Personna Red Pack Israeli Blades (5)

Personna Red Pack Israeli Blades (5)

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Personna Red Pack Israeli Blades will fit all traditional double edge razors. Known for their smoothness and sharp edge, these blades come individually wrapped and feature a platinum coating for enhanced comfort. Made in Israel, Personna Red Pack blades are produced in the same factory as the Crystal blades. Each pack contains a total of 5 blades. Also available in larger 100 blade packs, which work out much cheaper.

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Suitable for all skin types.


Remove blade from wrapper and insert into your favourite double edge razor.


Double Edge Razor, Double Edge Safety Razor, Traditional Shaving, Wet Shaving, Ingrown Hairs, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin.

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Great! Review by: Julius 28/09/2018
I thoroughly enjoyed these!
Personnas were smoother and sharper than Merkur and Astra. Merkur was the least sharpest of the 3. I am quite convinced that I need not look any further than personnas, so will order these in bulk now.
I have medium thickness in mustache hair for reference.
Great Review by: Julius 28/09/2018
These are superb for me.
I think I have medium thickness mustache hair.
For me, Personna is definitely better than Merkur and Astra. Personnas were sharper and smoother. Also seems to stay sharp longer.

Will be buying these in bulk now.
Wow - A Revelation! Review by: Pablo 10/10/2017
I've been shaving for a while both DE and straights and tried all sorts of things. It is pretty hard to surprise me and TBH, I wasn't expecting much from these as there was so much hype around them and I've become pretty immune to it in the wet-shaving community. Still, I thought it was worth a try so I bought a small pack of 5.

I only started using the Personnas this year and from the very first blade, I knew that something very special was going on. At first, I wasn't sure I was shaving - there was no feedback, it was super slick across the face and yet I was getting a very nice, close shave. I have thick, dark growth and have been used to noisy shaving since I was a boy so that was the first real shock. I kept touching my face after each stroke: "is this damn thing cutting the hair?" only to find that it most certainly was!

About a week of use on the same blade and I was still having the same experience. I was genuinely amazed at the ability of the blade to keep producing that close, relaxed shave and amazed again at the edge retention.

It's no guarantee that these will work for you but definitely worth a try as part of a mixed pack.
MY FAVOURITE DAILY BLADE! Review by: Andrew 14/08/2017
Absolutely love these Personna blades,I get a stupidly smooth and comfortable shave everytime. I also find them very forgiving if you make a small mishap - yet with the perfect amount of sharpness to take care of those pesky whiskers!
Not for me Review by: PJ 1/03/2016
I have read excellent things about these blades, but for some reason I find them to be a bit harsh. They're sharp, not badly priced, and do the job though. I'd use them again.
Excellent Blade Review by: Tibor 27/02/2016
This is the sharpest blade I have used that doesn't irritate my skin at all. I have used all of the popular ones like Feather, Derby, Astra, etc. and this is by far the best. Retains its sharpness the longest as well.
Best I have tried Review by: Benjamin 9/02/2016
Admittedly that is from only 4 brands of blades. I like how it cuts in the razor I have, and they don't cut my face. They seem to keep their edge for a relatively long time too.
Absolute number 1 Review by: Matthew 6/05/2015
Sensitive skin and quite course facial hair, these are the best blade suited for me. Situational with blades as they are different to everyone, but there provide my perfect shave.
AMAZING!! Review by: PJ 24/03/2015
Tried these blades last night and all I can say is WOW. Excellent shave with zero irritation, BBS and just glide across the skin. I highly recommend these, I'd go so far as to say for me they are even better than the feather's. Used these with the Cella shave soap. EXCELLENT!!
Good choice Review by: Craig 14/01/2015
Pretty damn good blade. Not quite as sharp as feather, but better than the rest.

