Men's BizDouble Edge Blade Sampler Pack: Deluxe (50)

Men's BizDouble Edge Blade Sampler Pack: Deluxe (50)

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The blade is arguably the most important component in double edge shaving. As blades vary greatly between manufacturers and a blade that works well for one person may not work well for another, the only way to make sense of it all is to try them for yourself. This pack includes a total of 50 double edge blades from some of the world's leading blade makers: Astra, Derby, Gillette, Feather, Personna, Shark and Treet.

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Excellent value Review by: Diana 2/03/2020
Best value I’ve seen anywhere ... $20 for 50 blades. Our local supermarket has put the price up outrageously since the swing to double edged razors. They were about $3 for 10 but now over $8. I’ll only be buying from Men’s Biz from now on.
More than enough to get you started Review by: Lachlan 27/02/2020
Easily the best way to help you get into DE shaving. Definitely follow the order they recommend in the package!
Good value Review by: Scott 8/06/2019
Unlike others, I didn't get any info on how to get the best out of this pack, but having read other reviews, it wasn't hard to deduce how to approach it. Very good value for money, and being able to try out different blades is a bonus. If you're new to DE shaving, get this sampler pack!
Superb value Review by: Jason 2/04/2019
This has to be the best value assortment of popular razor blades on the market. $20 for 50 blades is absolutely outstanding compared to paying the same amount for just a 4 pack of cartridge razors (I'm looking at you Gillette...).
The information note on razor sharpness is really helpful too.
Found my new blade! Review by: Paul 13/01/2019
I had never used a DE razor. Wasn't sure where to start. Certainly didn't know which blade I should use.

This sampler pack was a great place to start and would not have known the differences (in terms of how sharp they are) had I not tried this pack.

There was a note in the pack that suggested the way you should try them and I followed that. In the end I found the blade that is best for me.

If you're unsure, start here! You will find which blade loves your face!!!
Lifelong learning - excellent starting point Review by: Michael 1/08/2018
After two years of basic non-Men's Biz DE shaving I got this set of blades. They are a must, an excellent way to try different blades. I learnt my lesson after I had gone through the whole series with Razor A, I put a blade in Razor B and got the shock of my life, the result was so different. While I should have expected that of course, I am enjoying shaving again thanks to the different products available in this kit, and from Men's Biz as a whole.
Smartest move for a beginner Review by: Patrick 26/06/2018
If you're just starting out with double edge blades this is sample pack is the smartest move you can make. You've done the research, you know that different blades work for different skin types and there's only one way to test that and this pack makes it so much easier.
Amazing Review by: Pete 7/05/2018
This is the best purchase I have made in a long time, I’m really excited to try them all in order from least sharp to sharpest!
Big fan of the Feather blades Review by: Michael 26/04/2018
Never realised the blade brand could make such a difference. I have quite thick whiskers and I'm finding that the sharpness of the Feathers makes everything a bit easier.
Fabulous overview of blade suitability Review by: Gerry 16/03/2018
I wasn't going to get this pack initially but glad I did. The brands can vary in sharpness (& suitability to different beard types)quite drastically.Follow the recommended order and you won't go far wrong!!
Great shop, prices & service
Gerry 16/3/2018
Razor Blade Sample Pack Review by: David 17/10/2017
Received the pack just two days after ordering. This is a great way to sample the various sharpness of each blade.
A must have Review by: Keira 6/10/2017
Perfect way to find out what works best for you. You might not get on with all of them, but it really helps to be able to rule out certain razors and find the ones you like.
Best way to start Review by: Andrew 3/10/2017
This saved me an awful lot of hassle when I decided to give safety razors a try - everyone's face is different, and not all safety razors are equal!

