Fragrance Sample Pack: Oud - The Smell of Luxury, 9 x 1ml

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A precious product of time, agarwood (oud) has an unmistakable aromatic profile: a deeply woody and resinous basenote that leaves a warm and animalic scent trail in its wake, imparting a distinctively refined quality to a fragrance. This assortment showcases oud's many facets, all bearing its memorable signature intensity. When done well, oud transcends trends and fashions.



Begin the flight with Creed's Royal Oud, which puts fresh cedarwood, fruity pink pepper, and bracing herbal angelica at the front, where oud hums firmly in the background. Move onto Black Aoud (Montale), a bubbling potion of dry and rich rose, the perfect counterpoint to the leathery feel of ambery labdanum and mystical oud oils. In the midst of this intensity, look to Acqua di Parma's Colonia Oud, and find brilliantly lustrous Italian citrus oils up top. Graduate to the narcotic and mesmerising blend of hashish, tobacco, coffee, and inky black oud in Nasomatto's Black Afgano. In Papyrus Oud (Parle Moi de Parfum), oud takes on a dry, almost liturgical dimension as it finds itself in an Asiatic temple surrounded in papyrus, incense, and pine.

In Epic Man (Amouage), oud takes a journey along the ancient Silk Road, mingling with an overdose of spices, such as saffron, mace, and castoreum. In Interlude Man (Amouage), oud takes on a brooding liturgical dimension, washing the note in dark plumes of haunting incense and the green oily slick of oregano. Test yourself with Orto Parisi's Stercus, and watch itself develop, from an agrestic arrangement of leather redolent of tanneries, unlit cigars, and agarwood that unfurls with undertones of bitter almonds, cherry, and hay. Finally, visit a slightly fruity theme in Terroni (Orto Parisi), which reminds us of magma, burnished earth, and fertile soil - combining oud with musks and red berries.