Taylor of Old Bond Street Sampler Pack, 15 x 10g

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sampler Pack, 15 x 10g

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Take the bestselling shave creams from Taylor of Old Bond Street for a test drive. This kit contains 15 mini pots of shave cream - a total of 150g. Made in England. Taylor of Old Bond Street do not make samples, so we put these packs together ourselves. They are not an official Taylor of Old Bond Street product. Pack contains: Almond Shave Cream 10g, Aloe Vera Shave Cream 10g, Avocado Shave Cream 10g, Cedarwood Shave Cream 10g, Coconut Shave Cream 10g, Eton College Shave Cream 10g, Grapefruit Shave Cream 10g, Jermyn Street Shave Cream 10g, Lavender Shave Cream 10g, Lemon & Lime Shave Cream 10g, Mr Taylors Shave Cream 10g, Peppermint Shave Cream 10g, Rose Shave Cream 10g, Sandalwood Shave Cream 10g, St James Shave Cream 10g.



Suitable for all skin types.


Scoop out an almond sized amount and use a shaving brush to work up a lather. Apply to beard and wait 2 minutes to allow hair to soften. Cream may also be applied directly to the face and worked into a lather using your fingers. Shave and rinse.

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Great way to Sample! Review by: Paul 15/12/2018
There are so many in the range that you won't know what you like and what you don't. This sample pack is great because you can make a really informed decision. Some I like, some are stinky (to me). Have bought the Sandalwood and the Cedarwood. Can't wait to use them!
Fantastic! Hubby loves them! Review by: Barbara 4/09/2018
Got this for my hubby for Father's Day. He loves Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandal Wood shaving soap, so I thought the variety might be interesting. He LOVES them and has already found new scents he will buy!
Great sample pack Review by: Sydney 16/08/2018
A great way to sample Taylor of Old Bond Street's range. Each tub is good for a few shaves, and is also good for taking on short out-of-town trips.

