Merkur Solingen Double Edge Safety Razor Blades (10)

Merkur Solingen Double Edge Safety Razor Blades (10)

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Merkur Super Platinum Blades will fit all traditional double edge razors. Each pack contains 10 rust resistant high-carbon stainless steel blades and feature a platinum coating for enhanced comfort. Each blade is individually paraffin wrapped and contained in a convenient 10 pack dispenser. Also available in larger 100 blade packs, which work out much cheaper. Made in Germany.

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Remove blade from dispenser and insert into your favourite double edge razor.


Double Edge Razor, Double Edge Safety Razor, Traditional Shaving, Wet Shaving, Ingrown Hairs, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin.

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Too expensive for what you get Review by: Lachlan 27/02/2020
I haven't had magical results like some of the other reviewers which justify the price of these blades. I get comparable results with Personna Lab Blue.
My go-to blade Review by: Matt 21/04/2019
How much should you read into any review of a razor blade? Given that the same blade my yield quite different results from one person to the next it really is worth trying as many as you can. I have found the Merkur blades to be the best for me. All I can suggest is to give them a go and see if they work.
Expensive but worth it... for me! Review by: Steven 21/03/2019
It's worth prefacing every blade review with.... "You really need to try a mixture of blades to find the one that best suits your face".
I did exactly that. Bought a sampler pack and worked out which one worked best for me.
Feathers are sharpest and offer a really close shave, however they regularly cut me to bits.
Merkur whilst not as sharp do not cut me to pieces and offer a good close DE shave.
Best ones to get Review by: ditmar 13/04/2018
Top brand
Only average Review by: Pablo 10/10/2017
Having wet-shaved with DE and straight razors, I've experienced a wide range of blade types. By way of background, I have average/dry skin with thick, dark growth so I'm a real challenge for most razors!

Until earlier this year, I had been using Derby Green DE blades in Merkur and Gillette razors. I thought they were Ok but in recent years, the Derbys seemed to have decreased their quality control so I moved to Personna Red Packs (Israeli made blades). I also mixed things up with Feathers (way too sharp for me and left me raw) and now the Merkurs.

Of all those blades, the Merkur blades reminded me most of the Derbys - plenty of feedback, not particularly smooth or sharp, generally inoffensive but without the QC problems I'd been experiencing with the Derbys (I could have sworn that the Derby edges weren't straight as I could feel parts of the blade regularly scraping and nicking my neck and they also didn't hold their edge very well).

For the price of the Merkurs, I just couldn't justify them further and have gone back to the Personna Red Pack. The Personna Reds give an amazing, super smooth shaving experience that everyone should try.

As always with these things YMMV.
Tried a few brands Merkur the best for me Review by: tadek 2/10/2017
tried Feather sharp and thin blade with razor rash burn. Merkur feels like a better quality make. No razor burn lasts longer feels great
Just about the right sharpness Review by: MIKE 10/06/2017
These aren't as sharp as Astra blades but they're just about correct. They could probably be a tad sharper but they give a good consistent shave and help avoid nicks. A good solid blade.
So German it hurts - Reliable, efficient and kind of pricy. Review by: Chris 22/02/2017
Out of every blade offered by Men's Biz, I found the Merkur's to hit the mark dead-on for being sharp enough, but not SO sharp that getting impatient and rushing your shaving will result in accidentally exposing your head innards to the morning sunlight.

I use Merkur razor blades when I'm simply too tired or hungover to complete the necessary chants, animal sacrifices, chalk pentagrams or incense burning required to protect me before I try using a Feather or any similar razor that actively tries to kill me while using it.

And yes, you might say they're kind of expensive. And yes, you might be kind of an idiot to quibble about paying a bit extra for a quality version of a thing that only has a few microns seperation between 'I never thought my face could be so smooth!' and 'I never thought my face contained so much blood!'.
Nice Blades Review by: Graham 21/09/2016
I find these blades are quite smooth and have enough sharpness to get the job done. If I can't get PolSilvers or Wilkinson Sword Classics, these would be my next choice.
Good, Not great Review by: Thomas 19/04/2016
These blades are a little bit more sharp than the Personna blade which I usually use.

However, unlike the Personna blades, they are too temperamental. Given the significant difference in price, if you are after this type of blade I suggest opting for the Feather.
Great blades Review by: JOHANN 11/04/2016
Been using them for about 4-5 years, very happy with them.
Can get a week out of them whereas most regular blades last at the most 2 days.
Highly recommended for people with hard beard!
Sharp Review by: Chris 3/01/2016
Guess what? The blades are sharp! Fancy that!
Nice blades made by a name you can trust Review by: Anthony 28/12/2013
The first time I came across these blades was in a complimentary sampler pack I got with my purchase (coincidentally a Merkur razor as well).

It's a name that wet shavers would be familiar with "Merkur Solingen" makers of one of the finest razors around the world, so I just had to give these blades a whirl.

