Hair Clipper Oil, 59ml

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Wahl Hair Clipper Oil has been specifically formulated for use on all electric clipper and trimmer blades. It lubricates and prevents rust to ensure efficient operation and longer clipper and blade life. It will also help maintain correct blade speed and improve run time of cordless clippers/trimmers.


  • Extends blade life of electric clipper and trimmers.
  • Lubricates and prevents rust.
  • Made in the USA.


  1. With the blade directed downwards, turn the clipper/trimmer on.
  2. Apply three drops of oil – one on each side and one in the middle.
  3. With the clipper/trimmer still on, move the taper lever back and forth to work oil into blade.
  4. Turn off clipper/trimmer and blot excess oil with clean towel.




Oiling: Wahl Clippers should be oiled on a regular basis as part of the ongoing maintenance of your clipper. Oiling is a quick and easy way to ensure better cutting performance and longer blade life. Simply turn on the clipper and apply two or three drops of oil across the top of the moving blade. This procedure should be done prior to every haircut to give you the best possible performance. Use only Wahl Clipper Oil as it is specifically designed for this role and will not leave any sticky residue on the blades.