Merkur Solingen Heavy Duty Slant Bar Safety Razor (37C)

Merkur Solingen Heavy Duty Slant Bar Safety Razor (37C)

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The Merkur Heavy Duty Slant Bar Safety Razor (37C) has been cleverly designed to slice, rather than chop, the hair. It is not a novice razor, but will provide effortless smooth shaves when used correctly. If you're getting good results with a normal double edge razor, the Slant Bar will bring a new level of ease and closeness. The handle is otherwise identical to the Merkur HD and it comes in a stylish chrome finish. Made in Solingen, Germany and covered by a 2 Year Australian Warranty

LIMITED OFFER: This razor includes a FREE One Thousand & Ninety Two Blade Bank to dispose of your blades.

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This razor works best with a sharp blade, like a Feather. Don't wield this razor differently to any other double edge - just focus on light pressure and proper angle and the razor will do the rest.

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Safe and Different Shave Review by: Tristen 7/03/2020
Despite all the tentative concerns that spring to mind, this razor is super safe if you are already used to using a heavier double-edged razor. For years I have shaved with a couple different Merkur open comb DE razors, which have led me to enjoy a close, effective and consistent shave coupled with the use of Feather blades. I was over cautious on first use of this razor, but realised how much easier it was to use than what I was used to. Albeit, I don't believe I experience as close a shave being this razor is a full bar, but I would say it seems to be far less aggressive "feeling" on the face and after shaving, than using an open comb more regularly does. Overall nothing to be scared of, just stop and think when you start going around the jaw lines and bottom of neck.
Astonishing Razor Review by: Avi 21/12/2019
This is an incredible razor. I have a thick growth and have to use a very sharp blade. This razor can give me an incredibly powerful and close shave with a mild blade. A truly wonderful razor that makes me look forward to a shave!
Great Product Review by: Greg 17/04/2019
This is my second slantbar, it will go into my travell bag. Have been using a slant bar for home use and i just love it. I use feather blades and two passes is all i need for a so smooth shave. Yes you need a little respect for feather blades but coupled with this razor you wont look back. Used to use HD straight Merkur. But someone relieved me of my complete kit on my last trip, so going through the process of replacing everything Grrrrr.
Lovely razor; don't be frightened! Review by: Richard 25/03/2019
I just started wet shaving and used the Merkur HD 34c (with Shark blades) for a week and thought I'd try the Slant 37C. I used the Merkur blade that was included and that is considered a 9/10 for sharpness. I found it easy to use and easily transitioned from the 34c with out slicing my face off or standing in a pool of blood. In fact I'm not even sure that the slant is measurably closer or faster in shaving than the 34C. Don't be frightened in giving it a go, just go slowly at the start. The razor is very well made and oozes quality and precision in its manufacture. It is easy to dismantle and change blades, clean etc. Shaves form both the 34C and 37C are wonderful.
Mercur Slant Bar 37c Review by: Chris 25/02/2019
Decided to upgrade from (30c) to the Slant Bar razor (37c). Was having great results, but decided I would try something that shaved a little closer. This thing is amazing. Do Not be put off by the talk about its aggressiveness. Just take your time and work on improving your technique and enjoy how smooth your face will be. It cuts so cleanly and effortlessly leaving the smoothest shave imaginable.Finish off with my favourite Geo F Trumpers sandlewood skin food and you will never use your old razor again. Perfect combination.
Merkur 37C slant bar Review by: Matthew 17/02/2019
Had been using an Edwin Jagger for a few years until the thread failed on the top plate.
Bought the Merkur 37C for the slant bar head and is much better. I am testing blades again atm stating with derby and cannot believe how smooth it cuts. I was using feather in my previous razor and yet to try in this but think they won't be needed. I like the two piece design which is easy to load and the short handle is great.
Merkur Solingen Slant Bar Razor Review by: Wojciech 16/11/2018
I used double edge razors up to late ‘70s, then converted to what I call “gadget” razors. They are relatively cheap, but they’ll get you on the prices of the cartridges. Recently I rediscovered the traditional, classic double edge razors, and Solingen is the King of them (with capital “K”). Nothing gives you such a close shave as aslant bar Solingen HD. Good to combine it with a standard one, if an extra shave is required for some special evening event, so, in summary, it is good to have two of them. On overall, a return to the classic ways and tradition. Putting aside the extreme good quality of the product, the service is more than exceptional. I ended up recently having problem with assembly of my “slant”, just lack of experience with playing around with it. Called Mat, a true gentleman, sent him the razor, and it was returned the next day at no charge. Fantastic. And, congratulations to Men’s Biz for bringing the tradition in its best quality, including other, support products such as brushes, soaps and so on, back to our lives 
After a long time, when shaving was just a painful and boring necessity, I actually do enjoy the ritual, and look forward to it.
Extremely aggressive, not for the unskilled Review by: Christopher 5/11/2018
Nothing cuts like a slant.

