Glass Diamond Lapping Plate

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The Shapton Glass Diamond Lapping Plate is the foundation of any sharpening system. Since the surface of the tool will mirror the stone it was sharpened on, is critical that the sharpening stone be flat. The Shapton Diamond Glass Lapping Plate is flat to within 5 microns, and will easily return Shapton stones to perfect flatness.

Keeping your stones flat means sharper tools, but it will also ensure even wear for a longer stone life. Works with the whole Shapton line, both the Pro series and the Glass Stones.



Recommended for:

Flattening Shapton Glass Stones.

Made in Japan



Before use, place the Glass Diamond Lapping Plate on top of the Stone Holder to secure it. Splash both the Glass Diamond Lapping Plate and the Glass Stone with water. Place the Glass Stone face down (you are flattening the ceramic side, not the glass) on top of the Lapping Plate and move in a 'Figure 8' pattern for 10-20 laps.



As with all water hones Shapton Glass Stones do wear concave with use and require periodic lapping (flattening). For optimum sharpening results, Shapton stones must be flattened after each use.