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Feather Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor Blades (5)

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Feather Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor Blades (5)

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Product Review (submitted on 9 July 2016):
Are you tired of razor blades that are merely terrifyingly sharp? Do you want a blade so sharp that waving it around causes an irritating high pitch whistle as the very air molecules themselves are rent asunder? Do you need a facial hair cutting device so sharp that actually using it to shave is technically classed as a suicide attempt? Then you need a pack of Feather Hi-Stainless blades.

Feather blades are made in Japan, which as we all know is the central repository for all things efficient and violently over the top. I don't actually think these things are manufactured as such - Instead, they're twisted flesh-hungry objects from another dimension that are torn screaming and cursing into our world on the night of a full moon by crazed Japanese blood witches.

I don't know whether this last story is actually true, because every time I try to visit the factory to confirm this I inevitably lose an eight hour block of memory and suddenly wake up safely in bed at home, albeit completely naked and covered in dung beetle larvae.

Um, anyway, where was I going with this? Oh yeah. Feather razor blades are the absolute best for shaving when you're a bit more confident with how to handle a safety razor. If you let the weight of the razor do the work, you'll be fine. If you try and push down even a little, you'll probably cut yourself pretty badly. And then you'll get blood on your Feather razor blade. Considering the pestilent blood-drenched Hellscape that these things are summoned from, you PROBABLY don't want to do that.