Merkur Solingen Classic Safety Razor (33C)

Merkur Solingen Classic Safety Razor (33C)

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The Merkur Classic Safety Razor was introduced nearly a century ago and is still one of the best. The Classic is similar to the Heavy Duty, but comes with a slimmer, lighter handle and 3-piece construction. Like its big brother, this would make a fine razor for a beginner. Stylish chrome finish. Made in Solingen, Germany and covered by a 2 Year Australian Warranty.

LIMITED OFFER: This razor includes a FREE One Thousand & Ninety Two Blade Bank to dispose of your blades.

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If you're new to wet shaving or you're contemplating buying your first double edge razor, we strongly recommend adding a Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack to your order.

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Flawless quality product at a good price Review by: Josh 13/11/2019
Razor is a treat. To hold something so well finished and solid in construction is a treat. I don’t know why I ever wasted my money on those plastic system razors - more expensive, poorer shave and less manly.
Making Shaving Enjoyable! Review by: mark 11/07/2019
Recently switched to safety razor starting with this one. To use a cliche; "game changer"! After so many years of shaving as a chore, this makes the whole experience enjoyable. With the knowledge that no more plastic disposable heads and packaging are no longer part of my life the feeling is even sweeter. What a great start with this handle. Could not recommend highly enough!
Good Review by: Dominique 2/12/2017
Solid metal. It'll probably last forever. The weight makes the blade glide smoother. One level setting. A bit tricky to screw tight; you'll need a cloth so that you don't cut your fingers on the blade; a butterfly mechanism is easier. Short handle. No superfluous bits. I'm happy with it.
GREAT STARTER Review by: Andrew 9/06/2017
Recently made the switch to DE shaving. Extremely well constructed German made Razor. Highly recommended. I find the weight just about right for DE razor, wouldn't want anything more heavy.
Forget the cartridge razors... Review by: Dan 23/12/2016
This is so superior as to be incomparable really. The only real downside of this particular razor is that it might, might, be too short for larger handed folk. If you have big hands maybe opt for a longer-handled model, otherwise you can't go past this razor for the price.
Perfect beginner razor Review by: Madison 21/09/2016
A perfect introduction razor. Reasonable weight, solid construction, easy to clean post-shave. The handle is slightly short and takes some adapting to. Otherwise, a very good purchase for the price.
SIMPLE BEAUTIFUL SHAVING Review by: Brendan 25/05/2016
Having switched from multibladed razors to this, what can I say except I should have done it years ago!! My grandfather used one and I thought he was weird, little did I know he was on to something and should have made me take on a proper razor earlier. Very easy to get a good shave with this razor. Having never used one before, it was very easy to set up and use. Now just going through the blade variety pack to see which ones I prefer.
Easy and smooth Review by: Stefano 7/04/2016
I have a beard, but I shave my head every 2-3 days. I've been using cartridge razors since I could shave. Never again.

Sure, the initial investment of a razor was a bit of a turn-off. But the blades cost nothing compared to cartridges, and they outperform them by a long shot.

I just received my order this morning before work, decided that I might as well shave my head and go to work wearing a hat if I cut myself all over. Luckily, I took things slow, and I didn't get one nick.

I got one of the best shaves I've ever had, without any razor burn at all.

The razor is a bit on the heavy side if you spend a lot of time with your hand up over your head. But I'm being soft.

In hindsight I should have bought a tube of shaving lather instead of the tub, as I haven't got a brush, nor will I use one. I prefer using my hand as I can feel the stubble if I missed a spot. But that's for another review.

The razor itself is great. And since it's only my first shave with it, I'm using the blade that came with it. Besides the weight mostly held above my head and making my arm tired, this is a great razor. The handle was shorter than I expected based on the photos. It's just a perspective thing. Not a complaint at all, but an observation.