In combination with a feather blade, you've got yourself a real weapon.

I've been using a slant for years now, and once you've gotten used to it, you can't go back to anything else. The angle means it slices rather than chops - and thats exactly what it feels like.

It breeds a certain skill and style of its own, as you can be extra light and get away with shaving fewer passes.

I recommend trying it to anyone - and if you don't like it, you can always sell it second hand. It's worth it to experience the high end.
Perfect for sensitive skin Review by: Michael 23/10/2018
This razor has been a god send. No chopping like a normal safety razor, it slices and glides along my face. Been using daily for years now.
You've got to kiss a lot of frogs... Review by: Michael 20/07/2018
As the saying goes, "you've got to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince". Having tried many razors, progress, open comb and others, I finally settles on this as my fav. Been using it for 3 years now and all the others just gathering dust.
Best out there Review by: Edward 29/12/2017
Guys hands down the best shopping experiences of my lifetime
Top quality products good prices and unmatched shipping and handling period 15 out of 10
Smooth and close Review by: John 27/10/2017
I don’t understand why people are suggesting this slant razor is aggressive – I found it a very smooth and comfortable shave using some very sharp blades (Feathers and Gillette 7 o’clock Yellows). No need to adjust your shaving technique, but as always, a light touch/barely any pressure and it’s all good. On a heavy beard like mine, it is very efficient in giving me a smooth, lasting shave with no irritation whatsoever. Great balance and weight to this fine razor! Feels good in hand and the handle grip is non slippery. A top quality, efficient shaving experience and this slant can be used daily without any issues.
Super impressed Review by: Gav 22/09/2017
All been said. But for those head shavers like me give this bad boy a whirl. Super impressed. Not only the angle of the cut, but the actual design of the cutting surface on the head. Putting the 34c HD out to pasture from now on.
Wish I'd asked earlier! Review by: Mstannta 31/08/2017
Having walked that fine line between nicking the skin or ending up with a less than satisfactory shave while using an Edwin Jagger DE, I sought the advice of Men's Biz. I wish I'd done it much earlier. While they suggested trying the sampler pack to find the right blade, the combination of the Merkur Solingen and the starter blade has worked perfectly. I'm delighted with the result.
It works well! Review by: Michael 27/05/2017
As other reviewers have said, the slant concept works well. Obviously it only slants a few degrees, but it's enough to make a difference, particularly when your stubble is very thick, as mine is. Personally, I would like to try the same head with a longer handle, but not badly enough actually to buy one.

If you're thinking about going DE, get the MensBiz DE blade sampler pack and this razor. As others have said, the initial outlay is high, but the marginal cost is tiny. And, because the disposable part is just metal, it can go in the recycling, unlike today's pimped-out mixed-materials 'disposable' blades.
A solid razor, not too aggressive. Review by: Pejhman 9/04/2017
I like using a shavette-style razor with Feather blades, but found it took too long for daily use. I like to shave in the shower, and I don't like to essentially speed shave with a folding knife when I'm half asleep.

After trying the gamut of multi-blade razors available from Coles, I found they didn't cut close enough and left my skin feeling irritated.

I figured a closed comb razor wouldn't get close enough and so I wanted to get an open comb razor. I was worried that the slant bar would be too difficult to use and I'd slice my face open. Right before buying it, I read some reviews and decided to just give the slant bar a go - worst case, I'd buy the one I initially wanted.

I'm quite happy I bought this one . Using Feather blades, this razor cuts smoothly and is perfectly weighted - I don't have to do much at all. The best thing is that it's also improved my technique a bit more - it's now easy to tell when the razor is stuffing up and when I am. After 2-3 shaves I've adjusted my style and my face feels so smooth. The absence of lubricants and chemicals in the head means I choose what goes on my skin (in this case I tend to pair it with the Geo F. Trumper sandalwood skin food and coconut oil shaving cream).

I'm not sure if my use of the shavette-style razors made it easier for me, but I found starting the use of shavette-style was easy enough too. So if you're a beginner, don't be afraid of trying it - just start slow and prepare your skin using the above compounds.

I think the handle length is perfect - it let's you lever it when you want to, but also lets you hold it in a precise grip. I also really like the 2 piece design, it makes loading a blade easier.

