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Naomi Goodsir

The spirit of Naomi Goodsir Parfums follows the lineage of traditional, independent perfume houses. Elegant, timeless and bold fragrances are formulated by independent perfumers and centre around a noble raw ingredient - writings that hark back to an era when using perfume was a precious gesture.

The fragrances are created on the Cote d'Azur in France, where Australian creator Naomi Goodsir works and lives - near the spiritual home of perfumery, Grasse. Bois d'Ascese is an instantly recognisable fragrance, bottling the intensity of an Australian bushfire expertly matched with smoky, peaty Scotch. The result is a huge scent with controlled and elegant dimensions.

  • The Naomi Goodsir brand is not only niche, but an excellent example of independent perfumery - moving away from mass market demands and pressures, giving perfumers the freedom to create truly authentic and beautiful works.
  • Bois d'Ascese is a Men's Biz favourite, but for an excellent suede that is soft and buttery with floral nuances, Cuir Velours is hard to beat. Or du Serail is an addictive and intoxicating puff from the hookah pipe, full of golden fruits and gourmand tones.


  • French perfumery created by Australian designer Naomi Goodsir.
  • Independent perfumery.
  • Fragrances that centre around raw ingredients: incense, tobacco, iris.
  • Must try fragrance? Bois d’Ascese.

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