Since there aren't really any reviews here for people who shave their head, not just their beard/moustache, I thought I'd write this because I was looking for a review on how well this razor shaved a your noggin. No real complaints at all. Very happy I have made the choice. Why are cartridge razors still around? Marketing, I guess.
Good Tool Review by: Gerald 29/03/2016
I found this a bit light (56g) and needing more pressure and passes to get BBS for my beard and unlike the 34C (76g)and the 1904(66g) I got a couple of nicks on my last shave,all using Astra SP blades and both Badger and Boar brushes with Proraso and Speick soaps for Lather.
As said a good well made tool however perhaps not for all skin or beard types and I suspect my 33c will be going on the display shelf now.
The Very Best Review by: Nathan 15/03/2016
WOW!The best shave in a long time. I must admit that I was afraid to use a classic razor so I bit the bullet and bought this razor.
Simple and easy to use and a far more enjoyable wet shave. I would recommend the Merkur 33c to anyone wanting a classic, easy to use and possibly the closest shave you will ever have outside of the barber shop.
I'd forgotten how good a shave should be ! Review by: Wally 9/02/2016
Three weeks now since I bought the Merkur 33c from Mens Biz..... I'm 70 plus years old so I've been around long enough to try all methods of shaving.
The Merkur 33C takes me back many years to when DE razors were the norm, and then came along the multi blade razors that we all came to accept as the "better" way to shave.
WRONG ! .... pity it's only taken me 40 odd years to wake up and realise just how good a shave the DE razors provide.
In particular, my new Merkur 33C is not only stunning with the finish and quality to be expected from Germany, it also lives up to it's reputation by delivering the goods, ie. a damn fine shave !
I look forward to my daily shave now and each time, I'm gobsmacked at how smooth the Merkur33C is.... no nicks, cuts or rash. My method is so simple, just take it nice and gentle, no rushing and the BBS finish is guaranteed.
Thanks Mens Biz
Damn fine shave Review by: Matt 6/01/2016
Bought this little beauty so I could finally have a crack at shaving the way my Grandfather did. Put a Merkur blade in and had the closest shave of my life. Very easy to use for a first timer. I would highly recommend this razor. Was well packaged and quickly delivered, top job Men's Biz.
End of Cartridge Razors Review by: Curtis 12/07/2015
Made the switch to DE shaving. This is an extremely well constructed Razor. Highly recommended. I find the mechanism to replace the blade quite strange, why would they design it like that?
Great stuff Review by: Katoom 6/01/2015
I've just returned to DE shaving after finding my Army issued TTO and some old Wilkinson Sword blades, which to be fair after 25 years in the packet were still ok. This 33C was delivered today and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised as to the standard of packaging 5 star effort by Men's Biz there.
The razor when matched with Feather blades was a delight to use, not a nick after two passes on a day old growth. I've yet to try it with other brands of blades so the next week or two will be a time of note taking and data collation (Bloody hell, back to school).
Awesome Razor! Review by: Tysonic 3/10/2014
This is just such a fantastic razor, I've got Astra blades in it and it performs superbly, nicely weighted, it's just an absolute pleasure to save with....and to think I wasted so much of my shaving life (and money) using multi blade cartridge rubbish!
Good starter choice Review by: Jeremy 28/09/2014
Was not sure of what i was getting into to start with the straight or the double edge razor, turns out it was the double and I got to say it was a new experience and level of shaving for me. I recently ditched the gillet cartridge that I used for a number of years and the quality and craft of my first double edge razor is beautiful now my father is getting into it. I highly recommend this fantastic razor for anyone starting out .
Get on board Review by: H-Block 29/01/2014
First experience with DE razor after binning cartridge. Watched one too many how-to youtube clips and got paranoid I was going to apply too much pressure and sweeny todd myself, but was actually suprisingly easy uptake. Would also recommend the sampler pack as I am having even more enjoyable shaving experience using the Derby extra blades.
brilliant product and service Review by: michael 7/01/2014
I had never used a double edge blade before this purchase. I found this to be very easy to use, much the same as your standard razor. Except! The closeness of the shave with this razor is incredible. I cannot believe I have been paying top dollar for a five blade shave all these years that is way below standard in comparison to this razor. I run a beard. I use this for my neck only. I picked up a sample pack of razor blades on my way to the checkout. I can't review them as i am still on my first blade a month down the track. Astounding.As for the service I ordered on the weekend and had it by Tuesday. This will be my one stop shop for all grooming needs.
great razor to start with Review by: jason 20/08/2013
So I was looking for my first DE razor and decided to go with the 33c, I was impressed straight out of the box, I've never had a shave so close before and its made shaving less like a chore and more enjoyable.
Torrens Review by: Jason 29/01/2013
Love this razor, it really helps to have such a quality product.... and so cheap!!!
Best shave ever! Review by: piggles 13/12/2012
Got one of these two days ago. Tried it out tonight, best shave ever. I also have thick pube beard whiskers.