I ended up trying 4 out of the 5 blades in the pack at least once, with a clear winner (Astra for me).
Some I will try again at a later date, but the important thing was being able to see what worked for me.
Great purchase for first timer Review by: Katrina 29/09/2017
Perfect sample pack for a first time safety razor user. It comes with a little instruction sheet telling you which order to use them in. Highly recommend.
Great idea Review by: Andrew 5/09/2017
As my first time ever using a safety razor, this is great - still working through the blades, but really impressed by the speedy delivery, as well as the advice on which to try first.
What an experience Review by: Julian 15/08/2017
As a brand new safety razor user this pack has been a blessing. It has been an absolute pleasure of an experience feeling first hand the different razors available. Yet to narrow down my final decision but this is a must do. Great buy and was well impressed by the speedy delivery and careful packaging.
Great sample pack. Review by: Paul 11/07/2017
Bought this pack to go with my new DE razor. Only tried three different blades so far. :)
A necessity. Review by: Cybermonkey 8/07/2017
A major part of delving into double edge razor shaving is the testing of different razor blade brands and their various models. This isn't just a joy but actually a requirement as you will find some razor blades work well with certain razors but in others they will produce sub par results.
Great economical blade Review by: shaverface 14/06/2017
The Derby extra is a great economical blade. 100 times cheaper than using the fancy blades sold in coles and woolies and a much better shave to boot!
A must if you're starting double edge shaving Review by: Jeremy 11/04/2017
As all the other reviewers have said, if you're just starting out with a DE Razor, and you are unsure what blade to go with this is a must. It's great to be able to progress through the different blades, and ideally find one that gives you the smoothest and closest shave.
Perfect beginning Review by: Jack 12/03/2017
I would recommend this to all those starting to shave with a double edge razor - especially useful is Men's Biz ranking the razors through ascending aggressiveness
The way to begin Review by: Glenn 26/01/2017
This double edge blade sampler is the best way to begin the journey of real shaving. Having access and guidance on the order in which blades are sharpest helped me to find the best option for my skin and beard type.
Great value Review by: Phill 5/12/2016
This is the second time I've bought the sampler pack and it represents excellent value and a great way to sample blades. I'll also comment on Menbiz delivery which is always fantastic. If I order on a Monday morning the product is on my Adelaide doorstep by Tuesday evening. Brilliant service.
A great way to sample Review by: Steve 29/11/2016
I never knew there would be so much difference between blades! A great way to find one to suit your needs!
Great purchase Review by: Mr. G 26/09/2016
Picked up a pack with my Merkur Futur.

I now have dozens if not hundreds of combos to now test for which works for me.

A must have if you have any DE Razor, especially for first timers.
Wow Review by: Travis 28/07/2016
Sometimes I feel like these trial blades will last me a life time, great idea and look forward to getting through a few more.
Fantastic! Review by: James 22/07/2016
Fantastic! Well worth the purchase. Only wish that Mens biz made a "mega" sampler pack that included more brands to try.
Great for newbies to figure out which blades work best for them
Great Sample, great Value Review by: Andrew 18/05/2016
This is a really great pack, I know that I'm a Derby man for use with my Merkur HD. I feel I get the best shave from those blades. I'd also say that the Personna blades were the least enjoyable. I was recommended to try the sampler by a Mensbiz employee and I'm glad that I did. Still plenty left from the other ones too, to keep me going.
Andrew, South Yarra
Great starter pack Review by: Aya 13/04/2016
Still testing all the blades, but so far so good. Merkur working very nicely. DE blades are so much better than cartridges. IMHO.

Also --side note--, I like the simple layout of this site, easy to navigate and read, and complete orders.
Great Assortment Review by: Shaun 29/03/2016
Nice selection of some of the best blades. These blades are hard to come by in Australia, so I'm stoked to find this pack. Only regret is not buying 2 to get the free shipping.
Found my blade Review by: Andrew 18/03/2016
Used all blades in the correct order... I'm a feather man
Great shave, great value. Review by: Cameron 9/03/2016
The main problem I'm having with this pack is that it's taking such a long time to get through all the razors!

There are twenty-five blades... well, fifty, given I only use one side at a time. Each one lasts me a week, so there's a year's worth of shaving in this pack. I'd be lucky to get a month out of whatever the disposables I was using before were, and for much the same price.

I'm close to settling on which is my favourite. I still haven't decided if I'm going to use everything in the pack or go ahead and get a stack of my preferred option. The prices are so good there's no reason not to.
Must have for new shavers and great value. Review by: Michael 22/01/2016
Good assortment of blades for a good price, excellent way to find a blade that works for you.
Essential starter park for the new razor Review by: Jest 5/01/2016
Every person will have a preference for the blade and razor combination that works for their face. This sampler pack is great for working out the best combination for a new razor, as it has many of the popular brands.