The shaving creams themselves don't have too much variety in the shave and feel - whether you rub directly onto the face (hopefully already damp) or lather up in a bowl with brush, the cream provides a good smooth stroke, and I haven't experienced any irritation after a few dozen shaves with these creams (but following up with an aftershave is still a good idea).
Another excellent starter Review by: Michael 1/08/2018
Fantastic scents, the only disappointment is the fragrance doesn't last longer. The lathering process is certainly a fine art worthy of much study and these samples are a good beginning.
Great taster! Review by: sK0pe 17/07/2018
This is great to have a try the Taylor of Old Bond Street range. For me it was also a great introduction to shave creams because I've only used soaps in the past. It seems expensive but you'll get 3 or 4 shaves from each of the 15 tubs which is pretty great for a cream.
I'll probably end up still using only soaps in the future but will definitely encourage me to try keeping a cream on hand in the future.
Awesome way to sample the entire range Review by: Richard 7/06/2018
Received this package super quick - overnight in fact, so no complaints there at all. This is a great way to try the entire range to determine exactly what it is that you like. My only complaint is that I only reveived 14 samples rather than 15, and unfortunately I was not able to determine which one was missing as the print on the labels is so small and some are impossible to read. Otherwise pretty happy.
Perfect Review by: Andrew 5/09/2017
Excellent way to try each line of TOBS to find your favourites. There is a decent amount of cream inside each container, so you can have a few shaves with each. I highly recommend this awesome pack!!
Great going Men's Biz Review by: Jack 12/03/2017
It was a great idea of Men'z Biz to provide this sample pack. These soaps have lasted me a very long time and most smell incredible (though not all to my personal taste - which is great in itself because I know now not to buy them)
Great way of trying Review by: Nima 22/02/2017
This was a great way of trying the whole range of TOBS shaving creams and compare them. I now know which ones I like the most.
A really good idea Review by: Harry 6/02/2017
Considering the range of Taylor shaving creams, a sample pack like this makes a lot of sense before you commit to a full bowl of any particular one. The little bowls are a bit tricky to use at first, but as with anything you live and learn.
Just Brilliant Review by: Dougie 31/01/2017
I had no idea which one to try, so a sample pack seemed like the ideal opportunity to try them all. I was not disappointed. My only problem now is, do I just keep buying the sample pack!? Well done MENSBIZ for putting this fantastic product together. 5/5.
BETTER THAN D.R. HARRIS Review by: Tony 30/09/2016
If you're tossing up whether to get this sampler or D.R. Harris sampler pack. GET THIS ONE. I previously tried D.R. Harris first and wasn't happy with any of them. None of them had much of a smell. Whereas, Taylor of old bond street.. wow! So far all of them have smelled fantastic! Now I don't know which one to order! They all smell fantastic! Highly recommend you to try this pack out.
Variety is the spice of life Review by: Isaiah 18/08/2016
I thought I'd found what I liked first time around in the Sandalwood scent, however, I convinced myself that there was no harm in trying all these different varieties offered in this sample pack. Boy, am I glad I did. As a result of trying these out I've found 5 other awesome scents that I now love shaving with. Nothing quite like being spoilt for choice when it comes to shaving cream. As a product generally, they lather well, smell great and don't cause me any skin irritations. TOBS are on a winner! (Many winners as all the different scents may have it).
Great way to trial Review by: Travis 28/07/2016
I'm new to Taylor shaving cream and what better way to start than a sample pack, avocado and classic are my favourites and lemon and lime can kick start you after one too many beers the night before!
Excellent intro to TOBS Review by: Michael 27/07/2016
I usually buy the Almond shaving cream but I tried the Sampler Pack just to see what else was on offer. I love the Rose and am currently using the Lavender. Thais pack is well worth trying and the service from Men's Biz is terrific. MD
Great place to start Review by: Joshua 1/07/2016
I have had to give away a few soaps and creams that I bought blind and didn't like the scent. This is a great way to try before you buy, TOBS creams are solid performers and excellent value for money. After buying this I have ended up with full tubs of Jermyn St, Rose and Coconut and the knowledge that some of their most popular scents really irritate my face. The small tubs are great for travel, keep them and refill them.
Extremely helpful! Review by: Sam 20/06/2016
TOBS has such a large range of scents and this a cost effective way to test them all. You just have to be careful not to mix the containers and lids around, as it is quite easy to do if you aren't careful.
Do yourself a flavour. Review by: Fester 11/06/2016
This is a great way to find out which TOBS shaving cream scents you prefer. As far as the actual shaving experience goes they are all very good creams so there are no worries on that score. Thanks to Men's Biz for going to the trouble of making up all the little sample pots.
Brilliant Idea Review by: JP 26/04/2016
What a genius idea. Now you can sample all of their best shave creams. I've found that just a little creates a great lather meaning this set will last me ages.
Great way to try before you buy Review by: Jmt 20/03/2016
A great idea by mensbiz,you get to try all the varieties without committing to a full tub.Each tub will do plenty of shaves so you get a chance to take an extended test drive with each flavour.
Great introduction to TOBS creams Review by: Matthew 16/01/2016
I purchased this sample pack just over four months ago and have only just started using the last mini pot today.

The lather ability of these creams is second to none. Absolutely sensational.

I just purchased a large bowl of the Sandalwood as that was my pick from the pack.

The only one I didn't rate was the Coconut as I found it didn't lather as well as the rest.

Great products TOBS. And great service Men's Biz.
Good to Know Review by: Chicken Salt 30/10/2015
It was nice to be able to sample a bunch of different creams before making a decision - I can keep these around for clients in case they want to purchase any in the future..
John Review by: Smithg69 9/10/2015
Thanks for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research about this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more clear from this post. I am very glad to see such wonderful info being shared freely out there. bdkddgcgkddfcdek
Great Sampler Review by: Cameron 11/05/2015
This is a great way to try out the TOBS creams. Each sample is enough for about a week of shaves, so there's more than enough time to decide the ones that you like. On top of that, keep the pots as they make handy containers for travel.

The creams lathered easily. Mostly I'm a bowl latherer, though I did do a couple on my face while travelling.

I found some of the fragrances quite powerful, while others are a bit more subtle. Some had a nice linger through the morning also.

