Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush: #12705

Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush: #12705

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The Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush sports a knot of natural unbleached horse hair (a mixture of mane and tail). Horse hair bristles are soft and retain water well, performing comparably to a badger or boar hair brush. Bristles are made from clippings when a horse is groomed. The horse is not harmed in the process, making horse hair brushes a friendly and sustainable alternative to boar or badger. Made in Spain.



Handle height: 45mm. Bristle height (loft): 57mm. Overall brush height: 102mm. Knot diameter: 24mm.


Do not boil the brush - it has already been sterilised. Lather lightly without pressure. Rinse the brush thoroughly after use and remove all excess moisture. Hang brush in the open to dry with the bristles pointing down.

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WINS BY A LENGTH Review by: Dave 14/12/2019
Great brush. Must admit I haven't tried heaps but when I compare to others and consider the price, it certainly punches above it's weight. Very rarely loses a bristle beside for a couple at the start. I've been using it for two years and don't have any reason to believe it won't last many more.
Nice brush Review by: Richard 25/03/2019
I'm a noobie and I thought I'd dip my toe in the wet shave world with this brush rather than springing for a silver tip badger brush. I obviously have no basis of comparison. The brush did what I expected it to do. It didn't seem hard or abrasive. It did have a horsey smell for one day but it was not offensive. I just washed it a couple of times with human shampoo and then the smell was gone. I let it soak in hot water before I use it to lather up. I don't if I have to, I just read it somewhere that it is good to do it. The handle looks plastic but it is actually ceramic. It maybe lost one hair at the start but nothing since. So it an excellent affordable brush to start with and it think it will last a long time!
Best brush I've used Review by: J 21/02/2019
Best shaving brush I've personally used. Bristles are strong and yet softer than that of a badger. Assists in building a good lather. Feels great too. Haven't had many if any loose strands of hair. Thus brush does require soaking prior to use in order to get the scent of horse hair out. The smell isn't as horrific as new boar brushes. Fades rather quickly. Would definitely recommend to anyone, especially considering the price. My last brush was over 100 and pales in comparison.
Phar Lap of brushes since 1940's Review by: Nick 11/12/2018
You could be shaving with a Melbourne Cup winner on a daily basis after their haircut and trim, and just like us wee humans need a spruce up ( so do the horses ) human hair get's made into wigs and so the horse hair gets turned into a famous Spanish shaving brush. As Disney says " the circle of life"
Badgerific Review by: Jaeger 24/06/2018
I bought this as a backup for my old Crabtree & Evelyn "pure badger" brush - but the tables have turned.

* longer bristles; holds more lather.

* No badgers/horses killed to make this brush.

* You need to add a bit more water (vs. shaking out excess water with a badger brush.)

* It smells like a horse hair brush. It doesn't bother me, and improves over time. (You can always lather, rest, rinse, repeat until the smell goes away.)

A great upgrade from a boar brush.

Get a 1092 brush stand to go with it; my old stand was fine for the C&E brush, but uncomfortably short for the Vie-Long.
Great performance - does the job well Review by: V 23/04/2018
Bought this as I was after a cheaper brush and it works really well. At the start it does smell a bit like horse but after a few months that goes away. There's a bit of shedding as well at the start but it gets through fine. Isn't amazingly soft on the skin but it's not harsh either. All in all, it gets the job done and it does it well.
Excellent natural hair brush Review by: James 6/12/2017
Excellent natural hair brush. Don't be put off by the price compared to the badger brushes, this one is great. I didn't have any problems with the "wet horse smell", that went after the first shave. Lost one or two bristles in the first few days then that stopped. In summary - you cant go wrong with this brush.
Super Soft Brush Review by: Adam 5/09/2017
Right from the start this brush was incredibly soft and had no scratching at all. Amazing water retention, it really lathers up well. The quality for the price is quite amazing.

Ill admit that when wetting it for the first time, it really did smell like a horse's rear end... but a good wash in dish detergent and then breaking the brush in by lathering it up and leaving the soap to soak in overnight got rid of the smell straight away, and softened up the bristles even more.

Best part of a horse hair brush is that no animals are killed to get the hair. Would absolutely buy another one if I lost this one as its a pleasure to use. Do yourself a favour and try one!
disappointed Review by: Gingak 16/06/2017
Pos- It has firm bristles.
Neg- initial impression of this brush is its quite smelly (think wet goat) this however fades after a number of uses. My brush started shedding hair BADLY from the first use and hasn't let up resulting in a few nicks but worse, a really frustrating shave. I persisted hoping it was just a breaking-in period, a few months later its trash.
Excellent Review by: Macca 24/05/2017
purchased some years past and still bristles are intact....dry's overnight and provides a great lather and will last more years yet :)
Fabulous brush Review by: John 18/04/2017
My wife bought this brush for me and the first thing she did was give it a good warm soapy wash as recommended by others. Then all she heard was me saying, oh gosh this brush is fabulous sweetheart, really soft and gives a great lather. Love it .... buying another so I can have one on our boat. Thanks for great products
WOULDN'T USE ANY OTHER Review by: Jason 19/03/2017
This is a great brush. I'd never used a horse hair brush before and was pleasantly surprised. The skin on my face easily reacts to a lot of rubbing so I was a bit concerned, but a big selling point is the fact that horses aren't harmed in the production of these brushes. I usually soak my brush in hot water while I take a shower, it lathers my soap up beautifully and I've had no reactions on my skin. It may not feel as soft as a badger brush but it is certainly not coarse. It's well made, not too big or too small and I haven't lost a single bristle out of it yet. I'll only ever use horse hair brushes from now on.
A real thoroughbred Review by: Michael 20/10/2016
I have been using this brush for a couple of weeks now and it is such a step up from the synthetic brush it replaced. Comfortable in the hand, quality feel on the skin. How firmly fixed the bristles are, only time will tell, but the synthetic brushes eventually moult, so hoping that first impressions are reliable. PS: I don't agree with the comments about odour or bristle stiffness. A fine brush.
Ripper Review by: Travis 28/07/2016
Fantastic brush!
The Horse Review by: Paul 11/02/2016
My wife picked this up for me as a gift for Christmas (I may have put in a few hints) Love the scratchy stiff texture and the handle feels great in your hand. Took about 2 weeks for the animal smell to subside, but Proraso eventually prevailed. Good addition to my shaving kit.
A man's brush Review by: Chris 16/08/2015
On another forum, a reviewer described this brush, in a voice, we can only assume, like the late Truman Capote, as, "like being thabbed in the fathe with a thouthand needeleth." And criticism of that guy's wussiness aside, that's a pretty accurate description of this brush. It's got plenty of backbone, and the tips don't seem to split like those of a boar brush, so it retains a high degree of scritch. And that suits me down to the ground! It's also a great size -- neither compact nor gigantic. If you are a face latherer (like me), use hard soaps, or like a bit of exfoliation with your shave, this the ideal brush for you. If you're looking for a big, comfy powderpuff of a brush, you will be disappointed. And if you're just curious, hey, for thirty bucks, why not give it a try? (NB: My brush smelled truly repulsive when new. Give it a few good washes in some shampoo or shave soap before you get it near your nose.)
Great value Review by: Adis 22/01/2014
This brush has a firm backbone with fairly soft tips, works up lather quickly with soap or cream and has a nice ergonomic handle.
It looks great too :)
Good Review by: Wawny 1/01/2014
Good brush, bit stiff but works great. Its cheap enough and also works nearly as well as badger hair so all in all a great entry level brush
Great product Review by: Ben 13/11/2013
Works as well as my badger hair brushes but half the price


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