I'm my short 11 years of shaving I have not had as good a shave as tonight. It took a few mins to get the angle right and used to the width of the blade.

Not for everyone, will keep my cartridge razors handy for a quickie.

Lathered up and have a nice relaxing shave :), can't wait for the next one.
Great way to get started Review by: Zachary 29/10/2012
Purchased this as my first DE razor and love it. Had no problems with it so far. I shave more often now due to it.

Highly recommended.
Great DE Razor Review by: Cameron 15/10/2012
New to DE razors and found this razor to be straight forward, cheap and easy to use. Highly recommend!
An excellent first DE Review by: John 19/05/2012
I finally took the plunge and sprung for a good DE, and I'm pleased as punch. The 33C is a high quality piece of kit and I look forward to my daily shave. Get a set of good blades (I'm using Wilkinson sword) and you'll never look back. The handle may be a bit on the small side for those with large hands, but otherwise, this is one of my favourite purchases and the service at mensbiz is excellent!
Great first razor Review by: Christian 15/05/2012
After reading the other reviews on here, I decided to buy this razor as my first safety razor. It's a great razor to start out with, feels great to use and seems as though it will last forever.
Brilliant Review by: Tiernach 12/04/2012
I actually enjoy shaving now, no more putting it off the only thing I regret is not buying one years ago.

Forget those other toys go DE you won't regret it.
Recommend this product, really good quality Review by: Brad 10/01/2012
Looking for a better quality shaver rather then the disposable ones. This one was worth the costing and you can feel the quality.

Really happy with the product so far.
It's the one to rule them all Review by: Daniel 5/12/2011
This is just a great razor, you can't fault it. I'm 24, got into DE the start of the year, now my Dad want's to get into it. So the young man will teach the old man the old way is the best way. This is his Xmas present.
Brilliant double-edged razor Review by: gobland 18/10/2011
Bought this as my first non-cartridge razor and have not regretted it once. The razor is easily manipulated and, with practice, gives a superb shave with only a few cuts for the beginner until experience is gained. Excellent!
Excellent Present Review by: Hairy Mans Girlfriend 8/03/2011
I wasn't sure what to get my boyfriend for his 21st, I wanted something classic that would last a lifetime. So I bought this razor with a variety of blades as each review had a different comment regarding the best. A year has passed since I bought it and I cant believe how well it works.

Totally recommend this product!!
Quality razor through and through! Review by: Ian 8/03/2011
Easy to use and built like a err.. Panzer. A light touch and a bit of patience is all I need to get a great shave! Almost impossible to cut yourself with.
Quality Counts Review by: Dean 8/03/2011
Came back to DE shaving 2 months ago. Couldnt get it right with a cheap imitation razor. Got the Merkur last month and it made a difference to the quality of my shave immediately. So much easier to avoid razor burn.
Great razor Review by: Mark 8/03/2011
This is a solidly built, reliable razor that looks great. It's an absolute pleasure to use, easy to clean and will probably outlive me! A great first choice for the newbie to DE shaving.
Excellent Beginners Razor Review by: Peter 8/03/2011
This razor makes an excellent choice for starting out with DE shaving. With the included Merkur blade this combination is a little more forgiving than the heavier/sharper razor/blade combinations, making it a great way to learn the art and improve technique.
Good starter razor Review by: Josh 8/03/2011
This razor has the same head design as the Merkur HD but has a thinner handle and is not as heavy. It disassembles into three separate pieces which is an advantage if you want to pack it flat for travel. However, I find it a bit clumsier to load blades into.
Great Razor Review by: David 8/03/2011
My First taste of DE Shaving and whilst it feels a little small in my big hands there is no denying it gives a great shave when combined with Feather blades. As others have mentioned, its an ideal starters razor and I am looking to move up to a more advanced razor now and will stick with Merkur.
Great beginner razor. Review by: Cameron 8/03/2011
A fantastic razor to start out with, especially considering the price.


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