Fragrance Sample Pack: Summer Staples, 8 x 1ml

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The warmer weather presents one with an opportunity to really capitalise on fragrances that are refreshing, lightweight, and undemanding. This sample pack demonstrates that variety is still possible, even in the heat.



L'Humaniste (Frapin) is as refreshing as a G&T: juniper, lemon, and cardamom come together and sparkle, offering a fragrance with a surprisingly herbal edge - a citrus without the usual suspects. However, for the unflinchingly traditional - Acqua di Parma's Colonia takes the humble lemon and charges it with sizzling Italian energy, oozing nonchalant elegance. A generous dash of aromatic herbs and a refined base of lavender, sandalwood, and powdery musks adds a gentlemanly ‘barbershop’ touch. A similar gentlemanly feel is achieved in Green Irish Tweed (Creed), which captures crisp springtime morning sunlight falling onto a dewy field of grass: lemon verbena has supremely elegant feel, brightened with crunchy apple and grounded with the mature tones of sandalwood and iris. This is turned modern in Eight and Bob, championing a trio of confident woody notes: cedar, sandalwood, and vetiver root - washing them in a charming blanket of vanilla with a slightly salty, and ultra refreshing marine-like effect. In the same vein, Creed's Aventus manages to maintain a salty feature through a good slug of warm yet fresh ambergris, combining this with the beguiling freshness of juicy pineapple, crisp apple, and tempting blackcurrant. To give this definition and structure, patchouli and birch wood offer a traditional woody-aromatic heart. 

If you're after a fragrance that is dressed up and appropriate for the heat, Reflection Man (Amouage) returns to the classic note of neroli (or orange blossom) which is traditionally used in cologne preparations. By fusing this with the incomparable elegance of jasmine, slightly sweet and almost chewy, Reflection Man attains contrast and nuance that works particularly well with a subtle yet potent injection of vanilla and patchouli. The total result is a grand yet balanced work. Parle Moi de Parfum's Cedar Woodpecker is noteworthy not only for its delightfully generous application of highly textural cedar essences, but a particularly fascinating top-note of iris and citruses, reading like a traditional cologne. Together, Cedar Woodpecker has the bittersweet and addictively viscous qualities of an orange marmalade, balanced impeccably with wood notes. Finally, for an unexpected treat, turn to Hermann a Mes Cotes (Etat Libre d’Orange), which manages to construct a fragrance that is both dark and shady, whilst having a superb freshness. Geosmin and calypsone is utilised, which is reminiscent of the cool ozonic earth after the rain (like the sweat of rocks), brightened with blackcurrant buds, intensified with pepper, and grounded with patchouli. In short: a cooling fluid that works wonders in the heat.