Diamond Sharpening Paste: 1 Micron, 7g

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The Thiers Issard 1 Micron (Red) Diamond Sharpening Paste is a fine-grit sharpening compound, which will refresh the edge on a mildly dull straight razor. When used in combination with the 0.25 Micron (Silver) Paste and Chromox Finishing Paste, it will maintain a regularly used razor.

All the diamond particles used in Thiers Issard Sharpening Pastes are very carefully sorted to make sure that particles in each mix are exactly the given grade size. This is important when producing a highly refined razor edge. Carrier paste is water-based and non-toxic if accidentally ingested.


  • Fine-grit sharpening compound.
  • 1 micrometre.
  • Use with¬†0.25 Micron (Silver) Paste and Chromox Finishing Paste.
  • Made in France.



Shake the dispenser gently to mix its contents. Remove the cap, then press the membrane at the base of the unit to eject drops of the paste.

For an initial application to a typical sized paddle strop, apply 10-12 drops evenly along the length of the strop. The dots should be thoroughly worked into the surface, using the fingertips or the heel of the hand. The more time spent on this step, the more effective the sharpening action will be.

With successive use, the effectiveness of the sharpening surface will be diminished. To refresh the surface, just add a few dots of paste and work it in. When sharpening, about 20 round-trips with the razor on the diamond-pasted strop is usually sufficient.



Keep in mind that a little paste goes a long way and you can always add more later if you need to. The aim is not to cover the surface of the strop with paste - a very light application is what you are trying to achieve.