The Sports Man: Gym/Active Grooming Kit

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When you're an athlete, you're no stranger to sweat, and this kit is designed to keep you as cool as a cucumber, keeping you odourless whilst also keeping excess moisture at bay so you don't sweat the small stuff (worrying about such troubles). Great for anyone with an active lifestyle: with highly functional products that can be easily kept in the gym bag as well as the bathroom.



Sometimes a little bit of sweat is good, as it's the body's way of cooling down. Keep it natural with Jack Black's Pit CTRL deodorant, which uses a powerful trio of baking soda, cornstarch and enzymes to neutralise malodorous bacteria in the sweat whilst absorbing wetness in the process. Not only does it smell great, but as it's free of most irritants and full of softening glycerin, it's appropriate for even sensitive underarms. Act sun smart with an SPF: the popular M Protect SPF21 Lotion from Clinique provides necessary protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays, which many athletes are invariably exposed to. Better yet, it's oil-free, fast absorbing, and hydrates whilst it protects.

Some areas need a little bit more protection than others against sweat and chaffing, and Anthony's No Sweat Body Defence offers a talc-free defense barrier against the discomfort that results from friction. These high value areas also benefit from a combination of aloe vera and glycerin, which soothes and protects. Finally, wash off the residue of the day with Jack Black's All-Over Wash. Use it in the shower to wash and cleanse from literally head to toe, stripping away oil and sweat built up on the hair, face, and body without compromising your skin's natural moisture and healthy oil balance.