Proraso After Shave Lotion: Green, 100ml

Proraso After Shave Lotion: Green, 100ml

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Proraso After Shave Lotion is an enduring classic with a natural formula housed in new packaging, and is made from a meticulous selection of fresh and natural aromas and especially mixed ingredients to refresh, moisturise and invigorate your skin and provide relief from the irritation caused by the razor.

  • Refreshing Aftershave Splash.
  • Has astringent and moisturising properties.
  • Ideal for normal to oily skin. Those with particularly dry or sensitive skin should alternatively seek an aftershave balm.
  • Invigorating eucalyptus aroma.
  • Contains no parabens, silicons or mineral oils.
  • Vegan.
  • Made in Florence, Italy.

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Splash on or apply sparingly - it's up to you. Gently massage into the shaved area using small upward circular motions.


Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Oil: As an aftershave ingredient, Witch Hazel acts as a natural astringent which closes pores and soothes skin after shaving.
Glycerin: When applied after a shave, glycerin imparts a smooth and hydrated feeling the aids the hair and skin retain moisture.

Alcohol Denat., Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Parfum (Fragrance), Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil, Menthol, Citronellol, Geraniol, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Citral, Limonene, Linalool, Coumarin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Cl 42090 (FD&C Blue No. 1), Cl 19140 (FD&C Yellow No. 5).

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Barber-shop Style Review by: Ravanagh 1/10/2019
Perfect retro freshness to complete your Proraso Green range!
An excellent aftershave splash Review by: Christopher 5/11/2018
Scent; classic and understated.

Wonderful fresh feeling, cooling any razor burn. It calls your attention to any area where you've been too aggressive on your skin with your blade, but doesn't punish you too badly for it.

It's been in my aftershave splash rotation for years, and should be in yours.

Like any splash, I would recommend using it in combination with an aftershave balm. Let it dry and cool your skin, then apply your choice of moisturizing balm.
The only aftershave you need Review by: Mayur 11/10/2018
This is my go to aftershave for any occassion. The scent last a long time, it's clean, fresh and refreshing.
Top Product! Review by: Tim 14/12/2017
Have used this daily for a few weeks and find it has changed my life!
I feel refreshed when I head out my front door in the morning from the bountiful aromatic scents that is Proraso Aftershave. It gives an initial sting on application but soon subsides and it dries fast letting you feel how great a shave you just had!
I’ve considered getting another bottle for keeping at work just to apply during my day!
Love it Review by: TS 13/09/2017
I use it every day, even in winter. The fragrance is nicely restrained, so wearing it doesn’t make you “that guy”.
Bold and fresh Review by: Jay 7/09/2017
After the immediate alcohol sting fades the refreshing menthol efficiently soothes and cools sensitive post-shave facial skin. With a distinctive old fashioned masculine scent this product is sure to impress.
Good, refreshing AS Review by: arthur 20/07/2017
The Proraso AS makes you skin feel refreshed after your shave and has a pleasant scent.
Barber shop heaven Review by: Lee 4/07/2017
I love this stuff, after every shave it feels and smells like I've just been to the barbers. Revitalising feeling, smells awesome and doesn't break the bank so you can splash it around.
Reliable as always Review by: Kurve67 7/12/2016
Can't go wrong with the Green. Refreshing old school scent.
Great on the skin & refreshing Review by: Toby 6/12/2016
Love this aftershave lotion. It gives the little stinging effect that you want whilst being soothing and smells great.
Yeah baby! Review by: tenoeight 25/11/2016
They say it's Vegan. Who cares? This is a good old fashioned stand up, knock 'em down splash. Proper stuff for proper men, makes you want to drape your jacket over your shoulders and drink espresso standing up, if you catch my meaning. A blast of manly fragrance, a spritzy afterburn and enough moisturising to get you through to lunch.
Just get it Review by: Mark 20/11/2016
Can't really add anything more than what has already been written. This and Speik are my "go to" every day aftershaves. If you are thinking about getting this, just do it, for the price you cant go wrong
Fantastic aftershave Review by: Tomás 3/09/2016
It's refreshing, soothing, has a slight bite and really does the job very well. I love the smell too.
Great product Review by: Oliver 26/07/2016
Best aftershave lotion I have used. Great feeling on your face and smells amazing
Restock Review by: Ken 3/07/2016
I use this 4/5 days that I use aftershave. Subtle scent that works well in a business environment and in intimate social settings.
I will always have a bottle of this stuff in the cabinet.
Good Honest Product Review by: TomG 11/05/2016
Leaves your face feeling refreshed, and has a pleasant fragrance. I was expecting something similar to the pre-shave cream frangrance, but it is nowhere near as medicinal. It is a fresh, clean menthol that works great. Fades pretty quickly, but this often suits if you are following up with a cologne or similar.
Excellent Product Review by: Gerald 18/03/2016
Leaves my face fresh with a nice masculine smell,my everyday go to now.
Excellent aroma Review by: syeda 3/03/2016
I bought this after shave lotion for my husband as a gift.he likes it very much. specially the aroma and the refreshment from eucalyptus oil and menthol makes his skin feels smooth and silky. for me this is the best aromatic after shave lotion I have ever experienced on his neck.
Liquid Manliness Review by: Carl 8/02/2016
A true aftershave that leaves your skin feeling fresh and alive. Another outstanding Proraso product with a great masculine smell.
If you're new to wet shaving or an old hand this should be an essential part of your kit.
Possibly the sexiest + manliest smell ever Review by: Manny 10/12/2015
Goes on nice(no tackiness) and smells absolutely AMAZING! You'll definitely feel like a million dollars using this product and there's no way I'd even think about using anything else now.
The best Review by: Richard 18/11/2015
The best aftershave, end of story. Great for the skin and wonderfully refreshing in summer, can't get enough of it
It’s difficult to dislike this product Review by: TheDude 6/11/2015
It is easy to understand why this product is popular in its review. It has a water consistency; light but refreshing burn when first applied after shaving; and scent is a crisp cool menthol – the kind of scent you may associate with early 20th century barber shops
Excellent aftershave Review by: David 1/11/2014
It has a fresh, crisp, gentle feel on the skin and a subtle menthol and eucalyptus scent to match.

