Merkur Solingen Alum Block (Bloc Osma), 75g

Merkur Solingen Alum Block (Bloc Osma), 75g

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Alum is a natural mineral revered for its ability to soothe shaving irritation and stop nicks and cuts from bleeding. A single block lasts for months and should be part of every wet-shaver's kit. Can also be used as an astringent for those with normal to oily skin. 100% pure Alum. Made in France.

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35mm x 55mm x 20mm.


Suitable for all skin types.


Moisten block and gently rub over freshly shaven skin to soothe irritation. Can also be applied to nicks and cuts to stop bleeding.


Potassium Alum.


Razor Nicks and Cuts, Razor Burn, Shaving Irritation, Stopping Bleeding, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin.

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Great alum block Review by: Rob 22/08/2017
I used cheaper alum blocks and they seem to leave crumbles on the skin, this is a very hard block that lasts a long time and leaves a smooth film
Wish I'd known about this before Review by: MIKE 10/06/2017
Brilliant product and a must-have for all shavers. It helps stop nicks but really calms the skin down after a shave (I use it after my head shave). Lasts a long time too so great for the price. Completely natural too.
Essential part of a wet shave Review by: Leigh 8/06/2017
If razor burn is a problem for you - it was for me - this is highly recommended. Sharp without stinging, application right after the shave and prior to any moisturiser really helps is reducing the redness. Can go a ways to stopping some small nicks, too.
Long lasting, not cheap Review by: Cam 15/04/2017
I have no idea if this is effective or not, but it's been part of my routine since I started wet shaving. It's expensive, but it lasts a long time. I haven't had one crumble on me yet which I've read can be an issue with other brands.
FANTASTIC Review by: Chris 15/02/2017
This product is fantastic. It's a must-have product for wet shaving and will last a long time.
Excellent Review by: Gav 24/01/2017
A quick rub of this over my noggin after shaving my head, no itches etc all little nicks disappear, and handles the occasional big slip with ease. I have found it much better than Styptic products
Great! Review by: David 12/12/2016
A must have!
Excellent for stopping little shave cuts.
Essential Review by: Joshua 1/07/2016
If you have a razor, cream or soap and a brush, this is the next thing you need in your kit. I have used mine around four days a week for ten months and I'm only half way through it. Especially rewarding for beginners, it lets you know when and where you haven't taken enough care and paired with a good aftershave it can rescue all but the worst shaves. Your face will thank you.
Useful Review by: Peter 1/03/2016
Alum. Stings like hell if you shave wrong, freshens you up if you shave right. This block is massively overpriced. It's extremely cheap stuff if you find the right brand (or go brandless). Don't lick it.
Essential but overpriced Review by: Jest 5/01/2016
A definite must have for any scrapes or cuts. It stings a little on ares of broken or stressed skin, which gives you feedback on how good your shave was. I found it a good size, and no crystal build up etc noted yet. A little pricey for an alum block.
Best styptic product around Review by: Steve B 15/12/2015
What can I say? This product is absolutely fantastic. It's a must-have product for wet shaving. The Alum block will last for months, it cuts nicks and razor cuts and it doesn't leave any residue when compared to the styptic gels. Extremely useful post shave product.
Why did I shave without this?? Review by: Simon 12/12/2015
This is a must. No matter how you shave or what you use, you need this product. That's it, no question. Instantly stops bleeds and closes pores.
Don't know how I got by without it and never going without it again.
Simply Incredible Review by: J 3/12/2015
This is a must buy if you're learning safety or straight razors. Stops the bleeding entirely in one minute flat. It also is great for giving you feedback on how well (or bad) you're shaving.
Impressed by how well it works Review by: Paul 3/12/2015
I purchased the Alum block to stop with razor rash and have found it to be successful in eliminating the rash. It also stops any bleeding from any small cuts that I may make.
Awesome Review by: brendan 21/10/2015
This is the only Alum block I've used, so cannot compare to other products, but it will definitely remain a staple of my shaving routine.
It's a daily habit now Review by: Gregory 30/11/2014
Plus one for all other comments below : good for soothing that rosy cheek after an overly robust pass - my slight rosacea is now a thing of the past and yep love that tingling !
This does the job it's meant to do! Review by: Dylan 6/11/2014
I purchased this with my DE kit. I knew I'd get a couple of nicks, and this did exactly the job it's suppose to; stop bleeding. In about a minute, after very minimal stinging I was not bleeding anymore, and the stinging felt weirdly enjoyable...
use it, every time. Review by: Fatty 27/02/2014
I wish someone had told me about this stuff when i was a teenager. can't imagine shaving without it now.
does tend to leave a residue if not rinsed off, i use it after shaving, before skin food.
stinging pleasures Review by: p 8/02/2014
even though i am a pretty careful shaver, alum is a staple in my routine these days. it doesn't sting for too long and the tingle is pleasant. it really covers or seals the skin. after a minute or so i rinse my face and apply some proraso pre/post cream. the block is 'thick matchstick box' size so should last forever. i'm more likely to drop and smash it before it runs out.
A great & necessary shaving product Review by: Keith 2/02/2014
I love the feel of this on the skin straight after a good shave.
The slight tingling and feel reassures you that you have had a smooth shave,( you can feel if you have not), and the antiseptic properties are very reassuring.
I use this after my shave, followed by Thayers Witch Hazel and Geo F Trumpers skin food.
Does the job Review by: Peter 29/01/2014
I've used this on small cuts & it stops the bleeding pretty quickly. Also the next day there's no noticeable sign that I cut myself there. Love it.
eliminated my shavers rash Review by: Ben 1/01/2014
love this product, was a bit skeptical at first but since using it my shavers rash has disappeared completely, not even a hint of it left.
Great Value, long lasting Alum Block Review by: Anthony 13/12/2013
This is a great value product in my opinion. This small block will last you easily a year (in my experience anyway).

