Merkur Solingen Futur Safety Razor: Satin

Merkur Solingen Futur Safety Razor: Satin

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The Merkur Futur Double Edge Safety Razor allows you to adjust the angle of the blade inside the razor head to suit your personal preference and beard type. With the turn of a dial, the Futur can be configured to perform the way you want it to - from ultra tame (1) to super aggressive (6). Solid and well constructed, the Futur features a Duoclip head that clips on and off when changing blades. Satin chrome finish. Also available in polished chrome or gold plated finish or as part of a set with matching brush and stand. Made in Solingen, Germany and covered by a 2 Year Australian Warranty.

LIMITED OFFER: This razor includes a FREE One Thousand & Ninety Two Blade Bank to dispose of your blades.

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Merkur Futur Razor and Brush Stand


If you're new to wet shaving or you're contemplating buying you're first double edge razor, we strongly recommend adding a Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack to your order.

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Great purchase! Review by: Dino 24/01/2020
I’ve had this razor for over five years. It’s the best. I’ve used others and nothing comes close. If I ever lose my beloved Futur I will be distraught until I buy another one.
Amazing shave, incredible weight Review by: Lucas 6/03/2019
This razor is incredible. The weight is just perfect and it fits in my hand so perfectly. I look forward to shaving now that I have this and will be buying another as a gift for a friend!
Great razor Review by: Andrew 19/11/2018
I've had this razor for a few weeks, having previously owned several safety razors. The quality seems excellent, and it has a very good weight. The shave is a significant improvement over my other safety razors. The adjustable head is useful, although I've not found myself changing it much. Perhaps the only downside is that the head of the razor is quite large, which might be an annoyance for some. Very good choice for experienced safety razor shavers.
No longer a chore, an experience Review by: Jim75 30/07/2018
My first experience with a DE safety razor was in about 1999 after picking up my grandfather’s three piece razor. I knew nothing about what it meant to use a safety razor. With nothing but shaving gel and some razors from the local supermarket I completely destroyed myself, but being a persistent bugger I kept going back for more until I started to it’s effectiveness.

Fast forward to July 2018 and the thought of my grandfather’s razor and the experience I had with it still haunts me, but I knew there had to be more to it. With a lot of research on the Men’s Biz webpage, and many online tutorials later, I locked myself in for a haircut and a brand new Merkur Futur Satin. But it didn’t stop there, as the razor is just the beginning. With some great advice, some pre-shave cream, a shave brush and the shave cream to go with this outstanding razor, I was ready to go again.

So what did I learn?
1. After 23 years of shaving everyday in the Australian Army, and kind of hating the chore, it’s now an enjoyable experience.
2. Find a routine that works for you. Don’t cut corners, take your time to prepare before you even reach for the razor.
3. Try different products, especially the razors. Everyone is different and one brand of razor may not be ideal for the next.
4. Take your time - did I say that already? Well I’ll say it again!
5. Short, light strokes of the razor otherwise you will be taking off more than hair.

So what about the razor itself you ask? Solid (no, not heavy), adjustable depending on user need and experience (start on 1-1.5 for gods sake), modern design and balanced. The razor does the work, not you! I haven’t shaved with other razors and I’m sure some others are great, but I would recommend this one to anyone!