While it is a universal after shave suitable for men of all ages, it is perfect for the younger bloke in his 20s or a teenager who has just started to shave.
A great aftershave Review by: Mitchell 2/10/2014
As a guy that much prefers a balm I was hesitant when I added it to my order, but boy was I glad I did. This has little to no alcohol burn what so ever only a pleasant tingle, I'd say that alum is more uncomfortable. It absorbs quickly and my skin looks and feels great after applying.
Highly recomended
Wake up boost! Review by: Geoff 14/02/2014
Great refreshing kick to sooth the skin post shave, smells good and manly to boot!
One of the best.... Review by: Anthony 7/02/2014
Being a fan of all things "Proraso" and owning all their products, I had to add this to my collection.

This aftershave is unlike anything I have ever owned, and is one of my favourite, especially when using the Proraso Green cream or soap.

The bottle is well presented in a box (as pictured).

The aftershave itself is very "Fresh" and will leave your skin feeling nice and cool due to the menthol. There is a slight sting when used after shaving due to the alcohol content, but it's soon extinguished by the nice menthol cooling affect.

Overall another top notch product offering from Proraso. The scent doesn't stick around all day, but thats fine in my opinion given its an aftershave and not a cologne.

Would I recommend this product to others? Yes, without hesitation. Its hands down a must have for those who love Proraso or like Menthol based aftershaves (like Floid which is also awesome, but completely different to this!).

Thanks Mens Biz for super fast shipping, within 24 hours it was at my door with a free sample inside!
Great After Shave Review by: Daniel 19/01/2014
An amazing after shave that has a great aesthetic that looks very vintage barber shop. An amazing masculine fragrance and has impressive holding power and leaves your skin feeling great after a shave!
Fantastic Review by: Ben 1/01/2014
Love this aftershave, i have a feeling it will be my main lotion from now on. not only is it relatively inexpensive but it make your face feel like its glowing in health after you use it and the wife loves the fragrance.
I will buy it again Review by: Mario 14/12/2013
I really like this after shave, it has a beautiful and fresh fragrance, not like some others that I have had in the past that are so overpowering. My wife really likes it, which is very important to me.
Great product Review by: Craig 10/11/2013
Very pleased with this. After using cheaper aftershaves you can really feel the difference. Wonderful for the FNQ climate, but might be a bit chilly on the face in Tassie when the menthol kicks in. Definitely recommended.
Freshen Up Review by: Kon 21/09/2013
I've been using this aftershave for quite some time now. It not only soothes and freshens your face after a shave, however it is quite bracing and sharp. Like others the scent reminds me of an old school Italian barbershop. The only drawback is that the scent literally lasts only for a few minutes.
Can't go wrong with a classic! Review by: Fred 12/09/2013
To me, Proraso is the standard against which all other aftershaves are measured. The soothing freshness you feel after the initial burn then cooling is how aftershaves are meant to feel. The scent is pure old school manliness, the first time I used it my wife was quite keen!
Excellent Product Review by: David 3/09/2013
Really like this product, is very refreshing after the shave, first time i have used it & think is great! can certainly recommend!
The Godfather of After shaves Review by: Shane 5/08/2013
Fantastic product, I purchased this to complete my Proraso trio - Pre-Shave -Shaving Cream - After Shave.

Upon application it is like a slap in the face from the Godfather himself, as the alcohol burn sets in, I don't mind this but some may want to avoid. However this only lasts a couple of seconds before the wave of menthol coolness washes over your face, at which point you can actually feel your hair follicles closing and skin tightening. Lastly your nostrils fill with the aroma of an old school Italian barbershop and your all set.

Would highly recommend.
Handcrafted for Blokes Review by: Stephen 26/06/2013
I added the aftershave in my order with other Proraso products in a last minute decision..... So glad I did!
Very different to the run of the mill aftershaves you get in those piddle packs on fathers day etc...
This is a 'feel good' aftershave, it soothes, freshens, sharpens, and has a great distinctive aroma.
It certainly compliments a shave... and then some.

