The No-Fuss Man: Essentials Grooming Kit

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Elevate the essentials. This pack is not about change per se, but improving upon the most familiar of essentials. Even those of low-maintenance deserve effective and hardworking products: from brilliant toothpaste, first-rate body wash, to top-notch deodorant. This pack is perfect for those who have never given grooming much thought, who are content with the bare minimum of essentials, and/or might benefit from an exciting change in a fairly established routine.



We all use (or should use) toothpaste, and Marvis turns the daily ritual into an event. Emphasising the pleasure of taste, Marvis Classic Mint takes a familiar classic and gives it a strong and refreshing edge then housing it in attractive packaging. Even better, the formulation is low-foaming, and so it doesn’t dry out the mouth. Smell fresh with Marvis, and continue smelling fresh with Baxter of California's Alcohol-Free Deodorant. A customer favourite and appropriate for sensitive skin, this product dries quickly and effectively neutralises the bacteria that causes odour, leaving behind a light musky, citrusy-herbaceous scent.

Face the day with Matt Moisturiser from men-u, which functions exactly as advertised. On application it hydrates and locks in moisture, repairs with a slug of Vitamin E, and keeps the skin matte with effective sebum absorbers which minimises the production of oil. While you're at it, don’t forget about the lips - which is equally exposed to the elements. Make lip care a daily part of your skincare routine with Jack Black's Lip Balm which intensively calms, hydrates, repairs, and protects. Finally, call it a day with Jack Black's All-Over Wash. Leave it in the shower and use it to wash all over, literally head to toe: hair, face, and body, removing dirt and sweat that build up over the day with gentle cleansers and hydrators without excessively stripping the skin and hair of essential moisture or oils.