Its a means of both providing you with "Feedback" on your shaving technique (ie. if your pressing too hard during the shave, you'll know about it!), but it also provides you with a nice skin toning.

It also doubles are stopping small cuts and nicks.

Overall I think an Osma block should be part of every wet shavers kit.

Thanks again Mens Biz for offering another great product.
Absolutely essential product. Review by: tonchas_360 11/12/2013
I had watched a number of YouTube videos which showed how this product is useful for treating small nicks and cuts. That is an understatement to say the least.

This product is the most important part of my post shave routine. When you've shaved correctly, it applies with a slight tingle. When you've pressed too hard and irritated the skin, this block may as well be made of fire. It's a really brutish but incredibly effective way of inspecting the quality of your shave. But perhaps most importantly, applying this block seals the skin after its blade encounter. For me, it has eliminated ingrown hairs, pimples and razor bumps to the extent that I can now shave everyday if I want, compared to no more than once every three/four days back in my Mach III days.

It's uncanny how useful this product is, particularly if you have sensitive skin and are prone to nasties like ingrown hairs and razor bumps.
Awesome Review by: Andrew 11/11/2013
Such a clever product - as someone who shaves head and face I quite often have a bleeding head (particularly when hungover).

This block helps close the wounds quick-smart!
Great Review by: Mitch 8/11/2013
Good at stopping nicks and cuts, dries out skin a little but nothing too much.
Worth getting Review by: Mark 26/10/2013
This product sealed the weepers I had pretty much instantly so it was extremely difficult to tell that I had cut myself. Additionally it doesn't leave any white residue which is great.
Feels great after a shave Review by: Cads 22/10/2013
Got this after watching geofatboy on youtube (great videos on razors and shaving etc.) Really glad I got it, you can feel it sealing your skin after shaving leaving it feeling tight and refreshed.
Great for nicks and cuts Review by: Paul 22/10/2013
When I use this on my whole face, it tends to dry the skin out a lot, even after washing off and applying a moisturiser so I only use it on small nicks and cuts now. Works great and will last a very long time!
No need to get any other one but this one! Review by: Nathan 14/08/2013
There's no need to get any other block.
This one will last you a very very long time and it does the job as well as I had hoped.

Highly recommended!
Very happy Review by: pjp_t 11/08/2013
I am a fairly new DE shaver and am happy I made the shift from disposables. This product really topped off the experience. I run it over the shaved area after a cold water rinse and leave on as I clean up. I then splash cold water on again, before after shave and moisturiser. I have lost the winter dry skin in just a few days and my face is smoother and feels great! Love it!
A great product Review by: Deiter 10/07/2013
This is the first alum bloc I have ever used and I was very surprised by the results. It stops bleeding from nicks very quickly but dose sting. However the singing can be helpful to identify where on your face you are applying too much pressure or need to vary your technique slightly. Just don't drop it as it will shatter!
Shaving essential Review by: Chung 15/04/2013
After being a little sceptical at first this is now an essential part of my shaving routine. Feels nice and cool when rubbing on my skin. Being new to DE shaving the alum block is helping me work on my technique as it stings a little where I've applied too much pressure with my razor or shaved an area without fresh lather. The stinging doesn't last long, and helps soothe those problem areas.

