Merkur Solingen Barber Pole Safety Razor: Slant Bar (39C)

Merkur Solingen Barber Pole Safety Razor: Slant Bar (39C)

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The Merkur Barber Pole Slant Bar Safety Razor (also known as the Sledgehammer Double Edge Razor) is a rather aggressive razor that requires an experienced hand and a light touch - beginners need not apply. The slanted shave head may look like a manufacturing error, but it's been carefully designed to impart a slicing motion while shaving. Used correctly it gives a smooth, particularly close shave that many say is unmatched by other razors. The handle is otherwise identical to the standard Merkur Barber Pole and it comes in a stylish chrome finish. Made in Solingen, Germany and covered by a 2 Year Australian Warranty.

LIMITED OFFER: This razor includes a FREE One Thousand & Ninety Two Blade Bank to dispose of your blades.

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If you're new to wet shaving or you're contemplating buying your first double edge razor, we strongly recommend adding a Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack to your order.

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MY FIRST DE RAZOR 39C Review by: KEV 7/08/2019
Merkur 39c shaves every bit as good as my boker straight razor but only takes a fraction of the time and far less aggressive, unlike all the other reviews I have medium to fine face fur and with the weight of the razor alone an only using shark blades i get a bbs, with 2 passes. No drag smooth shave, with slants its the blade that controls aggressiveness and theirs no blade chatter with the 39c. I am over 60 so the face fur isan't baby fluff, long live slants and thanks guy's at men's biz your great site with fantastic reviews from all lead me to the best razor iv'e tried.
Years of reliable use Review by: Karl 6/02/2019
I've been using this beauty for years. At first there was a learning curve with using a slant, and probably took me a couple of months to get used to it. Less pressure than a standard DE I find. Once the learning curve is over what a difference it makes. I use much less pressure to shave with this angle of cut. When used it it, it equates to less razor burn with just as close a shave if not better.
Wonderful Shaver to add to your shaving stable Review by: Paul 16/10/2018
The Merkur barbers pole razor has been my every day razor for a number of years, paired with the feather blade. With regular days off shaving, I introduced the Merkur slant bar to my stable and WOW does it do a great job, easily glides through stubble with a steady hand ! it hasn't replaced my daily barber pole...
fantastic, the slant is good Review by: Peter 9/04/2018
This is now 2nd DE razor after having used the MERKUR SOLINGEN
HEAVY DUTY 34C RAZOR HD for 10 years From the first time I used it I was blown away by how effortless the shave was, someone previously said they had to check the hair was gone and it was similar for me, the slant is the secret they say. I was using Astra green blades with the 34C and was feeling the shave was OK but not close enough and I was shaving 6 times a week. now with the Slant, I can shave just 4 times, its just that much better. Yes you need to be slightly more careful but if you have some experience its not a worry at all. I have thick stubble and use each razor blade just once and so the slant bar being more aggressive works for me. I really only do one pass and a little touch up here and there, this slant bar saves time, I am a convert. I wouldnt really call it aggressive at all with the blades I use. Maybe if you use feather blades you would say it, but for me feathers are too aggressive with any razor. The 39c has a great weight to it without feeling heavy and has a longer handle Merkur you have do it again!
A little too aggressive for me Review by: Cybermonkey 8/07/2017
I have been trialling this razor for the past couple of months with a variety of blades and although it is effective in removing multiple days of stubble, I have found that it is just too aggressive for me. Upon applying an 'after shave' at the completion of each shave I can feel that I have irritated the skin too much in my effort to remove my facial hair. The quality of the product is more than adequate except for the usual blade alignment annoyance found with many DE shavers.
The Real Best A Man Can Get! Review by: Israel 1/06/2017
I have used this for the past 2 years and it's fantastic! Perfectly weighted in the hand and when complimented with the right blades it cuts through hair like a Katana though Bamboo! I love it so much so, I bought another four as gifts for my mates, so they can experience what a real shave is like!
Fantastic Razor Review by: Roderick 20/04/2017
After using my Merkur 34HD as my primary razor for over 12 months, I thought I'd try the Merkur slant 39C. I'm so glad I did, this razor is fantastic! It also has the longer handle for something different to the 34HD
The slant I believe will make the razor more aggressive, so more care needs to be taken with each shave to avoid cuts etc, but why rush a shave? You shouldn't!
This is my daily razor now, and once every week or two I try and mix it up and use the 34HD. It's interesting to note how different blades perform in the slant in contrast to the 34HD. My favourite so far is Astra SP to deliver a very smooth irritation free shave. The feathers you have to be really careful with! A lapse in concentration will result in you looking like you've been in a trap engineered by Jigsaw.
If you're not quite sure or doubt whether this razor lives up to its hype, I'd suggest you click "add to cart" and proceed to payment. You will not be disappointed with your decision to purchase this razor.
Love this razor Review by: Bruce 14/09/2016
This was my first purchase of a DE razor and I'm not sorry for the choice I made. I love it. Well engineered. Enjoyable to use. I read the description that said it is an aggressive razor but it is not user unfriendly. You do have to pay attention but matched with the right blade it's great. The blade sampler pack was a great idea with this purchase. If you want to 'text n shave' probably go for a less aggressive razor like the 30c.
Wow, wow and wow! Review by: Mike 15/07/2015
This is now my sixth DE razor in my kit and I have to say this is by far the best, head and shoulders above the rest! From the very first shave I was totally blown away at how effortless it cut through my thick stubble (I do use Feathers on all my razors). On the first pass on my cheek I had to check if it was actually doing its job as it didn't feel like my other razors, this baby just glides right through. Doesn't feel the least bit aggressive at all, the mildest razor of the lot but gives the closest shave of the bunch by a long shot. The 39c has a great weight to it without feeling hefty and offers plenty of grip with a knurled mid section, sits very well in the hand. My only criticism is that it's going to be impossible to put this razor down now, the others will just collect dust, this is just how good this thing is.
Terrific Razor Review by: Max 15/07/2015
This is my first DE Razor, I decided I needed something faster than my straight razor when I'm travelling.

I was skeptical at first on how close the shave will be; however this thing is amazing! It really just glides by... leaving a close shave on the first pass (using the Merkur Blades). I'll have to try other DEs for comparison.

It's easy to use and straight forward, plug in and go. Highly recommend this product.
Wow! First Slant Razor! Review by: Anthony 14/10/2013
This is my first "Slant" razor, and after much reading I decided to jump in.

The 39C is like the "barber pole" design, however, obviously has the "Slant" head.

After loading the Slant, you shave as per normal, however, because of the different head design, I find it glides through 2 days growth with no issues at all.

The design and knurling are fantastic. I've never lost grip on this razor.

If you're on the fence about this razor, jump in. You wont be disappointed! Some people complain about loading the razor correctly, however, just drop the blade over the bar and ensure it's lined up. There are plenty of youtube video's on this.

I find this razor to be quite aggressive, so probably wouldn't be aimed at a beginner.

Thanks again Mensbiz!
Great Review by: Rocky 1/03/2012
So this is an amazing de razor. I notice less drag using this razor than a non-slant. Find the right blade for your skin and you've got yourself the best de shave ever.
spectacular Review by: simon williams 8/03/2011
the closest shave on earth and a wonderful piece of engineering.


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