Proraso Pre-Shave Cream: Red, 100ml

Proraso Pre-Shave Cream: Red, 100ml

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Proraso Red Pre-Shave Cream excels as both a pre shave and as an after shave cream. It has aromatic notes of sandalwood and is ideal for dry skin and thick, coarse beards. With a natural formula combining sandalwood oil, shea butter and glycerin, it works just as well as the original Eucalyptus & Menthol version, but contains ingredients that are ideal for thick beards. Contains no parabens, silicons, mineral oils or animal ingredients. Vegan. Made in Florence, Italy.

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Suitable for all skin types.


Before shaving: wet face and apply Proraso Pre Shaving Cream to open the pores and soften the beard. Proceed with shaving cream or shaving soap as usual. After shaving: dry face and apply a small amount of Proraso Pre Shaving Cream. Massage lightly until cream is completely absorbed.


Aqua (Water), Stearic Acid, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Parfum (Fragrance), Cetearyl Alcohol, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Disodium EDTA, Potassium Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Citronellol, Geraniol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Hydroxisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Limonene, Linalool, Coumarin.


Preventing Razor Burn, Preventing Ingrown Hairs, Preventing Razor Bumps, Shaving Rash, Shaving Irritation, Close, Comfortable, Skin-To-Blade Contact, Daily Shaving, No Nick Shaving, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin.


Proraso Pre Shaving Cream can also help your razor remain sharper for longer.

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great product Review by: alex 17/10/2019
It smells amazing and helps prevent razor burn i will definitely get this stuff again.
A little more subtle than PG Review by: Daniel 2/10/2018
I was recommended this by my barber. I find the menthol style of Proraso Green a little to intense at times, although I still use it regularly.

This is an excellent pre-shave creme that is a little more subtle with a nicer aroma for me.
I only use with bushy! Review by: Rhys 16/05/2018
I don't use this product everyday, however I do use it when I have a three day growth and find it very helpful with softening my bushy whiskers. Would not tackle a tough shave without it.
Smells much nicer than the green, but not as effective Review by: Matt 5/09/2017
The first thing you notice is that the consistency is very ‘creamy’. It has an almost a metallic silver hue to it. It’s hard not to judge this in comparison to the Proraso Green so I am going to judge it against the famous older brother:
The Red has a much nicer scent. It’s infinitely nicer going on than the old fashioned menthol/eucalyptus ‘dencorub’ style scent of the green. This is far more cultured as a scent. Not sure there is as much sandalwood, but it’s very, very nice in aroma. On that front it wins over the Green.

However, when it comes to value, you are going to be going through the Red much, much quicker. It’s a very light, frothy, creamy consistency and these jars are way too small. As a pre-shave, to cover an average two-day growth you are going to be using a lot of it because it’s pretty ‘runny’ and thin. The Green has a very different texture, almost a chalky feel to it, much thicker and much better value for money. A tub of the Green in the same size will last you a lot longer. As for effectiveness of the Red, it is just OK. It’s possibly 25% better than a straight up good lathered shave soap would be. And that’s at best. Now the Green on the other hand, that straight up melts your beard. While I don’t like the smell of the Green anywhere near as much as I do the Red, you will find it much less effective than the Green. So in the Green VS Red battle, if you are looking for something that will really prep your skin and a thick beard for shaving, the Green wins over this. The red is nice, but not a must have in your arsenal. If you want a beard melter, go check out the Green.
Good Pre Shave Cream Review by: Jonas 7/08/2017
Good product as expected from the Proraso line. However I prefer the green as I like the cool tingly feeling it provides. The red is much better on sensitive skin though.
Not Bad Review by: Jonas 7/08/2017
A pretty good pre shave cream at an affordable price. I think I prefer the green bottle better though as I love the cool tingly feeling it provides but this stuff is better for sensitive skin.
My mid-shave essential Review by: Leigh 8/06/2017
I do a two way shave (with & against), and I found that this is perfect to apply between the two shaves to increase lubrication and avoid cuts & burn. Plus, a little jar goes a long, long way. Love the scent too.
Surprised by what a difference this makes Review by: Peter 5/06/2017
Bought a jar of this on a whim when ordering my usual Proraso Red shaving cream. I was surprised what a difference it makes. Gives me a very smooth shave indeed and enables the main shaving cream to lather up better. Especially good around the throat where my skin is a bit more sensitive. Would definitely recommend it. My only request is that it be available in bigger jars, although the small jar does seem to go a long way.
Good Product Review by: Gerald 7/10/2016
Don't use pre- shave for every shave but I really like this one especially for cold mornings ,really compliments my other Red Proraso Products.
Fantastic Review by: Rowan 15/08/2016
In comparison to the Green (makes my skin burn) and White (good, but the shave isn't as close), the Red pre-shave is my favourite so far. Amazing for sensitive skin, and an easily achievable close shave every day.
GREAT ADDITION TO THE STABLE Review by: Charles 26/07/2016
Unlike the green pre-shave, this is much more creamier and gives the perfect base to lather with allowing your blade to glide across your face. Subtle sandalwood scent is the icing on the cake.
Favourite pre shave. Review by: MattJ 8/06/2016
This is great stuff, I'm just hoping it starts being sold in a larger 300ml tub, its awesome..
Great pre and post Review by: Sxot 10/02/2016
Very slick, goes a long way. This tub should last for quite a while. I use this mostly post shave as a moisturiser and calming balm. Let it soak in before aftershave splash.
Absolutely great product Review by: Simon 9/02/2016
The texture of this pre shave is nothing like the green one. It feels much more like a cream. It works great and has a subtle sandalwood scent which doesn't affect or interfere with any other fragrance you may wear.
I use it as both a pre and post shave cream/balm and love the way my skin feels after shaving and using this product.
Get some you won't be disappointed.
Best Proraso pre-shave ever! Review by: Steve B 22/12/2015
Just like the red Proraso shaving soap is the best of the three available, the red pre-shave cream is the best of the three Proraso pre-shave creams in my opinion.

The sandalwood odour is pleasant and not overpowering like the green pre-shave cream, the shea butter and glycerin combination provides a very soft and smooth feeling when applied on the skin and it really helps the blade glide on the skin.

Proraso make absolutely fantastic shaving products at a price that won't hurt your hip pockets and this product is no exception. Ideal as a pre and post shave product, especially for dry skin and coarse facial hair.
fantastic Review by: Daniel 15/11/2015
Proraso is Proraso - not much more to be said. It is consistent, and very pleasant to use. Perhaps there are more sophisticated products available, but for an everyday shave, this is my favourite.
Fantastic Review by: JOHN 18/10/2015
I purchased this product to be used as a pre shave and it didn't dissapoint it left my stubble soft and ready for the shave. The scent is fantastic just like the red shaving cream and soap and my DE razor glided across my face no drag what's so ever . Do your self a favour and buy this you will not be dissapointed, hopefully proraso can produce a red after shave balm to complete this line.
excellent value Review by: Wayne 3/10/2015
i purchased this to use as a balm and not as a pre shave as for me i prefer to spend time lathering my face with a good cream or a balm it works great,scent reminds me of baby powder but for me thats not a bad thing,it gives me that very clean feeling..its cheap and worth having in your shave den for sure


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