Can't comment on how this stacks up to other alum blocks but I'd have no problem buying this one again.
Dads Happy! Review by: CanTab 3/04/2013
I brought a block of this for my father to help with some irritation hes was experiencing.

Dad is over the moon with how this is working. So much so he is returning to DE shaving after 50 plus years of other methods.

It must be good to incite that type of change.

Have to get myself a block.
Must-have for anyone new to wetshaving Review by: Justin 28/02/2013
I have used both the Merkur alum block and the Col Conk styptic pencil and I can say that the Merkur works much better. It stops bleeding almost instantaneously, leaves no residue, and leaves your face feeling great, while the Col Conk always dried my face out. It's smaller in real life than it looks in the picture, about the size of a matchbox, but it's a great product, and will last a long time. Highly recommended.
Natural and rewarding Review by: Josh 15/02/2013
I use this block after every shave and then wait a while before using aftershave. The difference it makes is fantastic. It rewards your shave with a cool touch and also indicates areas you mist as it scrapes over any hair. A must for any shavers bag of tricks
Essential Review by: Hugh 10/02/2013
For me, this is the most versatile and effective post-shave treatment. It is very soothing, relieves razor burn and irritation, fixes up any small nicks, and closes the pores of the skin. It should last you for ages, provided you don't drop it.
Excellent Review by: Nicholas 28/01/2013
Long lasting block. stops nicks and cuts from bleeding and soothes shaving irritation. Works exactly as advertised
Great stuff Review by: John 12/01/2013
I'm glad I've tried this product. It works well to clean and tighten your skin post shave. Cleans up minor nicks and helps with problem areas. Heals up areas nicely. On a few occasions I have found my skin feeling a little irritated by the Alum especially my neck area so I have actually given up using this every day and favour using the Thayers products.
I've also been using it as suggested in various instructional videos, to help grip on your fingers when stretching my facial skin. Just touch the bloc with your fingertips and the grip improves, helping you to stretch the skin better.
Magic product Review by: Dave 9/11/2012
I have been using this for 3 weeks or so, not only has it made my razor burn vanish, it also seems to help with my minor acne. Would not be without it!
Very useful for a beginner Review by: David 31/10/2012
Just started de shaving a few weeks ago and would recommend the alum block as it really helps with little discrepancies you have while learning. Found that it dries my skin a bit but I use the geo f trumpet skin food afterward which gets rid of the dryness.
A terrific finish to a wet shave Review by: Brett 19/07/2012
Bought this after watching a demo on Shave Nation's youtube channel and I don't regret it. Even if you have no nicks after a shave, this really tops off the experience by 'sealing' the skin and giving it a terrifically smooth finish. Also highlights any spots you may have missed with the blade. A 'must have' in your wet shave kit!
Stopps bleeding quickly Review by: Fabian 10/04/2012
I used the alum block the day after ordering, when I tought that my blade would be good for another shave and I ended up with a lot of nicks. It stopped the bleeding quickly so I didn't have to wait to clean myself up before leaving the house.
Excellent Review by: Chris 13/03/2012
Had a couple of good sized cuts after a recent shave, not just weepers, one of them was actually dripping blood onto the floor. Rinsed it off and quickly swiped this little block over the cut, and it stopped bleeding immediately! This is definitely something I plan to keep on hand for the rest of my life.
The best Alum Block Review by: JB 11/10/2011
I have been using these for ages, and they are the best quality and longest lasting block I have used - they clear up knicks and cuts almost instantly, and I can get close to a full year's use of a block sometimes with Mon-Fri use. Highly recommended!
Outstanding value Review by: Sean 8/03/2011
The Bloc Osma is a fantastic product for stopping small nicks and cuts from bleeding and for taking the sting out of the post shave if you don't happen to get your angle or pressure right. For such a small block of alum it lasts a suprisingly long time and comes in attractive packaging. Great to use in combination with Witch Hazel.
best of the blocks Review by: quoc diep 8/03/2011
tried trumpers, and e-shave's alum blocks along with this merkur one. This is definitely the best , not that the other 2 are bad ( btw they're identical ) but this one is higher quality and lasts longer even though its smaller.


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