Papyrus Oud / 71 EDP Spray, 50ml

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Papyrus Oud / 71 is a meeting point between two spaces of time. An ode to the novel use of papyrus in the coveted Gucci Pour Homme (2003): dry and crinkly like parchment with an unmissable woody spiciness, Michel Almairac revisits this accord of his very own making. This is cut with an unexpected freshness, then combined with the aromas of sanctity: precious oud, resins, and incense offered to Eastern Gods. A stroll on the Nile with a view of the Eiffel Tower. An ancient stone temple covered in moss in the heart of Hyde Park. Let your mind transport you into this unique journey.



Fragrance Family:
Woody Oriental

Main Note:

Eau de Parfum

Versatile yet special, Papyrus Oud is an excellent all-rounder, and perfect signature scent material.

Made in France



Smelling this in the first instance zooms you deep into woods and green rainforests, into a clearing surrounded all over in tall aquilaria ‘agarwood’ trees with an Asiatic temple in the visible distance, where incense, olibanum, pine resin and oud burn in tribute. The scent is darkly shaded, dry - almost dusty, like ancient sacred dust, herbal, and deep, as oud pounds its usual medicinal-clean and rubbery purity against the raw purr of cedar. This is refreshed with the diffusive and cool spiciness of ginger.



Oud, Papyrus, Incense, Pine, Cedar, Olibanum, Patchouli, Musk, Ginger, Dark Chocolate Accord