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  1. Shaving Gels, Oils and Foams

    All about convenience and speed, shaving foams offers an instantly rich lather with the press of a button. Santa Maria Novella's Shaving Foam is enriched with cushioning olive oil and makes for a discerning choice. Transparent Shaving Gels such as those from American Crew or Baxter of California are the go-to for precision shaving for cleaning up the edges of the neckline and beard, easily applied without the need to lather. Shaving Oils offer the best of both worlds, and double as a pre-shave that can be massaged and worked into the skin.

  2. American Crew

    Ultra Gliding Shave Oil, 50ml

    Special Price $24.95 Regular Price $26.95
  3. Acqua di Parma

    Shaving Oil, 30ml

  4. Anthony

    Shave Gel, 177ml

    Special Price $33.95 Regular Price $34.00
  5. Proraso

    Shaving Foam: Blue, 300ml

  6. Santa Maria Novella

    Shaving Foam, 50ml

  7. Tabac

    Original Shaving Foam, 200ml


    The Grooming Oil, 50ml

  9. Baxter of California

    Beard Line-Up Shave Gel, 100ml

    Special Price $29.95 Regular Price $31.50
  10. American Crew

    Protective Shave Foam, 300ml

    Special Price $22.95 Regular Price $26.95
  11. Proraso

    Shaving Foam: White, 300ml

  12. Proraso

    Shaving Foam: Red, 300ml

  13. Proraso

    Shaving Foam: Green, 300ml

  14. Santa Maria Novella

    Shaving Foam, 300ml

  15. Menaji

    ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula, 30ml

  16. Clinique for Men

    Aloe Shave Gel, 125ml

  17. American Crew

    Precision Shave Gel, 150ml

    Special Price $22.95 Regular Price $26.95
  18. Sul Filo Del Rasoio

    Transparent Shave Gel, 150ml


    Maximum Comfort Shave Gel, 200ml


18 Items

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