Would suggest using at least 2 blades from each pack before rejecting it in case you get an outlier. Also, shave with the blades until they *need* to be replaced, as some people find the second and third shave with a blade to be smoother than the first.

Find a favourite via this or a different sampler mix and then look at bulk ordering that type. The best part about the samplers are you tend to get a few spare blades that work but aren't your preference left over- which can tide you over if you get caught out waiting for a new order to arrive.
The best way to find out the right blade Review by: Steve B 22/12/2015
This is an absolutely fantastic pack that's excellent value for money. When I purchased this product, I had no idea which razor blades were right for me. I was using the Merkur razors that were provided with my DE razor but I wanted to try something different.

This pack features 5 different brands: Merkur, Derby, Astra, Personna and Feather and this is the order you should try them as recommended by the good folks at Men's Biz as they progress in blade sharpness. Feather blades are definitely not blades to mess with if you don't know how to handle them, so always be careful. ;)

For a first-time wet shaver or someone who doesn't know which razor blade suits them, buy this sample pack. Depending on how often you change your blades, this will last you for months or even years. This is very great value for money and I definitely recommend this.
Great way to try out blades Review by: Jay 15/12/2015
I've used safety razors in the past but limited too what ever the supermarket sold with the trial pack I have a better range to try out and it it probly take a while to get threw them all.
Sweet Review by: Jay 15/12/2015
By far the best safety razor I've tried for my face an head.
Shaving Blades Review by: John 12/05/2015
Earlier in the year I purchased a Merkur Solingen Razor along with a sampler pack of blades, after working my way through each pack I found the Personna,Platinum, Red pack by far the best for shaving and value for money. I can get at least Four shaves at a stretch five.
Great value Review by: Damian 9/07/2014
Great starter pack of blades to help you decide which suits you best. At under twenty bucks it's the best starting point for anyone who can't decide which blade suits them best, or who need to test the waters with other razors. By the way, don't fear the feather.
Nice variety of blades Review by: Peter 23/04/2014
Being new to safety razors this sampler pack seemed like a good idea - and it is! Try a bunch of blades to find the right fit.

I tried each blade (in a Merkur 1904 razor) in the suggested order from mens biz - order of increasing sharpness. I went through them in order twice, just to be sure.

First was the Merkur: now, I've never tried to shave with a cheese grater in my life, however I imagine it wouldn't be dissimilar to using a Merkur blade in the 1904.. with pulling & the tugging, and blood everywhere, I ended up looking like Norman Gunston with bloody bits of toilet paper all over my face & neck. And if the first shave with a new Merkur blade was bad, the second was more like shaving with a rusty hoop-iron than a cheese grater!

Derby next: These were ok on the first shave, smooth even, but I found trying for a second shave with the same blade was nasty. Not so bad as the Merkurs, but not good.

The next suggestion was the Persona, but I boycotted these for political reasons when saw where they're made.

The Astra: In one word - SMOOTH!
I get two silky smooth shaves from one Astra (the third from the same Astra blade is a little rough, but acceptable).

With the increase in the sharpness of each blade came a much better shave for me, so I was eagerly anticipating trying out the Feathers.
Alas, the I found the Feather blades lacking in the 1904 razor... The first shave with a new feather was rough, with it tugging at my beard. The second shave with the same feather blade was just ok.. i did average 4 to 5 "just ok" shaves with each feather blade, but nowhere near as smooth as the Astras felt.

So for me, the Astras win.. I have tried a few other blades too, but for me the Astras still come out on top.
Great starter pack! Review by: Geoff 14/02/2014
Great choice to get started, gives you a chance to see which brand suits your skin best.
try it Review by: Chris 24/01/2014
Great way to try a few different blades out before you commit.
Great way to start Review by: Matt 23/01/2014
Get this pack. Use it. Don't listen to anyone elses opinion on which blades are good and bad. I received this pack with my Merkur 34C. It is a great way to see what your face likes and what it doesn't.

None of the blades have given me any of the horror stories that I've read about, but none of them have given me a truly exceptional shave. That is probably my technique as I'm new to this whole DE shaving thing.

