. A quality little product that has one job and does that job well. Does not hurt at all! It took a little practice but it does a solid job. Highly recommend.
Long lasting staple Review by: Dylan 18/10/2016
Does a great job, easy to use and clean. I also bought a few for presents.
Elegant tool for an inelegant job Review by: Christopher 22/06/2016
This seems to do the trick. Beautifully made and obvious quality in the hand, the simple twisting motion snips anything in the way. Completely painless operation. Rinses clean.
A great little tool, simple in design and functionally proficient. Review by: Dene 6/01/2014
As above
Specifically made for the job, unlike scissors or tweezers Review by: James 17/03/2013
The Klipette is very good at cutting away nose hair. I could not even feel it working, and was very nervous it might hurt. Safe to say, this device felt like something magical in my hands, when after less than a minute of using, I was able to get rid of most of the protruding nose hair.
The Klipette is very safe and comfortable to use as I experimented with going very close to the sides of the nostrils and trying different angles.
Normally using scissors would have taken 20 minutes. Klipette took 20 seconds!

I'm surprised nobody has made any other device like it! Highly recommended.
Does what it says on the can... um... packet Review by: Adam 8/03/2013
I was curious how well this would handle getting through the untamed nose forest, and after a few twists I wasn't sure it was working- I hadn't felt anything. The clear nasal passage and trimmings in the body of the Klipette showed it had been doing the job, and well. This is on the shopping list for the old man's birthday
Works well Review by: John 12/01/2013
Very well made device. Feels sturdy and solid. I have quite a lot of hair on my ears and in my nostrils and so it is a tough ask for this product to solve my troubles. Great for longer hairs. Clips them very well. I still find I need to use the pop up trimmer, small scissors and even a razor to do the job fully in these areas. Despite this comment, I am extremely happy with this product.
What a find! Review by: Leigh 10/11/2012
Bored out the appropriate places and left them clean as a whistle. Great alternative to scissors and tweezers.
Excellent product Review by: Too embarressed to say 15/08/2012
OMG, I can see parts of my nostrils I thought were lost forever :)
Very easy to use, gives a very thorough nose hair trim.
I havn't tried any other nose hair trimming products, so cannot compare to others, however, no pain, easy to use, and effective.
Highly recommended.
Tried almost everything, found this. Review by: foursaken 13/04/2012
Wow. I've tried every style of trimmer out there, but this is by far the fastest, most pain free, accurate, best, well engineered bit of kit on the market.

I highly recommend it.
Pretty nifty trimmer Review by: Thilina 15/02/2012
So awesome I had to buy a second one when I dropped the first one and bent the teeth.

These guys are rugged and do the job well without making you cry like a baby. Just don't drop them, like I did my first, as once the teeth bend they are impossible to ge back to normal, unless you have the proper tools.
Smell the Difference Review by: Mujaji 3/09/2011
The tip looks like a meat grinder but thankfully it is impossible to pinch yourself on it, you don't feel anything while you are using it. I thought it wasn't working until I looked in the mirror and saw my nostils were hair free.
Pretty cool piece of hardware Review by: Ian 8/03/2011
Well engineered piece of hardware that feels like a tank! Just shove it up a nostril, twist the base a few times and it cuts your nose hair! No batteries required and just blow or wash under a running tap to clean it. I took off one star because it's not as precise as using trimming scissors.


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