I know the costs of the razor and the shaving cream seem high, but when you realise the blades are dirt cheap and the shaving cream can easily last you at least 6 months, it's much cheaper.

My only real dilemma is that it's harder to shave around the lines of my beard with a double edge razor, but I'm getting the hang of that too. The only reason to not get this razor seems to be because you want an open razor. If you're after a double edge razor, start here.
TOP OF THE RANGE Review by: Chris 15/02/2017
This a sensational razor. It's a little bit more aggressive than the 34C which is great because I have very thick hair. I find I can shave much quicker with this razor, highly recommended!
Beast Review by: Greg 19/09/2016
This is my 2nd DE razor, following my love affair with the 34c. It took a few shaves to get used to it, as it's an entirely different beast. Less forgiving than the 34, but my goodness when you get it right it is a thing of beauty! A few VERY light strokes and your beard is gone. Noticeably closer shave, and easy on sensitive necks. I can use this daily without any irritation.
My favorite DE Razor Review by: Tira 19/09/2016
Having two other high-end DE razors, a merkur open comb and edwin jagger this slant bar is the closest, most efficient one of the three.I haven't used the others since I purchased the 37c....brilliant.
My best DE razor Review by: GT 19/09/2016
Have got an edwin jagger and merkur 1904 open comb before this purchase, and found this to be the closest most comfortable shave.The slant razor concept is fact- the closest DE shave I've ever experienced.
Efficent! Review by: James 22/07/2016
Now that I have tried a slant bar, I don’t think I will stop. I have to say that if you want something that effortlessly wipes aware coarse facial hair you can’t go wrong with this razor. Significantly better and works wonderfully with Astra and Feather blades, surprised at the difference the slant makes to the shave.
Will make you enjoy shaving again Review by: Adam 23/06/2016
Now that I have tried a slant bar I'm not going back. I razor looks aggressive however once you start shaving with it its super smooth and will even tackle thick growth. If you are new to DE shaving this shaver maybe a bit aggressive until your comfortable shaving with a DE. Also if you have large hands you may want to try the 39C as it has the longer handle
Magic when wielded with the right blade Review by: Snakey 12/04/2016
I've had my 37c for a month day. Daily shaver.

It's very tame with the right blade and provides and exceptionally smooth shave. Put a sharper blade in there and again very smooth but make one false move and it will bite. That's not a bad thing as it improves your technique

New to using this razor I highly recommend using a pre shave oil
The wife loves the smoothness Review by: Jason 20/09/2015
After reading many reviews and forums on how aggressive this razor is I was a little apprehensive. But, after slotting in an Astra SP and lathering up with some col conk amber I had the best shave ever! three passes - with, against and across the grain this razor slayed the hair to leave a smooth fresh feeling. The best part? the wife was AMAZED at how smooth my face was compared to my mach3 shaves and wanted extra kisses!
An artifact from a cleverer time Review by: Chris 29/03/2015
Some of these reviews -- and even the product description -- might give you the impression that this is a scary, "aggressive" razor, but this is not the case. Aggressiveness is a function of blade angle and blade exposure. The genius of the 37C (which should really be called a "twist bar"), is that it plays these qualities off against one another. Because of the twist in the head, where the blade angle is more aggressive, the blade exposure is milder, and vice versa. What you end up with is an EFFICIENT razor -- one that shaves closer on each pass, and that requires fewer passes all up. I got into DE shaving to save my sensitive skin and tame my ingrowns, and the 37C works a treat.

Just as importantly, the 37C is an artifact from a time when people solved problems with brains and ingenuity instead of chucking in another chip and letting the IT dept worry about it. (Think of that scene in "Apollo 13" when Ed Harris dumps a bag of parts on a table and says, "Build me an oxygen scrubber out of that.")

The 37C is a fine instrument that will give you plenty of comfortable shaves and remind you what it is to be a man into the bargain. Don't fear it; embrace it!
Best first shave I've ever had! Review by: PJay83 14/03/2015
I received this razor 2 days ago. I installed an Astra platinum and using D R Harris sandalwood shaving soap I lathered up my normal way and begun to shave with the grain for 1st pass. As I rinsed my face I normally feel a little stubble ready for 2nd pass, relathered and did my 2nd pass and rinsed off again and WOW BABY BUM SMOOTH! With only 2 passes. I'm very impressed by this razor. I like it alot more than my 34G and 23C as a daily razor.
If you are thinking about getting this razor try it and you will be impressed.
Excellent for a heavy beard Review by: James 23/11/2014
This is my second DE razor, and my first slant. My first one was the Merkur 47C.

