Proraso Shaving Soap Bowl: White, 150ml

Proraso Shaving Soap Bowl: White, 150ml

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Proraso White Shaving Soap has fresh notes of lime and apple and is suitable for sensitive skin that irritates easily. With new packaging and a natural formula combining Green Tea and Oatmeal, Proraso White Shaving Soap provides a rich, creamy lather and is best used with a shaving brush. A single tub will last approximately 6 months when used on a daily basis.

  • Vegetable-Based Italian-Style Shaving Soap.
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin.
  • Fresh apple and lime aroma.
  • Contains no parabens, silicons, or mineral oils.
  • Vegan.
  • Made in Florence, Italy.

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Use a damp shaving brush to work up a lather. Apply to beard and wait 2 minutes to allow hair to soften. Shave and rinse. Seal the deal with a dab of Proraso Liquid After Shave Cream. Ideally shave straight after a shower or hold a hot, wet towel over your face for a few minutes to soften the hairs.


Water, Stearic Acid, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Lactic Acid, Fragrance, Menthol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Geraniol, Citral, Limonene, Linalool, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-di-t-butyl, Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Flower/Leaf Extract, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Etidronic Acid, Tetrasodium EDTA.

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Great Review by: Ian 26/04/2019
A great shave soap that is well priced with a mild, fresh fragrance that latherswell.

Excellent product Review by: JT 4/11/2018
Low irritant, lay here nicely, subtle scent, the green tea and oatmeal products are all great and work well together
Excellent value Review by: Geoff 24/10/2018
A lesser priced shaving product which produces a good lather. I have a tough growth and it lathers well to do the job.
Great product, everyone with sensitive skin must give it a shot! Review by: Ashley 8/10/2018
I've used numerous shave soaps, ToBS, GF Trumper plus others. Keep returning to the old faithful. Have paired the shaving soap with the Poraso pre-shave and sensitive aftershave balm. An outstanding shave time after time, lathers up beautifully, smells great and my 34HD glides like a charm. I use a fair chunk as I also shave my head. It's a must try for those with sensitive skin.
Best soap that you can buy Review by: Joel 26/02/2018
I have used the Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream - their post shave balm is one of my favoritess still, I have used Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap, I spent half a year using Speick Active Shaving Soap, I used Taylor of Old Bond Street sandalwood for over a year and I have tried D.R. Harris.

This soap is the one that I keep coming back to after I initially tried it last year for the first time. I ordered 2 containers of this soap on 23/06/2017 to take advantage of the free shipping offer and then ordered my next set of two on the 24/01/2018 to use a bit over 3 weeks later. These two soaps have lasted 3 months each without any problems for $12.95 each.

I shave every day and have tough facial hair, it usually requires two go overs with a Merkur Solingen classic in the morning. I use Feather blades and a badger hair brush for building up lather which is easily produced. This soap is the best of the lot that I have tried due to value for money, ease of lather and skin compatibility. It is great for sensitive skin and I have had minimal issues with razor burn as long as I dont keep using the same blade for too long, usually I replace the blade every 2 to 3 weeks as I dont have a strop yet. There is very little scent to this soap and it leaves you feeling refreshed, I highly recommend you give it a go and see how it works for you as I cannot go past a $12.95 soap that lasts for 3 months for every day use.
This soap is ideal Review by: Michael 16/12/2017
I love this shave soap. The smell is unique. It lathers beautifully. I have sensitive skin.. It will lather into a thicker foam and makes shaving so much easier..
Awesome Review by: Chuck 4/10/2017
This smooth soap ,goes on gently ,gives a very close shave and does not irritate my skin .I love this . Not like any soap I have ever used. Awesome
Too good Review by: NM 29/05/2017
You will not regret this purchase.High quality product, great scent, very effective. A must have for men who value a good shave and their skin.
Fantastic soap Review by: John 10/03/2017
After trying a few different soaps through Men's Biz, I'm confident I have now found 'the one'. The Proraso White lathers fantastically, has great glide, and the bowl lasts quite a while (this is my second order). Definitely plan to order this again.
Good product Review by: Steve 30/01/2017
My first time with the "white" after using "Green". Enjoyed the shave once I found a suitable blade (Gillette 7 O'clock). Lathers up well and remains moist and my skin no longer burns yet the shave is close. Washes out of the brush easily too and razor not clogging. I like this product.
Great product Review by: TC 14/07/2016
Really good product. I have used the green before and have sensitive skin so have tested white.
Really good product with minimal irritation.Will definitely use again.
Excellent product Review by: Ian 26/01/2016
I had only used the green version previously but wanted to try the white. I do have sensitive skin and although I wasn't having any trouble with the green I thought I'd give this one a go. Worked very nicely, very little irritation and I would recommend to anyone.
great for sensitive skin Review by: Jason 4/01/2016
I've got really sensitive skin, and this does a great job of providing a comfortable shave with minimal irritation. I've found best results by following it up with the Proraso white after shave balm
Another excellent Proraso soap Review by: Steve B 17/12/2015
Like the green and red versions of Proraso shaving soap, the white version produces an excellent lather and so far it's been a great shaving experience.