This stuff is awesome! Review by: Macri 26/05/2013
Not your typical After Shave scent. That being said I love this stuff and highly recommend it.

Works really well when using Proraso Green shaving soap and the pre/after shave balm.

Nice cooling sensation like Proraso Green range.
perfect way to end a shave Review by: Aaron 11/01/2013
makes you feel refreshed and it gives you feedback if you went over the same spot too many times, so make sure that you are careful because you will probably get a bit of a shock

in conclusion, feels and smells great and leaves you feeling refined
A great smell Review by: Jacob 4/12/2012
A nice smell that lasts for hours.
Go ProRAso Review by: ugo 8/11/2012
beautiful to look at ( the jar) the perfume is zippy and the feeling is energetic
It's still Proraso... Review by: Roger 21/09/2012
This is a review for the NEW splash, as it's been reformulated and repackaged now.

This is my favourite AS, so was hoping they haven't messed with it, it works so well.

This is subtly different from the old, the menthol feel less intense, yet seems to last a fair bit longer. The fresh scent is more subtle too. One of the moisturising ingredients have been dropped, but that doesn't seem to have affected its ability there.

Works just as well though for soothing and refreshing, and that's the main thing.
Excellent Review by: Vic 18/07/2012
I love the scent of this stuff. Not overpowering and quite masculine. It smells clean, fresh and soapy. I just wish the scent lasted all day, but as it's not a cologne, I can't criticize it for that.
Cooling aftershave, great for beginners and veterans alike Review by: Stefano 21/03/2012
This is the first *real* aftershave I have used, not some generic drug store variety. The difference I experienced was significant! Nice cooling menthol kick and the witch hazel tightens up your skin to pretty much soothe any pain. I had a particularly bad shave and I used this after and it was like I hadn't shaved at all. The smell is quite nice, like an old school barbershop. Also, there is a controller on the bottle so that not too much comes out. I tend to use a lot because I like the sensation. Warning, can be quite bracing on a cool morning!
Fantastic product Review by: Mathew 6/02/2012
I brought this product after reading the various reviews on this site. I must say that I am massively impressed. I put this on straight after a shave and my skin feels like a millions dollars.
Perfect end to a perfect shave Review by: Paul 7/11/2011
Full of the good stuff your skin needs after running a blade across it: witchhazel, allantoin and essential oils this is a classic Italian product that tones and soothes. Prep your shave with the Proraso Pre shave, lather up with the Proraso soap and reapply the pre-shave between passes. Feel the slickness of the shave, wallow in the mentholy goodness and then slap some of this on and enjoy the cooling and refreshing tingle. If James Bond was Italian this is the stuff he would have used!
Another great Proraso product Review by: Michael 27/10/2011
Totally old school and traditional. No hoopla or hype just pure product straight out of the Italian barber shop with the pink sports paper.
It has a nice bite to the skin from the alcohol and menthol with a subtle but fresh mint menthol fragrance that wont overpower your man splash. It tends to dry out my skin slightly on some days so I use it with the pre / post cream as well. Essential for the kit!
Highly recommended Review by: Anthony 1/10/2011
The best after-shave I've ever used. Some after-shaves have a heavy musky scent that can seem "stale" by mid-afternoon. Proraso, on the other hand, has a refreshing, clear aroma that is never cloying, but lingers as a subtle fragrance that you hardly notice. Whatever shave cream I use, I keep coming back to this as my preferred after-shave.
It's a ripper Review by: Paul 8/03/2011
I use this almost exclusively now after trying quite a number of other splashes (eg Speick, La Toja and Floid). It soothes the skin and doesn’t linger so your choice of EDC isn’t overwhelmed.
For a real treat use the Proraso pre/post, shave soap and then the splash.
Typical Proraso Review by: Roger 8/03/2011
I've not used a bad Proraso product yet, and this one isn't it. As already said, this isn't a cologne-style AS; it's AS in the traditional sense of the word. It's got a fresh scent which doesn't linger, is light and nice to use. It gives you a familiar after shave hum, as it contains alcohol, with the cool down of menthol. I could skip using a moisturiser or balm with this, but my skin tends towards dry, so I like to add one of these anyway.
Fixes A Bad Shave Review by: Glenn 8/03/2011
This is an excellent aftershave that will soothe and repair skin suffering from razor burn and irritation. It has a great, fresh scent that doesn't hang around too long. Comes in a nice glass bottle and is typical Proraso - high quality that works.
Invigorating and Soothing! Review by: Mark 8/03/2011
Ok, this is not what you would normally expect an aftershave to be like. Usually an aftershave is just a weakened cologne. In Proraso's case this product is truly designed to use immediately after a shave. It's ingredients include Allatoin and witch hazel. Together these give the product a slightly thicker consistency and contribute very much to the soothing effect. It feels great on the skin. The menthol & eucalyptus create an invigorating fragrance that is nice & subtle. The fragrance does not last very long and is fairly muted, therefore allowing you to use your favourite cologne a little later on without the two scents competing with each other.

Buy this if you want to soothe your skin after a nice shave. Don't buy this if you are looking for a cologne.


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