Barber Pole Safety Razor: Chrome (38C)

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The Merkur Barber Pole Safety Razor (also known as the Long Handled Hefty Classic Double Edge Razor) boasts an extra long polished chrome handle and a solid brass core for added weight. The handle is 9.5cm (3.75 inches) long, weighs roughly 110g (4 oz.) and is styled on the American barber pole. Think of it as a Merkur HD with a longer handle.



38C Barber Pole: Chrome
90 38 011 / 38 001

Closed Comb 2-Piece Double Edge Razor

4.2 cm x 2.5 cm x 10.2 cm

Approx. 110g

Head and Handle:
Die-casted zinc head and brass barber pole-shaped, ribbed handle. Chrome-plated.

Made in Germany



If you're new to wet shaving or you're contemplating buying your first double edge razor, we strongly recommend adding a Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack to your order.

Care Instructions:
After use, wash the razor thoroughly to remove any hair and lather residue. Be sure to dry it with a towel so it's ready for your next shave. For stubborn dirt, use a nail brush with shampoo or dish soap.

Warranty Information:
Covered by a 2 Year Australian Warranty.