Now that I’ve re-discovered safety razor shaving I’ll never turn back. It’s now a part of my routine and you know what - somehow it makes me feel connected to my grandfather! Looking forward to trying more products for the loca crew at Men’s Biz!
Great Shave Review by: Tony 22/05/2018
Made the mistake of trying the aggressive setting first and cut myself to bits, wound it back to 3 and it gives a great shave, take your time and its perfect.
Bit heavy,but Review by: ditmar 13/04/2018
Best shave ever
Shaving Perfection Review by: hannah 3/10/2017
I bought this as a birthday present for my boyfriend. He goes through so many razors as he has very thick hair. This razor is incredible and cuts through in one easy motion. I did a lot of research and found this to be the best razor for my boyfriend's type of hair. I believe this one will last him more than one shave! 5 stars! Extremely happy with my purchase and the feather blades. Thank you Men's Biz
Great Shave, Top Razer Review by: Neil 16/02/2017
One shave is all you will need, to know why. I have been using some of the "starting" double razors and got accustom them, but just one shave from the Merkur Solingen and you can tell the quality of this razor. It feels solid and heavier than the lower end razors but at the same time you can feel the quality, and balance from it. When you hold it to your face and start that first stroke, you can feel the difference that the quality this razor is. Heavier, but very smooth. No jumping, no moving away from the skin because the hair is pushing the razor, just a smooth easy cut. As this one is adjustable from a soft cut (1), to a very aggressive cut (6). You can adjust the blade to suit what you like. Even during a shave if you need to. I have some strong hard whiskers but have found that about 2.5 to 3 is good so far. Also my skin is very sensitive on my face and neck so being able to adjust from shave to shave will be a great advantage for me too. Well, I’m off my “L’s” now, so out of the paddock bashers and graduate to the high end sports jobs for the street.
Excellent Razor Review by: James 17/11/2016
I've been using this razor for about a few weeks now and am thoroughly enjoying it.
It has a nice heft to it, holds the blade very well and just plain feels good in the hand, but it takes some getting used too finding the right adjustment for my type of shaving.
Why did I wait so long? Review by: Peter 2/11/2016
Bought this razor a month ago, after always using cartridge razors. Razor itself is beautifully made and nice in the hand. I was a bit nervous never having used a DE razor before, but after a few weeks can report no cuts (phew) and MUCH closer shaves than cartridge razors, and skin on face has also improved a lot. Have tried various soaps and creams (Valobra, Proraso green and Proaso red/green) and last one is so far the best. Tried Mecur, Feather and Gillette 7 O'Clock far the latter seems best for me, very sharp on first day or two, and no burn. Feather was great on first day but a bit harsh on second day. Am only using Gillettes for 2 days at this stage before replacing. Different blades seem to suit different people. Anyway couldn't be happier, just sorry I didn't switch to DE years ago. BTW, I notice prices on here for razors and accessories are as good as you will find anywhere.
Superb Review by: Mr. G 26/09/2016
Superb razor!

You see and feel where the money has gone. An excellent piece of German engineering.

At first I was a bit scared of the notoriety this razor got for being aggressive.... Not so true if you use 1 - 3, I recommend purchasing razor sampler pack, there are dozens of configurations and you will be sure to find the perfect razor/ dial combo.

I have used press stamped DE razors and an assortment of top shelf cartridge razors and nothing has compared to the Merkur Futur.

Took me a few days to get into the groove of how the razor and my facial hair interact... After a week of daily use (my normal routine), I have a noticeably closer shave &much less irritated skin.
Shaves as good as it looks. Review by: James 26/06/2016
Put simply, the best razor I have used in forty years. My face is free from razor rash for the first time ever since using this outstanding looking beautifully balanced razor.
Great razor, great shave Review by: hazmat 5/05/2015
At first sight it seemed to be too big to shave safely with but I find that the balance is perfect for neat, comfortable shaving. It's easy to adjust the setting or change blades, just remember to never grasp its head by the long sides where the blade is slightly exposed. Always, and this goes for any safety razor, hold by the head's short sides and adjust the setting by turning the handle. This razor is solid enough to hold heat well and is robust enough to last a lifetime with a minimum of maintenance.
Easily the best razor I've owned in 50 years of shaving I can recommend it to anyone be they beginner or old hand like me.
After using a straight this is very nice Review by: MT 16/05/2014
I have been shaving with straight blades for many years and love a 'proper' shave, being time poor at the moment I don't have time to prep the straight and use it at the moment. I decided to go to DE razor and chose the Futur razor. The first shave was devine, no nicks, very smooth and felt great to use. Also the service from Mens Biz is first class…well done!
All about control Review by: Robert 7/03/2014
I wrote a review on this razor over 2 years ago. Thought I'd offer my tip: do 2 shaves with this razor each time. The first shave with setting #1, then lather up the remaining foam on the bristles, set razor to setting #6 and shave once more. Setting #6 is far too aggressive for a 1st pass shave, especially for tough bristles.
On the blades and razors in general. If you ever try a new brand of blade for the first time and find it's rough, then I suggest taking the blade out and flipping it over. Hence the my suspicion as to why some blades are good, and some are bad from the one pack. If they are not 100% evenly honed, were the edge is slightly biased to one side, then the shave will be harsh. Flip it, and try again!
Powerhouse razor Review by: Dominic 7/10/2013
This is a beautifully crafted and presented razor...the functionality is easy (the dials), changing blades etc.

