The Handy Man: Tradesman Grooming Kit

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With a dynamic can-do attitude, the handyman is the first one to jump into the midst of the action. Fascinated with function, this individual likes to get their hands dirty, and so heavy duty products won't go amiss. We're thinking of effective salves for the hands and feet, foaming cleansers with a good slug of gentle yet deep-cleaning acid content, and a body soap that actually tackles all the grit and grime that builds up over the day. Whether this individual is a DIY bricoleur or a true artisan, a problem solver or a budding enthusiast who dabbles in virtually anything and everything, this kit is perfect for those with busy hands and bodies.



Start off on the right foot with Clinique's SPF21+ Moisturiser, a lightweight lotion that offers moderate protection from UVA/B. Sun exposure is often inevitable for the handyman, and so proper protection is key. Better yet - this product moisturises and repairs the skin as it shields against the sun. Moreover, heavy duty work needs heavy duty protection against sweat and underarm odours, and Jack Black's Pit Boss is an effective antiperspirant and deodorant that lasts all day and is suitable for sensitive skin.

However, Hand Healer is number one for this individual, and the industrial strength formulation from Jack Black offers a rich non-greasy formula that repairs and soothes all that is dry, chapped, and cracked. A combination of reparative vitamins A and E, natural oils, and eucalyptus get to work right away. Wash off residue on the face with Baxter's Daily Face Wash: it's a no-brainer, breaking through dirt and oil without drying the skin. Its foaming formula means that no dirt escapes its reach, whilst salicylic acid gets in deep, and caffeine energises and boosts visible appearance. And for residue on the body, Triumph and Disaster's Shearer's Soap is inspired by shearing gangs who’d need to scrub themselves clean after a hard day's work. Gentle glycerin works in tandem with poppy seeds to exfoliate and massage the weary skin.