I have a heavy beard, and this 37C slant handles it far more effectively than the standard head. You just have to be extra careful with your angle and your pressure. Keep the pressure light, and ensure you go with the grain and across the grain on your first couple of passes (especially on the neck!).
Great razor Review by: David 1/10/2014
Don't feel intimidated, the slant bar is far friendlier than it looks. It's a little bit aggressive, but as long as you have your basics under control it's a very smooth and easy shave. I've been using mine for around a year now and I've only nicked myself once with it.

So far it's the best razor I've used and I'd recommend it to anybody.
Best shave yet Review by: Lannister 4/03/2014
I own a couple of double edge razors and love them all but I thought i'd give the slant bar a go and add something different to my collection.

It is now my number one razor, there is something about the design that gives the closest shave i've ever had, even better than most cut throat razors and it's smooth.

I have fairly sensitive skin so was very careful at first but this thing just glides with a good shave cream, I don't even need my usual third x grain pass anymore.

I recommend this to anyone, don't be afraid just experiment with the angle the first time and you'll never get a better shave.
WOW...closest ever shave!!! Review by: Cads 21/02/2014
I cannot believe how close the shave is with this razor. I'm one of those people that could shave twice a day yet this razor gets so close on one pass and leaves my skin silky smooth its amazing! I upgraded from the basic 34C which I still love.

You do know you have had a shave after using this razor, the skin tingles and is left super soft. Top tip, make sure you follow your grain on your first pass or it will leave you with blood spots. Bit more practice and shaving is even quicker. Long strokes eats away at the bristles with ease.

I use this with feather blades and use the following products for great results...

Proraso pre-shave menthol cream
Col Conk Almond Soap
Alum block/stick
Trumper sandalwood face food

...and the results are amazing. I highly recommend adding this to your collection!
Husband Loves it. Review by: Vanessa 30/12/2013
My Husband wanted this for Christmas and he is so happy with it. He has been using the regular Double Edged Razor and wanted to step up and he is very happy he did.
Great shave Review by: James 6/11/2013
Never going back to supermarket razors
Amazing! Review by: Kon 18/09/2013
I've returned to DE shaving after 20 or so odd years. I initially returned to DE shaving with this baby's little brother the 34C, however wanted to explore the world of slant shaving & boy was I impressed!!! This little gem was loaded with my favourite Astra SP's and away I went ... Got a BBS shave with only 2 passes with no nicks, cuts or weepers. The only advice I would give is a slow light hand and don't rush through your shave. The finish like the 34C is absolutely outstanding and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to to seasoned shavers. Again, absolutely sensational!
Only one regret Review by: Trevor 15/07/2013
I've been "gunna" buy one of these for a while now. My only regret is that I took so long to buy one. Have gone from needing 3 to 4 passes with a Barber Pole or Fat Boy, to 2 passes with this. Lower irritation, and much smoother. It actually feels less aggressive to me than my non-slant razors. Can't recommend it highly enough!
High quality, doesn't cut as close as other razors Review by: Troy 25/02/2013
I was expecting this razor to be aggressive (it is not) and require a lot of skill (it does not).

I find it more difficult to cut close with this razor, but it also makes it harder to cut myself. I can therefore shave very quickly and quite well with this razor. My preference is for feather blades in this one.

It is very well made and is an excellent razor. I personally prefer more aggressive ones than this and with this purchase, found out that I prefer a lighter weight razor - they are more sensitive in feel.

In summary, I do recommend it. I dont necessarily agree with many reviews saying it is an aggressive razor that cuts close, I do agree that it is a high quality razor that is well made and will last many lifetimes. It is heavier than most razors and you may like this or you may not.
Love my Merkur Review by: Robert 28/01/2013
I thought I'd be brave & make my first double edge a Merkur 37c, it came with blade sampler pack (amazing value) & they also threw in a sample of geo.f.trumper skin food for good measure.. I have never had such a close shave in all my life, I didn't even think it was possible with a single blade.. Don't be frightened of the 37c, it's such a pleasure to shave with
Better than the 34C! Review by: Peter 28/11/2012
I entered the world of DE shaving with the Merkur HD since it was the gold standard that everybody recommended, but I found myself bleeding all over and lots of uneven areas.

The slant bar was supposed to be super aggressive and not for beginners but it's design seemed better suited to a bumpy face like mine.

The difference was night and day, I got a smooth, blood free and clean shave first go and didn't have to fight the razor like I did with the 34C.

