Merkur Solingen Long Handle Classic Double Edge Razor (23C)

Merkur Solingen Long Handle Classic Double Edge Razor (23C)

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The Merkur Long Handle Classic Double Edge Razor is identical to the Classic, but comes with a longer, 10cm (4 inch) handle to accomodate those with larger hands. Like its little brother, this would make a fine razor for a beginner. Stylish chrome finish. Made in Solingen, Germany and covered by a 2 Year Australian Warranty.

LIMITED OFFER: This razor includes a FREE Mini Blade Sampler Pack to get you started. Replacement blades sold separately.

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Suitable for all skin types.


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Double Edge Razor, Double Edge Safety Razor, DE Razor, Sensitive Skin, Ingrown Hairs, Razor Bumps, Wet Shaving.


If you're new to wetshaving or you're contemplating buying you're first double edge razor, we strongly recommend adding a Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack to your order.

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Excellent! Review by: Will 28/02/2019
Recently made the switch to this razor and I am so pleased I did! So much better on my skin and a lot cheaper than supermarket razors
Only one minor drawback, otherwise excellent Review by: Michael 1/08/2018
IF I have the correct model, this is a three piece, the top and the comb, with blade between, fasten onto the one piece handle. The issue I have is tightening, as this requires holding the assembly between the thumb and forefinger on the ends (for obvious reasons), some small bloodless incisions result. I have not resorted to pliers, a vice or other tools, yet. Someone smarter than I can no doubt educate me on the correct method...
Great quality, safe to use Review by: Peter 28/07/2018
I purchased this razor after using a different brand razor for a few years. The quality is fantastic and well balanced. Initially I didn’t think it gave me as close a shave, but found with the Feather blades it gave me a great shave (normally use Astra) and I’m getting longer usage out of the blades. No nicks at all and I don’t need to concentrate as much as my previous razor. Highly recommended.
Great razor Review by: Nick 14/07/2018
I don't really have anything to compare it with as this is my first DE razor but it does the job. It'll take a bit of time to adjust to the handle as is is smaller than my previous razor but it's not really a big hassle. I'm glad I went for the long handle thought! The shave does take a bit more time but I suppose speed will come with time. Best positive is : no more plastic blades to throw away!!
Service (online order) and delivery were excellent. Lastly, we always appreciate the little gift within the order, although something more neutral would be better sometimes (i.e. : I will not be using the sample of coral skin food I got, nothing against the product, we just don't use this type of cosmetic)
A double edge convert Review by: MATTHEW 29/06/2018
This is my first double edge razor. I bought this model for it's longer handle. I'm loving the experience of shaving this way and I'm enjoying working my way through the free mini blade sampler pack. Men's Biz you are the best, with great products, information and fast easy shipping. Thumbs up!
Great starter safety razor Review by: Michael 6/06/2018
This has been my first safety razor to use and I’ve found it super easy as a beginner! The size fits nicely in my hand and the longer handle means it’s less of a change from the previous razors I have used. I haven’t had any difficulty using the razor or any cuts either. All around a great product!
Great size, great product Review by: Keira 6/10/2017
This is my first double edge razor and it's so easy to use. Its long handle is great for getting a better grip/angle when shaving legs/arms etc. Feels sturdy and well made. Perfect for beginners, and women who need that longer handle.
Perfect Review by: Katrina 29/09/2017
This is my first safety razor, I was a little nervous about using one but it is fantastic. Total convert. I have used it to shave my legs and armpits and it works fabulously.
Best shave I've had Review by: Jackson 12/06/2017
After battling with supermarket razors for years and leaving with shaving rash, this experience leaves me rash free with a close shave and is actually enjoyable!
Great for first timers Review by: Greg 12/06/2017
Being new to the world of DE razors I wanted something relatively straightforward and this delivered. Purchased the sample pack of blades too which is great value.
Revolution for women! Review by: Kiah 12/01/2017
After wanting to make the change to a non-disposable razor for environmental and pricing reasons, I made the decision to try the Merkur razor. It has been the best gamble I've made and I won't be going back. I hope more women learn to shave like a gentleman!
Stylish and Easy To Use Review by: Thomas 11/11/2016
My first DE razor and the difference in shaving experience was immediate. I really enjoy using this razor (which I pair with feather blades). Additionally, the razor is very stylish with the long handle.
Very Happy Review by: Nathan 13/10/2016
First DE razor, took a little time to get used to it but I am glad I bought this. Would recommend to a beginner.
gave to my son as first shaver Review by: Stephen 16/08/2016
originally i purchased this shaver for me with the intention to handme down my current shaver. however this shaver is too light and doesnt provide good blade clearance to get a clean shave. so i have kept my old shaver and handed this shaver to my teenage son to use.