Its going to take a bit of getting used to...maybe a weeks worth of shaving. I am new to DE, and had my second go this morning...

The key here is, to do what the instructional videos say - let the weight if the razor cut your beard...there is no need to push in, otherwise you will get cut (like me on my first go).

Its heavy...which I am coming around to now after letting it do the work on my 2nd shave.

Somebody mentioned it retains the heat very well, which it does...I used near boiling water on my first go submersing the entire thing to clean it first, and couldnt touch it for another 10 minutes - it was boiling!

It's early days still, yet am very impressed...will start fiddling around with the dials soon, and work out what blade is best for me.

Happy with the change though, the only thing I would say to a beginner is to maybe go with a slightly lighter razor.

However if you are in it for the long haul, you may as well just jump straight to this...
Shaver does not go the distance Review by: George 26/09/2013
I bought this shaver 25th June 2012. About May of 2013 my face was being nicked in quite a few places, at first I thought I had a bad batch of Astra blades, but on closer inspection I noticed the Solingen razer had worn out inside the adjusting handle and now could no longer be adjusted and the top of the razor moved up and down as if it was on some kind of suspension and this movement was what was cutting my face, I would not recomend this razor $94.95 is just too much to pay every year.
Not my Cup of Tea Review by: dov 20/07/2013
Used this razor for about a year, had fun experimenting with the different settings, but in the end found it dissatisfying.

Apart from it's excessive weight, my main qualm was with it's ridiculously large head; the top plate of the cutting head is WAY too chunky, specifically, too wide compared to the blade width.
*Beard sculptors & moustache bearers beware!*
A joy to use Review by: Matthew 13/07/2013
This is my second DE razor, the first being a classic Merkur open comb. I love the feel of the weight of this razor on my face, and it is quite a weight! Once you get used to the heft of this compared to lighter DE razors, it is great to use. I have rarely tried it above 1 or 2 settings, seems a bit more unpredictable above "4" on the dial.
Best change ever Review by: John 13/05/2013
This is my first experience with a Safety Razor and I have to admit it is by far the best choice I ever made. I had a extensive history of bad razor rash and bad experiences with cartridge razors. Since changing to traditional safety razors I have not experienced any problems. And over all saving money on expensive blades.
A delight to use, worth the outlay IMO Review by: Andrew 8/05/2013
I've been using this razor for about a month now and am thoroughly enjoying it.
It has a nice heft to it, holds the blade very well and just plain feels good in the hand.
I've had great shaves every morning - after a very short learning curve as I adjusted from a smaller gilette that isn't in the same league as this razor.
I will admit that the mechanism for changing blades is a bit annoying but I figure if the only problem I can think of is a mild annoyance once or twice a week it's not too bad.
Learning to use DE Razors & Loving it Review by: Oliver 27/04/2013
This is my very first DE Razor and I'm so glad it's adjustable. I may even have given up by now if I had bought a non-adjustable razor. The Futur feels very solid and it takes a little while to get used to the weight when coming across from the disposable plastic type. Some have commented on the potentially slippery grip, but I've had no problems in that regard. However, finding the balance between not pressing against my skin too hard and holding this weighty razor firmly enough takes a bit of getting used to. It seems that DE shaving takes some learning, but I'm loving the experience. I think the Futur is the perfect choice for those with 'L' plates and I don't believe I'll need any other razor even with more experience. Time will tell.
Nor for everyone Review by: simon 9/03/2013
Exceptional craftsmanship and useful adjustment. I have had no trouble with adjusting as i grip it around the neck and adjust with the handle, never the head of the razor. There is sufficient grip for me so no chance of slipping and cutting. The blade change is quick and also I have not had the pinging off issue others have mentioned.

The issue I have had is the getting into spots the HD does easily.

I use settings between 2 to 3. And accidentally on 6.5 once! I use a 3 pass WTG/XTG/ATG.

Always looking for the perfect shave but very happy with DE shaving and no going back now.