This one is ideal for sensitive skin and has a very nice scent. Like the other Proraso shaving soaps, this is great value for money and it'll last a long time even if used regularly.
LATHERS SUPER EASILY Review by: Mark 3/12/2015
As someone who is new to wet shaving and creating lather in particular (that doesn't involve a propellant)this worked like a charm. I've got both sensitive skin and a coarse beard and this provided a smooth, irritation-free shave every time.
It feels very refreshing on my face, especially if you leave it on for at least a minute or two before shaving. I coupled this with the Proraso white Pre-Shave cream as well which really helped around my troublesome neck.
My only knock on this and it's minor, is that it leaves a white film on everything, especially my razor, making cleanup a bit of a chore.
MUCH BETTER THAN I THOUGHT Review by: Dougie 5/05/2015
This stuff is fantastic. Very good on the skin. I was thinking it'll be just like a soap in a dish.....couldn't be further from the truth. A beautiful, soft, smooth shave. No drag & I get bad shaving rash....I cold not fault it. Coupled with the PRORASO LIQUID AFTER SHAVE CREAM, for once, it was an enjoyable shave. Highly recommend it.
Great soft soap Review by: Aaron 29/08/2013
As a person who always had irritation after shaving, this was definitely going to be the first soap I would buy and I couldn't be more happy! It's a softer soap and lathers quite easily which was perfect for me as a novice. Its scent is pleasant and not overpowering and it was quite gentle on my skin which was perfect!

After researching how to combat razor rash/irritation my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of wet shaving. I scoured the internet (at 11PM one Wednesday night) and couldn't find a better deal than at Men's Biz, so loaded up my cart along with this soap, a Merkur razor and a Vulfix brush; where the impatient wait commence.

Everybody knows the feeling after stealing an online bargain and having to wait forever until the mailman arrives, but it was at my door within 30 hours of ordering, and considering there were 8-10 hours before business commenced the following day, I was blown away at the speed of service! Add to that the query I had about my purchase which was answered sooner than I could have imagined and I would definitely recommend Men's Biz to any fellow Australian; especially if they were in a hurry.
great shaving product Review by: Daniel 30/05/2013
i use this to help with my razor burn as well as the preshave version of this as well, and its works!

had it 3 months now and still have 2/3 left of the bar
nice lather Review by: Glenn 23/04/2013
Lovely light lather that creams up nice and quick and provides a good buffer for the blade
A perfect fit Review by: Douglas 12/04/2013
This product is just great if you have sensitive skin! I have extremely sensitive skin (i see a dermatologist) and shaving has always been a real problem!
The Proraso soap is just fantastic, no dryness, cracking or irritation (redness). It does take a few uses to get it lathering well but once it has been used a few times it lathers very easily with hot water.
The smell is rich and masculine and if you have very sensitive skin i'd recommend combining this product with the Speick aftershave balm - never had better!!
A great priced entry to quality shaving, somewhere to start if you feel daunted by choice! Review by: Tristen 5/03/2012
I first tried Proraso Eucalyptus & Menthol in the tube, a year ago when I purchased various razors, blades and creams to start doing things more seriously after finding the Mens Biz site. The Proraso line is well priced and simple, easy to get some lather and protection whilst not feeling like you smell like your 80-year old Grandad. This version is excellent presented in a sealable plastic container, soft enough to scoop out a small amount or alternatively wet your badger brush, flick out most of the water then wipe around briefly to load then lather straight onto your face. The aloe and green tea smell is subtle and nice, and more importantly creates a smooth slick to glide that razor across. Afterwards it seems to assist with soothing the skin of your razored face giving some extra comfort. It is very easy to foam without it looking like you are a dieseased dog and being in a tub is certainly a better option compared to the tube where I found it often came out in hard lumps and proved hard to lather when in a lumpy mixture. Overall a "must-try" and at this price, you have everything to gain. If not a daily choice, still a great option for a change every now and then or even if you travel due to ease of use and great sealable tub.
Gentle, cleansing, and long lasting Review by: Luke 18/10/2011
My skin is prone to breakouts and dryness. This soap has produced neither! Excellent soap for sensitive skin, it cleanses well, and gives a great lather for a smooth shave. So far I have hardly made a dent in the tub. It seems like it will last forever! Highly recommended.
Don't Hesitate Review by: Myles 11/09/2011
If I could only use one shave soap or cream ever again, this would be it. Amazing shaves, lovely cooling effect, but no problems on my sensitive skin. One tub will last you so long you will kick yourself for forking out the cash for the canned shaving cream for all those years. My brother liked this and tried the green tub version, but neither of us were keen on it as it was a bit strong.
Buy the Eucalytpus instead! Review by: Jason 23/08/2011
I love Praraso, the menthol & ecelyptus soap is, easy, comfortable and above all economical. I use it often. Allways a dead-easy, close, comforatble, quick and enjoyable shave. So i was genuinely shocked at how poor this soap is. My skin is left irritated, dry, tight and the shave is second rate. There is no way I could use this product everyday. And the smell, ugh, horrible. The lather is poor, and no matter what I can't get a good cream from it.

I'm really, really shocked that this is such an awful soap, as it seemed, in theory, to be just what I wanted.

A shame. Back to the green tubs for me.
Great Value Review by: Greg 8/03/2011
I've used this almost exclusively for the last 6 months, and I still have a third left. It's great on my sensitive skin, I get very little irritation. I find the scent pleasant, though not amazing, and it gives a slight cooling sensation which is nice on a hot day.
5 stars Review by: Andrew 8/03/2011
If I could only shave with one cream for the rest of my life it would be this one.
The aloe and green tea gives this soap a very mild fragrance and won't clash with any aftershave or cologne that it used.
Dollar for dollar this soap performs better than most of the high end ones.
Worth a go. Review by: Mark 8/03/2011
I really like the smell and feel of this product. Does not lather easily, but with a little effort is fine. Feels very clean and fresh when finished shaving.


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