Decent endurance on a heavy beard. Worth your money and most people I talk to find they don't need the extra sharp blades to do the job on their beard so these are perfect.
Highly Recommend Review by: Mark 13/04/2014
I have tried a lot of blades and those are my favourite, about one step below the feathers in sharpness but very forgiving with no irritation if used correctly, they are perfect for my DE very good with my shavette. Although i still use feathers on my shavette because i prefer to use it with almost no pressure as the DE obviously has more weight to it makes this the perfect blade on any DE
good to have on hand Review by: p 25/02/2014
i had my first shave with these today and i was pleasantly surprised by the smooth quality of the shave. i had shaved the day previous so i expected some irritation but there was very little.
Best Blades I've used Review by: Nick 22/08/2013
Best Blades I've used. Just ordered another 100. Cant give an opinion on durability. I throw out all blades after on use. I've used feathers, Astras, Gillette 7 Oclocks, Derbys, Merkurs, Silver BLues etc and these are easily the smoothest blades I've touched. I get razor burn with all other brands, but these blades leave me without burn. These blades and Simpson Cream are an absolute winning combo!
Not as good as the Gillette 7 O'Clock Blue Review by: Cecu 21/06/2013
For my hair type these are not as good as the Gillette 7 O'Clock Blue but are close to it.

Probably close to Derby blades in my opinion.
Good quality blades Review by: Hugh 10/06/2013
I've yet to find any blades better than Feather, but these are definitely good.

At first, they didn't seem sharp enough, but with a little extra pressure (relative to what I use with Feathers), they work just fine and don't give me any problems with irritation.
Nice shave. Review by: Paul 27/05/2013
A nice shave, no nicks or cuts although that may be my technique improving. A better shave than Derby blades for me but they don't stay as sharp for as long.
Perfect for me Review by: Kai 18/03/2013
Ideal in every way for me. I only need to shave twice a week, and the hair is all over the place as far as thickness goes. The Personna blades were the 3rd I tried in the sampler and they're just great. Virtually no drag, no cuts & very smooth.
An added bonus is that they don't have glue on the blades, so they don't get stuck in the shaver and fling across the room when you remove them, sticking in the wall like you've just been attacked by ninjas, as is the case with other blades (flinging across the room - not causing ninja attacks).
Great for every day use Review by: Attila 1/03/2013
Marginally sharper than Astra, gving a smooth shave and is reasonably priced. I get about 6 to 7 shaves from one blade. Quality is consistent throughout the pack. If you want a really sharp razor - try Feather, but with care. For an every day use razor, this is the blade to use.
Just when shaving couldn't get any easier Review by: Jeff 22/12/2012
I bought these blades when the Merkur ones were out of stock, and I couldn't face using a disposable razor. What a surprise! The first shave was like the first time I used a double edge. Effortless. I honestly thought shaving could not get any easier. These blades slice through stubble like a hot knife through butter. If I had one complaint about them, it would be that they don't come in a nice little plastic container with disposal section for used blades like the Merkur ones do. I will buy these again.
Superb shaving Review by: Chris 12/12/2012
These are the best blades I've used. I only use these and Gillette blades. These are not as super sharp as other blades such as feather are so they don't give me razor burn on my very sensitive face. Super smooth & irritation free shaves each and every time. I've converted 4 guys now to using safety razors and they all use the Personna red packs too.
Great blade for a great price Review by: SlickNick 21/11/2012
I have tried all the major blades (Feather, Derby, Astra, Merkur) but I hadn't tried the Personna so I decided to give them a go. The packaging is similar to the gillete blades (cardboard) but are all individually wrapped in wax paper. Initial thoughts was that the shave was nice and smooth, no nicks or cuts and no major iritation. I really liked the feathers, but they are unforgiving and with a second pass often you will cut yourself somewhere if you get sloppy. The Derby's weren't sharp enough for me, they tend to pull on my hair and even after a second pass it didn't feel that close, and the Merkurs (unfortunately its partly my fault) I only got to use 3 in the pack of 10 because the blades all got wet and rusted. I will buy personna's again and I would recommend that every tries that at least once.
Great Everday Blade Review by: Adam 8/09/2012
What a great everyday blade, on a medium to coarse beard. ! No tearing or pulling from the Personna blades after 3 x shaves, with 3 x passes each shave. Blade worked great with no pressure applied to razor. Would happily recommend, & will be purchasing more of them from Men'sBiz. Cheers,
Smooth & Sharp Review by: Rick 17/06/2012
These would be my go to blade if I could not get Astra's. Surprisingly good and better than Feathers for my beard and face. Personna's give me a very smooth and close shave without any nicks.
Good performer. Review by: J 10/04/2012
Having also used Merkur, Derby, Astra and Feather blades, I would rank these second behind the Feathers for my type of beard (not thickly-grown, but but thick strands).