Can't go wrong with the HD and look further if you need to later.

The blade is the most important thing along with good technique / angle. Blade exposure / adjustment refines the cut but should be a second consideration.

Thanks Mens biz.
Solid choice as a first razor Review by: Nathaniel 7/12/2012
First DE razor I have bought and I'm certainly impressed. Not only does it look beautiful with the satin finish, but it's smooth and has a weight to it that I really like.

I'm still playing around with different blades at the moment, but no matter what I've used I've still gotten a shave several times better than anything else I've used up until now.

Giving the razor a quick rinse under hot water leaves it holding heat well, and gives you this lovely warm shave with every stroke.

I can't believe I didn't make the switch to a DE and wet shaving before now, I've been missing out. It sounds highly cliché, but shaving used to be a bit of a chore for me - but now I look forward to it. If you're looking for a high quality razor, even as a beginner, I would certainly recommend the Futur.
Excellent. Review by: Drew 29/11/2012
This is a amazing razor. My facial hair, especially around the goatee area turns into barbed wire after a week, becomes dry and sometimes impossible to remove especially with plastic razors, which I have to use more then one and becomes a waste of money.

The Futur razor, coupled with using one Feather razor a week, was able to remove the hair with ease, no pulling, no having to go over the same area so many times that it develops razor burn and cuts. The weight of the razor helps you judge how close the blade has to be next to the skin in order to get the perfect shave.

Even when I'm away and don't have my brushes and creams with me, even using King of Shaves Shaving Gel only, the shave was still excellent and easy.

Only problem is the top, it "pops off" if you want to clean or change blades. I accidentally did this and the top went down a drain, having a to contact a plumber to get it back. I'm being more careful this time and there has been no other problems in terms of parts being faulty.
Excellent razor, will never go back Review by: Kurt 31/10/2012
I don't have sensitive skin issues when shaving anymore, I won't be going back to conventional razors and definitely recommend this to anyone looking to switch.
Born to shave Review by: Zeal 28/10/2012
Nice piece of craftsmanship from top to the bottom. Easy to handle and adjust.
WELL DESERVING OF FIVE STARS Review by: Walter 7/05/2012
An excellent razor in every way.For normal shaving I recommend the one and a half setting.
Highly recommended Review by: Adrian 14/02/2012
I have had this product for over two years now and cannot fault it. Its the perfect weight for any beginner and can adjust to go sharper if you dare. Its easy to keep clean and built to last
A fine razor Review by: dov 27/01/2012
The Merkur Futur is a finely crafted razor. As it's name suggests, anyone wishing for the anachronistic flourishes of yester-century will find none here - it has futuristic smooth lines and simplicity of use. It is, quite simply, a tool and makes no allusions otherwise, I feel it does it's job very well.
Why did I not know about this sooner? Review by: Steve 20/01/2012
Does what it says on the box.
Why did I need to get to 40 years old to discover safety razor shaving is better than plastic clip triple bladed shavers?
It's a nicer feel and nicer finish than I've ever experienced - and that's just on no. 1 setting.
Do yourself a favour - get one.
A solid piece of kit Review by: Daniel.B 7/01/2012
I have been shaving with the Merkur Futur for a few weeks now, and it is slowly becoming my go-to razor.

As with other DE razors in the range, the quality of the Futur is excellent - something to be said for 'German engineering' I guess. The satin finish is smooth and adds to the 'futuristic' vibe of this razor.

It is definitely on the heavier end of the spectrum, and with such a large head it may not appeal to everyone. I found it comfortable and solid in hand. The groove is well positioned so it offers quite a good grip despite the smooth finish.

The shave quality is excellent, and the adjustable head is a good innovation. The adjustment is actually continous between markers 1 and 5 - it is not notched - so you can set it at any point in the range.