Although the price is quite expensive, and for around the same price you can probably pick up some feather blades, the performance was quite nice.

Would I recommend these blades? Yes, I would. They are fantastic at what they do, although pricey. Are you paying for the name? Most likely, but I defiantly recommend using them at least once in your wet shaving experience.

Thanks again Mensbiz for a fantastic sampler pack!
Work best with Merkur Razor Review by: Dominic 20/11/2013
These blades work fantastically with my Merkur Razor. I switched from Feather to Merkur as Feather was just too sharp in combination with my heavy razor.
The best Review by: Murray 5/11/2013
I have tried many others and despite the couple extra dollars it's definitely the best by far. Not as sharp as the Feathers but last longer and do just as good a job.I travel a lot and only carry hand luggage so have to buy whatever is available at the other end as security want let me take blades on the plane and I can notice a huge difference when I use other blades. Cant reccommend them enough
Fantastic product without rival. Review by: Martini 19/08/2013
For a long time I have suffered from skin irritation after shaving. When I was younger, I thought it would just be a time thing and at some point I'd out grow it. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. The problem persisted, until I finally came upon a Merkur Solingen safety razor. Originally, I used the free blades shipped with the razor, and they seemed to be fine. I then ordered the Merkur Solingen blades to accompany the only razor I've been able to shave comfortably with ever. The blades were fantastic. They were without a doubt the sharpest, most comfortable blades I've used, and to me are well worth the extra cents to ensure the best ever shaving experience. The shave they provide is the most comfortable, easiest, quickest and long lasting I've had since picking up the safety razor, and I won't be using anything else in the future. Phenomenal product, with outstanding results.
Excellent Quality Review by: Attila 1/03/2013
Expensive but an excellent blade. Quality is excellent giving a smooth close shave with no pulling or nics. Personna and Astra are much more economical. Feather is sharper but very aggressive. I use these blades in my Mercur variable setting shaver at setting 6 (as I do with all the blades I use). One razor lasts a week.
Good blade, little expensive. Review by: Cameron 15/10/2012
Bought as first time with my DE razor, cut nicely and had minimal cuts from the blade. Starting to use other brands to compare. Expensive but good shave.
Number One Review by: Ternach 27/08/2012
Best blades in my book. A clean shave with no nicks.
For the smoothest shave Review by: Brad 26/11/2011
This is the best blade on the market. Back in the seventies I use to use Wilkinson Sword and these easily eclipse them as a great blade. A longer lasting blades and a smooth shave - what more could a man want!
Awesome blade, but at a price Review by: gobland 18/10/2011
Excellent shave and long-lasting too. With a light beard, I get nearly nine shaves on average out of each blade in my Merkur HD. They stay feeling sharp for longer, only falling away significantly in performance towards the last couple of shaves. About five times the price of other blades, however.
The best for me but a harsh price Review by: Daniel 17/10/2011
I have tried all the blades now (with both soap and cream) and I have found these hands down are the best, they are super sharp and always seem to have the same quality from blade to blade. The sad thing is the price, as I can only use a blade once because of the roughness and thickness of my hair which blunts anything super fast. They aren't as sharp as feathers, which take too many upper layers of skin off with the hair resaulting in some irritation. No these are the best, try them if you haven't!
Good blades, there are better Review by: Anthony 30/09/2011
I received these in the sampler pack. On the whole they are OK - consistent in sharpness, not too sharp (like the Feathers) but sharp enough. They are, however, a little expensive when compared with the Astra blades, which are at least as good, if not better.
You get what you pay for with these blades Review by: simon 28/09/2011
Very consistently sharp and reliable blades. I use with a Merkur 39C Sledgehammer and the blades work beautifully with this razor. I have found that some of the other "sharp" blades ie. feather & personna can be quite inconsistent in cutting quality from blade to blade. The Merkur blades are pure German engineering quality.
Solid but expensive Review by: Steve 8/03/2011
I found the Merkur blades very forgiving and more than capable of getting the job done as such they are great blades for beginners, however they are relatively expensive and their quality doesn't match their price point.
OK, but a bit pricey... Review by: Roger 8/03/2011
Alright, in the context of savings made on cart blades, these are still cheap.

But I preferred the Derby's. They appear sharper and get an extra shave or two from them, and almost every other blade are cheaper than the Merkur's.

Always worth trying though, as these may be less aggressive than some blades out there.
Top shaving blades Review by: Mark 8/03/2011
I have tried a few different blades of late but must admit that these babies suit my skin perfectly. Used with the Merkur Classic razor these blades left my face smoother than the proverbial baby's behind.
Not so good with Edwin Jagger razor. Review by: Phil of Perth 8/03/2011
I found these blades harsh with my Edwin Jagger Chatsworth razor. They may be ok with Merkur razors but did not cut so well with the Jagger and left my face feeling a little aggravated.


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