Great selection Review by: Corey 23/01/2014
I received these complementarily when I purchased my Merkur Futur.
It's interesting to note each blade's performance on an individual, and which one is more suiting.
I am currently working my way through them, following the order of least sharp to most sharp.
Recommended to discover which blade is for you!
Easily find your prefered razor Review by: Ben 1/01/2014
I find the Astra Platinum to be one of the best blades along with the Feather. Wouldn't have found this out unless i bought the sampler pack! great way to trial a variety of blades without the cost of having to buy each individually.
Great first buy Review by: Adam 9/11/2013
if you are new to DE shaving, this is a must. I found the Feather to be best for my beard, some of the others tugged too much, but this is great value.
Good way to find out which blade is best for you Review by: Dev 16/10/2013
Being new to DE wet shaving ordered these separately to the Merkur razor I picked up elsewhere to get a wide variety of blades to try out and figure which one was best for me. I already had Merkur blades from elsewhere, and the guys were happy to swap those blades to some Gilettes. Got my blades all lined up in the drawer now, am slowly working my way through the blades at the moment, but this is a good way to find out what works best for you!
A great introduction to the world of DE shaving Review by: Kon 21/09/2013
What a sensational way to be introduced to the world of DE shaving! I used these as per the flyer that came with this product - from mild to sharp and ultimately identified which blade was right for my skin. This was a free product which I got with the purchase of my Merkur razor ... Thank you so much MensBiz!!!
Best way of trialling different brands Review by: Steve 22/08/2013
Came free with my Merkur 34C, but would recommend for anyone new to DE razors. Good selection, gives you a real feel for the differences between blades.

Personally found the Derby blades to be useless, and the Feather blades awesome. Persona were somewhere in between, and haven't tried the other two yet.
If you don't get these with your first DE razor you are a silly-pants Review by: Jum 30/07/2013
There are times in life when you can (and should) take the hardcore approach to newly purchased man-things;

"Handsaw? Who wastes their time using a wimpy handsaw? Give me a chainsaw and I will show you tree art that will make my wife cry with joy!"

"I see you using that electric whipper-snipper and failing at the manly art of manliness! Watch me remove whole layers of concrete footpath with my ridiculous forestry clearing saw! Mwahahahahaha!"

"That is not a splinter, this is a splinter!" <removes small dog sized splinter from man-thumb using only man teeth>

...and there are times when you need to sit down and read the instructions before you start hacking at your face with something that is sharper than Julia Bishop's death stare.

Thankfully this time I read the instructions on this brilliant little packet of man-sculpting fantasy.

I started with the Merkur blade, and after finding myself night-after-night curled up in the darkest recesses of the walk-in robe in a little ball of man-sorrow, looking like I had run face first into a spiderweb made of diamond blades cut on Hugh Jackman's pecs, I decided it was time for a blade change.

It was a refreshing change to move to the Derby extras. Perhaps my technique was improving, perhaps I had removed all of the sharper (chiselled) features from my face with the previous blade, or perhaps it was the new, better blade - either way the experience was a little more satisfactory. This time I only looked like I had headbutted Pinhead from Hellraiser a few times, and I ceased my crying ways (at least when I was shaving,;I still cry at the end of Return of the Jedi).

After a much improved experience with the Derby Extras I made my way up those stairs so well described by Robert Plant into shaving heaven. Using Personnas was like having Athena wage war on your beard, wearing a Wonder Woman costume, while Venus herself massaged your facial skin, whispering in your ear with Zooey Deschanel's voice singing "Happy Birthday Mr. President". It was like having a foot massage on your face with crumpets dripping with butter and Vegemite.

Most recently I moved to the Astra blades. Like the Holden namesake, the Astra blades are quite good looking at the outset, yet when you get to the interior (of my face) they aren't so attractive. I'll give them that they are sharp, but they also grab your hairs like a feral cat grabs your leg when you try to boot it off your second storey balcony when you have had enough of its promiscuous activities at 3:37am. I will persist, only if to get to the Boss level.

Next step are the Feathers. Perhaps this is where I should have started? I doubt it.

This has been a journey of near epic proportions and because of this pack (and a few other things I have bought along the way) I have enjoyed, nay, I have looked forward to every shave with relish.

Get this pack, and perhaps some other razors for good measure, as it is great value and a good way to appreciate the difference a blade can make.


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