I've already purchased one full size tub, and expect to buy a couple more from the range over time. Nice work Men's Biz for putting these samples together.
Worth the investment Review by: Tom 19/03/2015
I bought this after buying a full sized tub of the grapefruit cream. The cream was so good I worried that I was missing out on other amazing fragrances too. This is s fantastic way to try a heap without buying a couple hundered dollars worth of product.
The only downside was that the tubs containing almond and labender had leaked, so I had a sticky mess when I first unboxed everything.
Brilliant Review by: Jonathan 14/09/2014
Like other reviewers, I will admit that the ones I liked where not the ones I expected. I created 2 piles, those that I liked and those I didn't. Now I feel confident in ordering the 150g product. Like others, I'm not going to say which I preferred, taste is individual. Brilliant product, a little goes a long way. I got 2 shaves from each 10g pot and probably should have got 3. I bought my brush from jermyn street when I lived in London in 1998. 16 years later, I'm still using it.
Large selection of some of the best shave creams on the market Review by: Moran 22/04/2014
I ordered these from another website before realising that Mens Biz did them.
Taylor's are a great shave cream. I can highly recommend them along the same lines as Trumpers and the D R Harris range.
There are a real range of scents so you will get to try them all pretty much.
Definitely woth getting.
Can't say anything bad about this product. Review by: Darren 24/01/2014
Only needed a small amount of cream to get a good lather. All the creams had great scents, not too strong. Better still I got to try a lot of Taylor's creams for under $35.
Decent products, but chances are you will only like half Review by: Craig 26/12/2013
Great quality no doubt, but due to the large variance in smell from the fruity end to the traditional end you will probably only use four or five of the entire bunch. This makes it feel overpriced, but then again you do get to sample a heap without buying one for the same price and not liking it.