These performed similarly but slightly better than the Derbys, delivering consistent sharpness and a good shave for the price.
Wont let you down Review by: Ben 29/02/2012
If I weren't using Feathers all the time, these blades would be my goto. Give a great shave, never let me down.
Great all rounder for any hair type. Review by: Daniel 19/10/2011
I tried these blades today, had rather low expectations mainly because they just look a bit cheap. I was rather surprised, they gave a good shave, sharp enough not to feel it pulling but not as sharp to remove too many layers of skin. It won’t give (me –heavy beard) a close enough shave with just one pass, but 2 or maybe 3 if you have the time will result in a perfect smooth shave. A great all round blade.
Not good for me. Review by: gobland 18/10/2011
Really didn't like these at all. Pulled at my whiskers with a fresh blade in my Merkur HD. I had just one shave and threw away the whole five I received in the sampler pack.
My favourite blades Review by: Matt 9/10/2011
Thanks to Mensbiz supplying samples of blades I've managed to try most brands. The Personna's have easily been my favourite. I've never had a harsh cut from these blades and yet they still provide a close comfortable shave. I use them in a Merkur HD DE.
Good all-round blades Review by: Anthony 30/09/2011
I received these in the sampler pack. I liked them and had no bad impression. They seemed to be similar to the Astra and Merkur blades in quality and sharpness. Not as ultra-sharp as the Feather blades, but I also never nicked myself with the Personnas, whereas I nicked myself all the time with Feathers. Way better than Derby blades, which are the bottom of the barrel for me.
Blade of Choice Review by: Matthew Wills 22/07/2011
My blade of choice. Sharp and forgiving - great for everyday use."
Very Good. Good Value Review by: James 22/07/2011
These are nice and sharp, if I couldn't get or afford Feathers I'd buy a pile of these, even so I keep a couple of packs around just in case. No real faults to pick with these at all, very good blades.
Great Blades Review by: Roger 8/03/2011
After trying all the popular blades MensBiz have, I'm set on these as my No1. I thought it was the Astras at first, which are sharper, and very smooth - but less forgiving with everyday use for me. Red's are sharp, forgiving and comfortable. Plus I can get 5+ shaves per blade if I need to.
personna Review by: Luke 8/03/2011
For me these blades are sharp (but not too sharp), smooth and forgiving. They're my blade of choice to use with the merkur HD safety razor.
Ok but not brilliant Review by: Phil of Perth 8/03/2011
No doubt about it, these are comfortable to use but don't seem to have the sharpness necessary to give a great shave. Astras, Derbys and feathers all worked better in my Edwin Jagger razor.
Nice blade Review by: Ian 8/03/2011
The sharpest blade isn't always the best blade, otherwise there would be only Feathers :-)

This is a nicely price blade that works well in most razors. For me the blade is sharp yet smooth and lasts around 5 shaves per blade. Great value.
A good blade Review by: Damien 8/03/2011
As you can read from the reviews here - everyone has a different opinion about blades. It's one of the corner stones of wet shaving that everyone's needs are different. So the only real value in reviewing blades is to find out what are absolute rubbish as judged by the majority. Personnas aren't rubbish - they are in the mix as blades everyone should try. I've moved on to them from Derby's and find these a little sharper but not too sharp as to irritate or cut. My skin isn't real sensitive, facial hair about medium coarseness and I shave every second day.
Excellent! Review by: PeterB 8/03/2011
These are great, sharper than the rest of the blades on this site except Feathers. When I first started with DE shaving, these were a bit sharp for me but now they are my blade of choice. Sharp and forgiving and last longer than the Astra's and Treats. I get 3 decent shaves from these with a Merkur classic whereas the others I get 2. I think I will go the 100 pack of these.
My favourites Review by: Rod 8/03/2011
I get 4 shaves per blade from these if you are wondering. I don't shave every day so a box of 100 will last me about 2-3 yrs which is unbelievable
Pretty good Review by: James 8/03/2011
A good blade, glides well, fairly sharp... but not as good as feathers.
Very good! Review by: Chris 8/03/2011
I've gone through all the blades in my Sampler Pack, and left these to last. I rate these as high as the Merkur blades, and at a fraction of the pice - very good value. The Derby's gave me a rash, feathers cut me up. Astra's, Merkurs and Personna's all came out winners for me.
Silky Shave Review by: Craig 8/03/2011
Best I have tried, I didn't mind the Derby's and the Treet's blades, Feather's made me bleed but got nice and close, these get at least as close as far as I can tell with out making sliced ham out of my face.


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