Setting one is very subtle and comfortablle. I could barely feel the blade but still offered a good shave. Setting 5 could be used to cut a battleship from it's moorings - so not for everyday shving, but good to know it's there if you ever need it!
Great razor, but not perfect Review by: Mark 20/12/2011
This is a beautiful razor and very well balanced. The range of adjustment to the blade is a great feature if, like me, you beard ranges from soft on the cheeks to 'steel brush' around the chin. The bulk of the head makes it a little difficult to get in under my nose. Take car making the adjustment as it can get slippery. Similar issue with the blade changing procedure with the added thrill of having the old blade pling off into the distance half the time if you are not careful. I have learnt, the hard way, to grip the top gently with a towel - and have had no problems since.
German Excellence Review by: Michael 12/10/2011
First purchase of a DE Razor, jumped in the deep end after trying an entry level feather plastic razor, big difference.
This razor commands respect if you give it it will return it. Take your time start off slow if new to DE Razors
Still playing with different blades trying to find optimum yet to try feather razor.
Love the sound of a nice cut
Grip is not an issue as the razor is well balanced in the hand.
Strong, Smooth & Adaptable Review by: Nelson 29/09/2011
I had a lot of fun experimenting with different settings and blades with this Razor. The weight makes it so easy to cut close with almost no pressure. At the end I found the setting on 1 to be the best for my hair density and skin sensitivity, along with either Gillette 7 O'Clock Blacks or Red Personna.
Better than expected Review by: Robert 23/09/2011
This is a serious implement that gets the blade inside to work real hard to cut, but with smoothness and precision. The weight of its head seems to stabilise the cutting action, giving you the confidence to shave without too much fear. I've progressed from setting 1 to 2 - I don't know if going to a more aggressive setting is necessary! The shear bulk of the solid metal head has a bonus feature - it stays very warm when you rinse it in hot water; it does not cool down like plastic razors, so you get wonderful warmth against your skin as you shave. The satin finish is ultra smooth feeling to the touch, and grips surprisingly well in your hand. Nice German craftsmanship and worth the money paid.
AMAZING! Review by: Adam 8/03/2011
Had trouble all my life with irritation from razors tried almost everything. Got this razor and a quality Badger hair brush for my birthday had second shave with it today and no irritation, 1 tiny cut from a previous razor bump otherwise flawless. However I did take my time before buying the razor to research the technique there are some great videos on you tube that illustrate the way to do it from building lather to after shave care as well as tricks for those hard places. If you have razor burn, ingrown hairs or anything similar this will most likely be the solution.
Great razor Review by: James 8/03/2011
Fantastic razor. Had red and rough neck for the last 20 years of shaving. Switched to this razor, and a decent shaving brush, and the redness for the first time in 20 years is going away! Feels balanced in the hand, and is certainly a well crafted tool. A pleasure to use.
A Great Shave Review by: Mark Micallef 8/03/2011
I used my new razor for the first time this morning and it's a great shave. I've previously used cartridge savers my whole life and endured razor burn and second rate shaves. The safety razor is a huge improvement. I also bought the alum stone which is a great way to finish off a shave.

By the way, thanks to Men's Biz for the extremely speedy delivery. I ordered my razor quite late at night, and it arrived early in the morning!
Excellent. Review by: Justin 8/03/2011
This is an extremely well built and balanced shaving tool. Gives the best shave I've ever had and no razor bumps, ingrown hairs etc.
The king of all razors. Review by: Daniel 8/03/2011
After a bit of practice it can give you the best shave of your life. Try it with the Feather blades.
Good razor Review by: Hugh 8/03/2011
I used this for a few years so here's a quick review. Overall not bad. Bit on the heavy side and its bulky proportions may make it difficult to get the shaving angles correct initially. So probably not the best to learn on IMHO. After a little practice though, this razor is capable of relatively smooth shaves. Trap for new players is to use too aggressive (high) settings. I just leave it at a 1.5 setting.
Great Razor Review by: Roger 8/03/2011
I've tried a few razors, sold all of them. Except the HD I got from here. I've left this one a long time to try, because it's such a big razor, I thought I'd never get on with it, then a mate lent me one. I was wrong, it's very good. Yes, it's big and heavy and bulky around the head - and it hides all of that very well. The weight is actually beneficial, as it gives a bit more grunt to less sharp, more comfy blades. But it's a very smooth shaver indeed. I tried a Progress, and it can be very harsh with some blades. The Futur seems very smooth with anything in it. Like the Progress, the Futur has a wide range of adjustment, so you can really open this up if you need to. I took off a star as I'd like it to be grippier around the neck, and care is needed changing blades, as some blades can pop off when removing the head.


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