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  1. Toner

    For extra cleansing power, toners remove excess oil, controls unsightly shine, and excavates pores of buildup. Contrary to popular belief - there's a toner for everyone, and not just oily skin types. Thayer's range of witch hazel toners are a favourable choice. Their Rose Petal Toner is appropriate for all skin types, balancing, refreshing, and soothing the skin. Toners that employ acids such as salicylic or citric acid, such as Baxer's Herbal Mint Toner or Jack Black's Oil-Control Toner gently exfoliate the skin and dissolve dirt and debris, making them an excellent choice for pimple-prone skin.

  2. men-u

    Matt Skin Refresh Gel, 100ml

  3. Anthony

    Purifying Astringent Pads (60)

  4. MenScience

    Advanced Face Tonic, 177ml

    Special Price $52.95 Regular Price $62.00
  5. MenScience

    Post Shave Repair Toner, 118ml

    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $60.00
  6. Baxter of California

    Herbal Mint Toner, 236ml

    Special Price $31.95 Regular Price $37.00
  7. Santa Maria Novella

    Orange Blossom Water, 250ml

  8. Santa Maria Novella

    Rose Water, 250ml


    The Grooming Oil, 50ml


    Oil Control Clearing Solution, 100ml

  11. Jack Black

    Oil-Control Toner, 236ml

  12. Triumph & Disaster

    Logic Toner, 250ml

  13. Geo. F. Trumper

    Coral Skin Tonic, 200ml

  14. Anthony

    Instant Fix Oil Control, 90ml

  15. men-u

    Matt Skin Refresh Gel Buddy, 15ml

  16. Lucky Tiger

    After Shave and Face Tonic, 240ml

  17. Clinique for Men

    Oil Control Exfoliating Tonic, 200ml

  18. Clinique for Men

    Exfoliating Tonic, 200ml


    MAX LS Skin Recharging Water Lotion, 200ml


18 Items

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