The Outdoors Man: Nature Lover Grooming Kit

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The Great Outdoors - a rule to live by: it is best one is prepared for what nature throws at them. This kit has the explorer in mind: the sort who takes on the elements head on with their best foot forward. Sometimes a little help is required, and this assortment of products makes for a well-equipped selection of ‘survival’ essentials - whether it's deep in the wilderness or the sprawling urban jungle.



SPF - the sine qua non for outdoor protection against the sun and its rays. Salt and Stone offers a generous SPF50+ Lotion for the exposed face and body that is water-resistant, lightweight, non-greasy, all whilst leaving no visible residue. Apply generously, and reapply again and again! Cover your (odorous) tracks with Jack Black's Pit CTRL, an effective deodorant that utilises baking soda, cornstarch, and enzymes to neutralise the malodorous bacteria in the sweat whilst absorbing excess wetness. With its coniferous Turbo aroma of rosemary, eucalyptus, and juniper berry - you may blend into your arboreal surroundings.

If you're addicted to the rejuvenating scent of a damp forest floor, snapped fir needles, and fresh sap - but perhaps can't get into contact with nature (or simply wish to extend the experience after you’ve called it a day) - bring the aroma home with Juniper Ridge's Cascade Forest Body Wash, which suspends these evocative aromas in a cleansing Castile soap base, which is highly nourishing and very gentle. Be sure to wash the face with Jack Black's Pure Clean, a no-fuss cream cleanser that effortlessly removes the residue of the day. It contains an in-built toner, meaning that it's one less item to lug around. For when invasive action is required - make use of a pair of Stainless Steel Slant Tweezers from Dovo Solingen, whether it's a stray hair or a splinter, they're precise and built to last.