How on earth did disposables become a thing? Review by: Scott 3/05/2016
I wish I knew about DE razors long ago or at least tried them as soon as I knew about them. Works better than disposables and can be cheaper in the long run too. Not only that it looks good and it feels like a quality bit of kit.
Fantastic Review by: Jenny 20/04/2016
Makes a wonderful women's razor. I was surprised how easy it was to use and it cuts so smoothly. I don't think I will ever go back to disposable razors.
excellent products Review by: Anthony 8/03/2016
Having recently decided to return to DE shaving which I have done in the past (am 74),i stumbled onto Men's Biz online.
I purchased several products over the last few weeks, A Mercur 34c razor, had trouble with the short handle but liked the weight, then a 23c with a longer handle. Am working through a sample pack of blades and samples of TOBS shave cream.The Astra blades are my favourite at the moment but am about to try the feather blades.I find the 23c an excellent razor for my beard. The service from Men's Biz is outstanding. Product arrives almost before I finished on the computer. Will try Trumper sample pack before I decide. Not a fan of the fruity shave cream though. Maybe my age. Will definitely be buying all my grooming products from Men's Biz in the future.
Works for me Review by: Nick 8/12/2015
A quality product and not a huge departure from the size and weight of cartridge razors. It is robust and feels like it will last a lifetime. I'd recommend buying the sampler pack of razors if you're new to DE razors. This gives you a selection of blades and you can find one that you get along with.
Awesome Review by: Aaron 18/11/2015
Amazing razor. Has a good, heavy feel that can only be described as sturdy. It feels like a hardy razor in your hands and the ease of use it remarkable. Very easy to handle. I love using this razor and only wish I could grow facial hair faster to enjoy it more often!
Solid comfortable design Review by: maccacino 30/06/2015
As with many others who have purchased this razor, this is my first attempt at braving the double edged world of shaving. Is usually only shave once a week, however have now started counting the hours til my next shave as this razor is just excellent and satisfying to use. Well worth the investment. The only thing I've had to change was the "wetness" of my lather as the razor requires more lubricant to glide smoothly. Excellent purchase and mensbiz had it delivered within 24 hours! Awesome work and many thanks.
Great service and products! Review by: Eric 26/03/2015
This is the first time I have used your services, and I am writing to say THANK YOU! The products ordered arrived promptly,and were packaged with a lot of love; receipt on top dead-centre, little sticker to keep the silk paper tight over my precious order, etc... I wanted to tell you that attention to detail, and doing things with care, and love, do not go un-noticed!
For a detailed product review, the Merkur long-handle Razor and Omega synthetic brush are great, the Proraso soap is adequate, but I will try the Trumper next. The Astra Superior Platinum blades are good, not great, and we'll see if they last 6 shaves.
Your price point is great, service is great, I and 200% satisfied!
Very good razor Review by: David 13/12/2013
My first safety razor, which I purchased after extensive research. Perfect for my use (my hands are quite big and I was worried a smaller razor may be more difficult for me to use). The sample razor blade was alright, but the feather blades are better to use. May not be my last razor but certainly happy with purchase.
Quality and control Review by: chief_longneck 6/11/2011
I'm new to DE shaving and this was my first purchase after doing extensive research. This is a quality, beautifully made razor. The long handle gives great control for those who are just starting out. Thoroughly recommend it.
Quality razor Review by: Luke 18/10/2011
This is a solid, quality made razor. It gives a great shave, is easy to hold, and easy to disassemble to clean and replace blades. Does an excellent job.
Simply Quality Review by: Mark R 8/03/2011
This was the razor I choose to start out with DE shaving.
It has proven to be an excellent choice, after trying a few different blades I have found the Derby Extra to suit my shaving "style" and skin the best...
The quality of the razor is obvious as soon as it's out of the box.. I have no doubt it'll be around long after I am :)
Great start Review by: David 8/03/2011
This is my first double-edged razor and I love it! I will probably upgrade to a higher model in time, but for now, this gives me a great shave and feels great to work with. (I'm finding the Personna or Derby blades best to work with ... Feathers were just too sharp for my skin).
Excellent, reliable razor Review by: Tom 8/03/2011
I have used the Merkur Long Handle HD for several years (since it was first released, I think). The longer handle makes it splendidly easy to use; I find it has excellent balance without being too heavy. Gives a great shave without being too aggressive (but you need a good blade: Merkur make fine razors, but so-so blades ~ Feathers are much better!).
Feels great Review by: Ben 8/03/2011
Love the comfort of the long handle, but with thick hairs, I think I will go for the HD next time. None the less, all Merkur razors are fantastic and this is certainly no exception.


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