Shaveworks The Cool Fix Ingrown Hair Treatment, 156ml


Shaveworks The Cool Fix Ingrown Hair Treatment, 156ml

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Fix my shaving problem Review by Eka
I always have problem with ingrown hair and redness after shaving. Honestly, this product gives you that tingling sensation for the first few seconds. After that, this product helps to prevent ingrown hair and redness. TOP! (Posted on 8/08/2018)
Quite good! Review by Jimmy
Does pretty much everything that is said! Only slight issue is the price :) (Posted on 9/06/2017)
F**king Awesome! Review by Rory
I was very reluctant to buy this because of the price, but tried it anyway.

The smell is fantastic. Does this sting after shaving? Holy crap! Bet your sweet a**e it does, but only for a very short time. Once the sting has subsided, the usual shaving aches & pains you feel (if you've sensitive skin) are gone. This will now be my go to product!

Thanks Mensbiz! (Posted on 25/03/2015)
Smells great, and does the job! Review by Anthony
Does this cream work? Thats what your asking...

Yes, it certainly does! It's expensive, but it does the job, and does it well.

I use this "gel" after shaving, and try to use it twice a day as advised.

The scent is awesome! Wife loves the smell! and it lasts a while.

Bit of a sting when using it after shaving, but its no different than using aftershave.

Overall this is awesome stuff! If you have issues with ingrown hairs, this is for you! It works!

Thanks Mensbiz! (Posted on 24/10/2013)
Effective... Review by JB
I have tried a few different products for some minor shaving rash and ingrown hairs in particular areas including the Baxter Razor Bump Relief.

So far this is working well. It has a nicer feel going on than the Baxter product and you use about the same. It absorbs quickly. You get more for your buck than the Baxter with this also.

I am finding it does dry my skin a little and the smell is not great (but it is not terrible either and does not linger).

Overall, with morning and night applications, I have found this effective. (Posted on 18/06/2013)
The good stuff Review by Justin
Like the other reviewer, I was skeptical but this works for me. I would get razor bump under my lower lip and chin and using this after shaving and at the end of the day would keep it at bay. After a couple of months I've only used about 10% of a bottle so it should last a while yet. (Posted on 19/11/2011)
Very Pleased Review by Kyle Smith
I was very skeptical when I first bought this product. I thought "how can a gel possibly fix ingrown hairs!?" I still dont know, but it does! It pretty much does as described. It fixes rasor bumps, ingrown hairs and it soothes rasor burn. The bottle does last a while too. I have had my bottle for about 8 months and Im only half way. although I don't need to use it as much any more. (Posted on 8/03/2011)