Omega Pure Bristle Shaving Brush: Travel

Omega Pure Bristle Shaving Brush: Travel

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Omega Pure Bristle Travel Shaving Brush is a compact boar bristle brush that comes in a turnback black plastic travel case. Densely packed bristles are striped with a black band to give it a similar appearance to a badger hair brush. Perfect for travel due to its compact size and protective case. Made in Italy.

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Handle height: 45mm. Bristle height (loft): 45mm. Overall brush height: 90mm. Knot diameter: 21mm


To remove from travel case, push down firmly on the top of the brush until it pops out the other end. Re-insert by pushing the brush the way it came out, handle first, until it clicks into place. To use, immerse bristles in clean, warm water and shake off excess. Apply shaving cream to wet brush and use a circular motion to work up a creamy lather. (You may need to use a little more shave cream with a new shaving brush). Always rinse the brush in clean water after use and do not boil or soak. Before using the brush for the first time wash with soap and water and then rinse in clean water. The tips of the bristles will soften with use as the brush breaks in.


Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin, Daily Shaving, Prevent Ingrown Hairs.


Always hang your shaving brush on a stand to dry so that the bristles can dry down and not up to the handle. This helps promote the longevity of the bristles and is best hygienically.

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Smells like teen spirit Review by: J 24/01/2019
Bought this brush for a trip to Europe. Was pretty surprised by the size (that's what she said). It is quite small (that's what she said) compared to my SB5 Geo Badger brush. First shave wasn't the most pleasant. After letting it sit in some warm water it was straight up stank in this bitch. Gott have mercy. Apparently that's common for boar brushes. After soaking it a few times the smell began to subside and hasn't been noticeable since. Was a pleasure to use during my travels and I have continued to use it back home. Great compact size for travelling, also assists in distributing the lather more precisely. Overall amazing brush. Really glad I picked it up.
Great value Review by: JT 4/11/2018
Compact but effective, nice feel, excellent for travelling. Great value.
Great! Review by: Julius 28/09/2018
I've used it about 5-6 times.

So far, it's been quite good. Initially, it smelled like a wet dog, but the smell quickly disappeared after 1 shave.

This was the first time using a brush for me, so I loved that there was a much cheaper alternative to the many other expensive brushes.

It's quite effective in lathering and applying shaving cream. I also like how it comes with a case for travel, as the other expensive ones usually don't include one.

Would totally recommend, especially if this is your first brush!
Love this brush Review by: Benjamin 22/09/2017
This brush is my daily driver. First bought it for an overseas trip, but it worked so well, I now use it everyday. Sure the handle isn't as long, but the I find the bristles are firm enough to make an awesome lather. Also well built and I think is more durable than previous brushes I've used. Had no issues with malting.
Good for the price Review by: Anton 26/02/2017
This was the first brush I ever used, and it held up great. Used it every shave and it lasted for about a year before the bristles started falling out.

It was a bit firm at first but softened up after about a week, and even now is still in a usable condition but I do get a bristle or two fall out every shave. Going to leave it for when I need to travel. For the price, you can't beat it.
Great Brush for the price Review by: sK0pe 18/08/2016
I've been breaking this brush in over the past few weeks (for those of you who only use Badger brushes, Boar brushes start of feeling coarse but over use become as fine / soft as Badger and sometimes better depending on the quality of the bristle).
Most boar brushes lose bristles early in their life I've only counted 3 - 4 so far and it's stopped since. Currently the bristles are coarse but it was able to make a great lather with some Cella soap. Mitchell's Wool Fat made for a drier than usual soap compared to when I use my regular Semogue brushes but they've been worked in.
Only downside is that this doesn't feel like a premium brush just due to the handle.
TLDR great travel brush, don't get it if you want to show off while you're on holidays.
Travel companion Review by: Harrocane 16/08/2016
I purchased this for travel. I used it in conjunction with D.R. HARRIS MARLBOROUGH SHAVING SOAP STICK, 40G(applied straight to the old melon) & the DOVO SOLINGEN Mountain Bear Travel Kit (3PC). In the little village I stayed in there was no hot water on tap(or not hot enough to shave with anyway) so I boiled the old kettle & got to it. I had none of the issues that other reviewers had. The odd bristle came away but nothing significant. It came through with flying colours & has gone into storage until the next adventure.
Great brush Review by: Ginga 22/02/2016
I bought this brush because me and my wife are traveling for a year. I previously only used the cheapest omega synth brush and must say this travel brush is a huge step up. It loses a few bristles to start with but I think that's to be expected. It'll definitely remain my daily user.
It falls apart easily Review by: Michael 26/01/2016
Cant use it often otherwise the bristles come off. I shouldn't have bought the cheap one!
Firm but soft bristles - excellent Review by: Drew 19/01/2016
Got this brush, funnily enough ~ for travel. Has been great and since bought two more to replace the more cumbersome (and 5X the price) brushes I had at home and work. Never lost a bristle and I suspect Kelly got a dud.
Buying a XMAS gifts now..
started falling apart on first use Review by: Kelly 5/07/2014
When the bristles started falling out on the first use I thought 'Ok, maybe there's just a certain number that are loose & when they've fallen out it'll all be ok.' So, when the brush was dry, I started to brush my fingers through it hoping to disperse the remaining loose bristles... only they just kept falling out.

Basically, applying shaving cream with this isn't feasible - I just wound up having to pick a couple of dozen long bore bristles off my face before I can apply the razor.

Sorry to say that this one's not up to scratch.
Great cheap brush Review by: Nick 6/03/2014
Great cheap brush for first timers, also good for travelling. Just shake it out and put it back in the container and it doesn't make everything else wet in your wash bag.
Well worth the investment if you don't have a brush yet.
Nice travel brush for soap users! Review by: Anthony 9/12/2013
This is the first pure bristle brush I have purchased, after reading that pure bristle had more backbone than their badger brethren.

Like what I read, these types of brushes are fantastic for use on soap, and this brush is no exception.

Its very nicely priced and ideal for those who need a cheap travel brush that don't want to go synthetic (in fact this is a lot cheaper alternative).

I've testing this on Mitchells Wool Fat soap, Eucris Shaving Soap and Col Conk Amber soap, and it worked fantastically with all. Having more "backbone" means it a lot more "Stiff" than the badgers I have.

Over all, its nicely priced. Yes it's plastic, yes it doesn't look very cheap but for the price what more do you want? The handle can be used with or without the "cover". Tucks away nicely when not in use to protect the bristles.

I'm very happy with my purchase! Thanks again Mensbiz!


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