Shaver Series 5000 & 6000 Replacement Shaving Heads

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The Philips Shaver Series 5000 & 6000 Replacement Shaving Head features MultiPrecision blades that raise and cut all hair and remaining stubble – all in a few strokes. Compatible with Shaver series 5000 (S5xxx), series 6000 (S6xxx), PowerTouch (PT8xx), AquaTouch (S5xxx) and Star Wars series (XZ58xx). Replace shaver heads every 2 years for best results.



Model number:

Fits the following shavers:
Series 5000 (S5xxx)
Series 6000 (S6xxx)
PowerTouch (PT8xx)
AquaTouch (S5xxx)
Star Wars series (XZ5810, XZ5800, SW5700)


  1. Open the shaver by pressing the "release" button.
  2. Remove the retaining rings by turning them counterclockwise.
  3. Take out the old shaving heads and carefully insert replacements; check that the heads align exactly in the setting.
  4. Replace the retaining rings and secure them by turning the lock clockwise.
  5. When you close the shaving head properly, you will hear it click into place.