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  1. Treatments

    Troubleshoot your post-shave woes. An essential part of the toolkit for nicks and cuts, an alum block soothes irritation and stops bleeding. For ingrown hairs and bumps, a concentrated medicated solution unclogs pores and lifts the growth out from the skin - we particularly recommend Tend Skin's highly effective Ingrown Hair Solution.


    Razor Burn Relief Ultra, 100ml

  3. Urth

    Post Shave Elixir, 59ml

  4. Tend Skin

    Ingrown Hair Solution, 118ml

  5. Anthony

    Ingrown Hair Treatment, 90ml

  6. Jack Black

    Bump Fix Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Solution, 177ml

  7. Shaveworks

    The Cool Fix Ingrown Hair Treatment, 156ml

    Special Price $48.95 Regular Price $50.00
  8. Osma

    Hemo Stop Styptic Pencil, 12g

  9. Omega

    Alum Stick, 60g

    Special Price $15.95 Regular Price $19.00
  10. Geo. F. Trumper

    Block of Alum, 100g

  11. Proraso

    Styptic Razor Repair Gel, 10ml

  12. Osma

    Alum Block, 75g

    Special Price $15.95 Regular Price $19.95
  13. Clinique for Men

    Post-Shave Soother, 75ml

  14. Proraso

    Post Shave Alum, 100g


13 Items

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