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Merkur Solingen Classic Safety Razor (33C)

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Merkur Solingen Classic Safety Razor (33C)

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Product Review (submitted on 7 April 2016):
I have a beard, but I shave my head every 2-3 days. I've been using cartridge razors since I could shave. Never again.

Sure, the initial investment of a razor was a bit of a turn-off. But the blades cost nothing compared to cartridges, and they outperform them by a long shot.

I just received my order this morning before work, decided that I might as well shave my head and go to work wearing a hat if I cut myself all over. Luckily, I took things slow, and I didn't get one nick.

I got one of the best shaves I've ever had, without any razor burn at all.

The razor is a bit on the heavy side if you spend a lot of time with your hand up over your head. But I'm being soft.

In hindsight I should have bought a tube of shaving lather instead of the tub, as I haven't got a brush, nor will I use one. I prefer using my hand as I can feel the stubble if I missed a spot. But that's for another review.

The razor itself is great. And since it's only my first shave with it, I'm using the blade that came with it. Besides the weight mostly held above my head and making my arm tired, this is a great razor. The handle was shorter than I expected based on the photos. It's just a perspective thing. Not a complaint at all, but an observation.

Since there aren't really any reviews here for people who shave their head, not just their beard/moustache, I thought I'd write this because I was looking for a review on how well this razor shaved a your noggin. No real complaints at all. Very happy I have made the choice. Why are cartridge razors still around? Marketing, I guess.