Speick Shaving Cream, 75ml

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Speick Shaving Cream is a herbal, aromatic shave cream that's ideal for wet shaving. Contains bees wax, glycerin and Speick Plant extract and has been formulated to be very gentle on the skin. Does not contain any preservatives. Made in Germany.



Suitable for all skin types.


Lather up a dab of shave cream using a shaving brush. Apply lather to the face. Shave. Rinse. Follow with Speick After Shave Lotion.


Aqua, Potassium Stearate, Potassium Palmitate, Potassium Cocoate, Glycerin, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Cocoate, Cera Alba, Potassium Myristate, Cetyl Palmitate, Sodium Myristate, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Valeriana Celtica Extract, Fragrance, Potassium Laurate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Thiosulfate, Cl 15985, Limonene, Linalool.

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Excellent face saving shave Review by: Paul 5/06/2019
After years of blade issues I went to electric shavers a couple of years ago, and after a few attempts found this product. It is the best I have used and no redness, skin issues. Excellent for my sensitive skin with electric shaver both rotary and foil.
Great shave, need a tiny amount. Review by: Anthony 11/12/2018
This is an awesome shaving cream. You need just a hazelnut sized amount to get a great close shave and often more than 1 shave per application.
Perhaps the best quality shave cream for the money Review by: Christopher 5/11/2018
An excellent shave cream which produces a thick and slick lather, and the wonderful and unique speick scent.

Can't go wrong for the money, certainly worth a try.
Great Product Review by: John 8/06/2018
Have used many shave creams and SPEIK is one of my favourites.Lathers well and fabulous subtle aroma.Another great product from MENS BIZ .Will definitely be using again.
Smells great! Review by: Martin 14/02/2017
A great product for the price point. The cream is easy to lather however it is not as heavy as other creams. The smell is fantastic and will leave your face with a pleasant scent.
Good product, but not great. Review by: Philip 21/12/2016
I'm a fan of Speick, but this could be creamier. If it were, it would be perfect!
Excellent Value & Performance! Review by: walklikeaduck 3/09/2016
Wow, this stuff is amazing! Yogurt-like consistency and lather! The smell is nice and clean, just like the aftershave and balm. The price point on this is also great. This is a really underrated cream. I just love the scent, and love that the tube isn't plastic, it's like the metallic Proraso tubes.
Love it Review by: PJ 1/03/2016
This is one of my favourite creams or soaps. The scent is very clean and pleasant in the morning. It doesn't linger too much. The lather is nice and creamy and protective. It's slightly more drying than most other creams I've tried, but still one of my favourite creams in spite of that. Nothing a bit of olive oil afterwards can't fix. I love it.
Great performing shaving cream! Review by: Anthony 1/10/2013
This is the first Spieck product I had ever used. Since then I purchased the Soap and the Body / Hair wash.

Its got a great scent (unusual) and its got a really nice lather (I bowl lathered it).

Overall I would highly recommend this. Being a 75ml tube, would also be good for travel!
Wow! Review by: Andrew 14/01/2013
I chose to receive the Speick Shave Cream in the Wet shave kit that I purchased last month. Unfortunately it has taken me until now to try it! The lather was rich and creamy which provided the best glide I have experienced. Wow! Why did I wait so long to use this shave cream?
clean scent Review by: david 25/10/2012
doesnt lather as thick as other creams which is an advantage as it wont clog the razor.......great for my skin and a clean scent.....Speick is an unusual scent, but is clean not like perfume.
Get it you may like it Review by: Daniel 5/12/2011
This is my 5th cream, been using it for a week, its good but not great. The smell is actually very nice and refreshing for the morning. It goes on well but it doesnt have quite the slickness as others I have used do, as a resualt I get a little razor burn but not much to be a real problem I just slap some Skin Food on and that fixs it. Very good cream all round.
Best so far Review by: Milan 15/10/2011
Only used the Proraso Eucalyptus & Menthol cream before this.

Gave the Proraso 4 stars.

I think the Speick requires more water, but it's better as it 'sticks' to the face easier for me, requiring less work to paint on.

Though, it's double the price of the Proraso, so i'll give it a 4 star rating overall.

If ratings were based purely on the product, i'd rate it 4.5, compared to the Proraso.

Very good product.
Lather is weak and gummy. Review by: Stonie 27/09/2011
This cream is not much better than faulding shave cream which costs about $4 from woollies (used with badger brush and Merkur slant bar).
Best all round Review by: Mark 22/07/2011
If frequency of use is the measure, this is my favourite cream or soap. Very effective, lathers well and smells amazing (the alpine herb and lavendar). I will always keep a tube of this on hand.
Helps the Hairs Stand Up. Review by: Mark 9/05/2011
Although I was reluctant to wash my face before shaving and strip the natural oils off, I have wirey stubble so thought I'd give this a try. I was pleasantly surprised - whatever it does it works - it really makes the hairs stand up ready to be sliced off. I note it contains many natural things that are known to help with prep - castor oil, coconut oil etc. It doesn't smell as delicious as it looks (to me at least), but it's not unpleasant at all. I will keep using it.
Works very well Review by: Greg 8/03/2011
Works very well, though I find the scent quite ordinary.
A great shaving cream Review by: Damien 8/03/2011
Smells great, lathers well and creates a slick, soft cushion between the blade and your face.
A nice cream Review by: Biff 8/03/2011
Just tried the Speick, it's a nice cream that is more towards the natural end of the spectrum in terms of chemical ingredients. Like all such products, it takes a little more than usual to get the same lather as the 3 T's. But it does shave well, the scent is unusual but not overpowering. Only problem is that the tube is on the small side when you have to use a little more of it per shave. Still, for such a low price you can't go wrong. Try it - if you like it buy 2 or 3 at a time.
Good scent, average cream. Review by: Roger 8/03/2011
I got this and the soap in a trade and like all Speick stuff, they work well together. I find the cream a bit average though, and for me, it suffers from some of the Musgo negatives. That is, it leaves my brush a tad gummy, and I end up using more AS afterwards. Perhaps the glycerin or beezwax retards absorbtion. But unlike Musgo, I don't get the lanolin issues, and this shaves a bit better.
Uniquely awesome Review by: bjeck14 8/03/2011
Speick cream is a gem - really interesting scent, great lather (although can clog the brush) and a little goes a long way. Something that everyone must try one day!
da! It's good! Review by: Peter BANICEVIC 8/03/2011
Love the scent!, Just wish it would last longer. Lathers easy, in fact it explodes onto the brush. Provides great slip for the blade and great for sensitive skin types which is one of the main reasons I got it and no chemicals in it either. I am suprised its so cheap. I use this and TGR shave cream as my only two go two creams. And this is outstanding value, will defintely buy again!


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