The Jermyn Street definitely lived up to all the hype - best by far. My other picks are Eaton College, Mr Taylors and St James. I gave all the fruit ones away to ladies to use on their legs as I was not a fan.
A must have! Review by: Daniel 22/10/2013
If you get bored often and you'd like to try something new every day, you should order this. You never know when you'll fall in love with of of the 12 fragrances and decide to buy a full-blown jar.
Great product range introduction Review by: John 16/10/2013
I have been using Taylors of Old Bond Street for several years but only purchase the tried and liked each time. This gives you a great opportunity to try others in the range. Great idea.
Fantastic deal and great service Review by: Ashley 27/07/2013
First time dealing with men'sbiz and also first time trying out the TOBS creams. Very impressed with the quality and allowing people to try the small samples will let them know what they want in the big jars (I know I have a couple I'll be ordering) And the service is unbeatable. I ordered it around lunchtime and it was on my doorstep the next morning. Only place to shop for shaving supplies.
Great! Review by: Tom 22/05/2013
I wanted to try out a few of the Taylor's shave creams but didn't really want to spend $30 on a tub when I might not like it. This is an excellent way to test out the whole range before committing to a full sized bowl. Really looking forward to trying them all!
Try the whole range before you buy! Review by: Cassandra 6/05/2013
Props to Mensbiz for putting these sample packs together.
These samples are a really great idea for deciding which scents take your fancy - some may surprise you! My picks of the lot are Eton College, Jermyn St, Shaving Shop and Rose. Decent amounts of each cream are provided, so you can get more than a few shaves out of them.
A great way to try the full range! Review by: Paul 30/04/2013
At first I was skeptical at how small the 10g tubs were but you only need to use a really small amount and can get quite a few lathers per tub. I started off with Almond and love the aroma. I think I have already used it six times and there's still a small amount in there.
Can't wait to try the others now!
Great Sample Pack Review by: Josh 13/03/2013
New to DE Shaving I thought this would be a great pack to find out what the difference in the creams would be. I was somewhat sceptical at first thinking surely they would all be the same except smell. I was proven wrong. Some people rave about St James and I have to say it smells great. But for me it doesn’t beat Rose and Avocado. For me I have to say with my setup now Merkur HD Astra blade and Simpson Wee scot brush the avocado gives me the closest smoothest shave out of the lot. The difference though is marginal, this is why you have to try what is out there. I also got the GFT sample pack. I have to say that was possibly a mistake. The amount given is far less than TOBS. TOBS is cheaper too in the big tubs like everything in this wonderful world of DE shaving you have to try and find what best works for you. At anytime you change a component in your shave you will probably find you will need to change the rest to find a match. This is a good cheap way to find a perfect match for you.
Great way to try a great product Review by: Craig 31/01/2013
High quality creams from one of the oldest and most respected makers. A great affordable way to try out the range - pick your favourites then order a full tub of them. Avocado is a great cream with good moisturising properties, Mr Taylor's has a classic 'gentlemanly' scent. Great stuff Mens Biz!
Excellent! Highly Recommended! Review by: Michael 29/01/2013
I now know exactly what TOBS product I love. It's perfect if you don't know which product you want. It's good value!
Excellent Review by: John 12/01/2013
Great way to try the various creams. All perform extremely well. My favourites are Sandalwood, Jermyn St and Eton College.
Great way to try a great range Review by: Mark 4/01/2013
A great way to sample taylors' range of shave creams, I was suprised to find a few that I thought would be good were unsuitable for me vice versa. Have added a few new creams to the shopping list for the future. I was a little dissapointed that they didn't have the entire range in samples but an excellent variety none the less. Wish they did this with the soaps too.
Glad Mensbiz has taken it upon themselves to make this available Review by: Chris 27/03/2012
I'm really glad I ordered this sample pack. It confirmed a few planned purchases, added a few surprise items to my wishlist, and took off more than a couple. Great way to save money ( or end up spending even more if you like them all ;] )
Instant exposure to a great product range. Review by: brad 13/03/2012
I love TooBS stuff. I mostly use the Sandalwood but wanted to try the rest. So did my Dad. This is the best way to get a good go at each soap. Each tub gives about 5 or 6 shaves and it makes a chore into an enjoyable session. I have my favourites now but if you haven't used these soaps, start here.
Sample time! Review by: David 28/02/2012
sample the whole range and find a different product from your usual. I found about 4 new products which I can now buy in full size.
Try them all to find the best for you Review by: James 14/02/2012
It is great to be able to try these different creams to be able to find the one you like the best, there was enough here to last me several months worth of shaving as well.
Great value Review by: Gus 8/02/2012
This kit provides a very affordable and practicle way to try out all of the TOBS creams. There is enough in each container to supply a week's shaving and even more if you're using a frugal brush like the Simpsons Wee Scot. The individual containers are perfect for your travel kit as they are very sturdy and seal well. The cost of this kit makes it a very affordable way to try out the full range of creams. Highly recommended.
A brilliant idea!!!! Review by: David 22/12/2011
This is a great little pack. Enough in each little pot for almost a week worth of shaving. A great way to live with each fragrance for a while before making a decision on which to buy. I have surprised myself by actually liking ones I would never have chosen
once you try them all make something new! Review by: Daniel 10/11/2011
I got these a month or 2 ago, I tried them all and some I loved and some not so much, I used each once or twice, there was a lot leftover but using the very very small tubs and having them clutering up my bathroom bugged me. so what did I do? I mixed them up, I combined and mixed all the leftovers and made a new SUPER CREAM! there was enough to make a large tub of cream and I was happy to find it smelt GREAT (my girlfriend loves it!) and worked brilliant. it seemed to brilling the best trait of each cream to the front. I have been using it ever since and my cella soap has gone untouched. Do it you will be very happy!
Test em all and save Review by: Daniel 16/10/2011
I am new to DE shaving and I got this with my first ever order, and what a great thing I did, getting this saved me a lot of money buying things I thought I would liked and would end up not liking at all. A lot of the ones I thought I'd hate I found perfect! I would say half half, I love half and dont have a "meh" feeling to the others. A great buy. Just with they did this with shave soap which I greatly prefer to creams.
Bottom Line: Try it All!! Review by: mathew 8/03/2011
What can I say, the description says it all “bottom line try the whole line up”. I was amazed at the range of fragrances and very surprised by some I had anticipated not liking at all. I would suggest this to anyone who gets bored of a single fragrance and likes to mix it up frequently. I could rate them all but will save that for the individual product listings.

The small pots are small (10ml), I anticipate getting 6-8 decent lathers out each pot and I figure that a week of using the cream will definitely make or break it. I’m already sold on Almond, Jermyn Street, Shaving Shop, St James, Rose, Eton College and Lavender. It would have taken me years and a significant investment to try them all in this way.

Last thought is that the small pots will make great travel companions; they seal well and are rather nifty. I highly recommend this to anyone new or old to wet shaving who likes some diversity in their creams. Nice work Men's Biz.
By far the best way to get into "proper" shaving! Review by: Martin 8/03/2011
New to shaving creams/soaps/DE wet shaving etc..? Give these a go. This pack will give you a good insight into various TOBS creams, and you'll soon discover they are actually all different (and not just in scent).

Personal favourites so far are the Almond, Lemon+Lime and sensitive skin ones, though I find the Mr Taylor's one gives the best lather of all of them. Great for trying out and also for travel...great product Mensbiz!


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