I might have preferred the longer handle version but other than that it's perfect in every way.
Aggressive, but not dangerous Review by: James 20/09/2011
I moved to this after about six months with a regular HD, wanting a closer shave, and that's precisely what I got. The slant is by no means a face-shredder, though (not for me, anyway). If your technique is well honed this razor should not present any problems. The slant produces more of a slicing or scything action with the blade, and also permits the use of a steeper cutting angle than with the regular HD or other less aggressive razors, which will reward good technique.

My only annoyance is that the standard HD blade locking mechanism of the central threaded bolt and two posts to the sides does not seem well-suited to the slant. The blade tends to shift around while the thread is being tightened and the blade can end up being inappropriately skewed as a result. Holding the sides of the blade in place can help counteract this. A correctly loaded blade should have roughly the same exposure along its horizontal length and be aligned with the head rather than the safety bar.

Overall, a very good razor; I can't imagine needing another DE between this and the regular HD - if I want a closer shave, it'll be a straight.
Easy to use Review by: Stoney 22/07/2011
Don’t believe the hype, this razor is easy to use. Even if you have lower than average levels of common sense you will be able to get a decent shave out of this as a beginner, straight off the bat... might take a bit longer to master, but at least you won’t feel like you’re missing out! Go for the slant, straight up it’s a brilliant shaver.
Progress Regular Handle and Long Handle Progress Comparison Review by: Roscoe 9/05/2011
I've been using this long handled version of the Merkur Progress for almost a week now and even though I've got small hands I find it's much easier to wield than the regular-length handle version (which I've had for about a year). The Merkur blade which came with it, although it gives a reasonable shave, doesn't come up to the standard of a Feather blade, which gives me a much closer shave than other blades MensBiz sells and lasts far longer before needing a replacement. There's about a half inch difference in the length of the handles of the regular and long handled versions but even though it's not a great deal, it's amazing the difference the extra length makes. It's a fairly aggessive razor but it's adjustability enables a first time user to set it at it's least aggressive and increase the blade angle/exposure to suit. I've got nothing apart from some bathroom scales with which to weigh both versions of the Progress, and the calibration of the scales is such that an accurate weight comparison can't be made. Weighing one against the other in both of my hands, they both "feel" about the same weight. To be sure, they're both hefty razors and little, if any, pressure is necessary to give an excellent shave. The weight of the razor itself is all that's necessary. All in all the Progress long handle is a very fine, precision made German piece of engineering. It's a joy to use. Highly recommended.
the Razor's Edge... Review by: Russell 8/03/2011
My razor of choice. Really took me 6 months to learn it properly. with a Swedish Gillette blade or Wilkinson Sword, (which two are pretty much the sharpest after the way-too-sharp-for-me Feather,) it's at its best. To see a three-day growth disappear under one Mark Waugh stroke is akin to miraculous.
When you've past the beginner razors Review by: Anonymous 8/03/2011
Push this hard on your face and you will cut yourself up. Go too fast and you will look like an extra from a zombie movie. Go careful, stretch your skin, use light pressure and there is no better razor. As a 3 year user of the Merkur HD (standard straight model) I don't think I'll go back, the slant just cuts smoother. Just as you use a pocket knife at an angle to cut wood easier, a slanted razor blade cuts hair easier. Recommended with Merkur or Feather blades.
Smooth Review by: Roger 8/03/2011
A lot of people call this an aggressive razor, but I just find it really smooth. It's also efficient. I usually do 2 passes, but this does them better and gets a bit closer. Maybe not ideal to learn DE shaving on, but not to be feared either. Well balanced and flickable, just like the regular HD.
Don't fear the slant Review by: Sean 8/03/2011
After reading a number of reviews on the merits of the Merkur HD slant I was a little trepidacious in ordering this razor. It turns out my fears were quite unfounded.

Good lather + careful technique (no pressure and no rushing) = exceedingly smooth and trouble free shave.

This blade might not suit the beginner as you need to put a few months of work into your technique, but other than that another superior Merkur product. The heft of the razor and the quality of the workmanship speak to the quality of the razor. Highly recommended.
The best razor handle I've used Review by: Richard 8/03/2011
Slant Bar + Feather blades + a quality shave lather = the best shave money can buy.
Suberb razor Review by: Hugh 8/03/2011
Gives a shave similar to a str8. I prefer the gillettes over the feather blades for this razor and find it works better when these blades are fresh (i.e. new and sharp). Long strokes really work well but I am still trying to get my sideburns straight because the blade angle makes this difficult.


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