Merkur Solingen 1904 Safety Razor

Merkur Solingen 1904 Safety Razor

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The Merkur 1904 Safety Razor is modelled on the original 1904 Gillette DE razor. While it shares the same head design as the Classic, the Merkur 1904 has a beefier six-sided handle that some find easier to get their mitts around. The handle also features a handsome, hand-tooled diamond pattern which gives the razor an antique appeal. Stylish chrome plated finish. Made in Solingen, Germany and covered by a 2 Year Australian Warranty.

LIMITED OFFER: This razor includes a FREE One Thousand & Ninety Two Blade Bank to dispose of your blades.

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If you're new to wet shaving or you're contemplating buying your first double edge razor, we strongly recommend adding a Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack to your order.

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First razor Review by: Paul 11/07/2017
This is my first DE razor. I was concerned about cutting my face to shreds but after 3 weeks of almost daily shaving I haven't had one drop of blood. :) Am starting to get my technique to the point where the shaves are getting better each day. So first impressions are that it's a great razor at a great price.
Ripper gear Review by: Dale. Tas 27/02/2017
Been de shaving 30 pluss years pops razor finally put in retirement found this web site couple years back brought this razor for price and looked a lot like pops nice to use smooth shave very forgiving the shorthandle is nice and weighted well looks nice as well great starting razor to I personly use Astra green blades also feathers on special accasions both work well might up grade later but like pop used to say if it's works for ya stick with it thanks mensbiz team
Suprisingly Good Review by: Bryn 16/11/2016
I bought this razor as a backup unit, when I had some issues with my daily shaver. I've been surprised by how well balanced it is, and how easy and forgiving it is to use. I'd recommend this model to anyone who is new to DE shaving.
Excellent Tool Review by: Gerald 3/03/2016
Only getting back into DE after a 35 year gap and my first purchase was a cheap Nanjie which with a good blade was adequate,feeling I could do better I purchased the 1904 which I am very happy with ,so easy to use ,quality at a budget price.
Cheap and Effective Review by: Michael 9/01/2016
Let me just say that there is nothing wrong with this razor, it works great! I just can't give 5 stars to a cast metal razor. It is a great starter and if you don't care for casting marks and imperfections then this is the razor for you.
Another Gent Converted Review by: Geoff 7/01/2016
Having reverted to DE shaving myself about 2 years ago, bought this beauty as Christmas for brother-in-law. He's loving taking the time for a proper old school shave. Beautifully balanced little shaver.
Excellent razor Review by: Steve B 22/12/2015
This was the first DE razor I purchased over 5 years and in terms of getting into wet shaving, this was the best decision I ever made. Prior to buying this razor, I was using cartridge razors and electric shavers and after a few minor mishaps, I got the grasp of using this razor and never looked back.

The design is perfect, the handle is great as it's not too thick and not too thin. I've never experienced any problems with this razor and it's such a great feel in the hands. For a first time wet shaver who doesn't want to spend an arm or an leg on a DE razor, this is the one to buy. It's excellent and I recommend it.
My new go to razor Review by: John 15/04/2015
I have had my Merkur 1904 for about a month now. I bought it to feed my wet shaving OCD plus I wanted a vintage razor but not an old second hand razor. I understand this razor is based on an early Gillette model.
While I thought it would get some use, it is replacing my shiny sexy Edwin Jagger D89l. It may not look as good (more like a tool) but performs well. I have used the same blades in both (Astra's) and have not even lightly nicked myself; something I have done with the EJ. I also appreciate the shorter handle as it allows my to get in at different angles, especially around my upper lip. Very happy with this purchase and surprised that it is now my favourite razor. Thanks Mensbiz...also appreciated the speedy delivery.
Absolutely fantastic Review by: Jordan 23/12/2014
I bought this as my first DE razor mostly for the look of it, and I've been very glad to find that it's been such a terrific razor to use. Some of the reviews I've read have noted its shorter handle, but that's caused no issues for me, and it's made it nice and compact for travelling.

I'm very happy to recommend this to anyone wanting to get into wet shaving or who's just after another razor.
Happy customer Review by: Matthew 2/09/2014
This was the second DE razor to my collection, my first being a Parker 90r. I have since purchased a Goodfella open comb and would have to say out of all my razors this is the most aggressive. I turned to this razor because i wanted something old school, it had me from the moment i pulled it out of the box. Can't fault it. Finish is good and I find it very user friendly, shaves really well for me with the right blade. Some people say the handle is too small, I'm 6'3 and It hasn't bothered me. I highly recommend it :)
Great value & well made Review by: Peter 23/04/2014
My Merkur 1904 feels well made, and it has a decent weight to it, but the finish isn't quite 100% spot on.

I would have given 5 stars, but marked it down due to the rough finish (chrome?) around the centre bar/post & holes on the inside of the head/guard bar (where the blade sits). Of course, this doesn't effect its performance, and you only see the rough finish when you're changing blades (and looking closely)... It's just not a perfect finish...

Note that the exterior is finished without any blemishes. Not bad for $40. Just match it with the right blade & a decent soap, and you're in business.
Great beginner razor Review by: Adam 25/01/2014
My first double edge razor! I found it easy to use, and the mild blade exposure is great for my facial hair. (It isn't very tough, I only need to shave every couple of days).
It has definitely kicked off my double edge obsession and since buying this I have acquired four vintage razors (gillette tech, imperial 3 piece, super speed flare tip, slim adjustable) and I must say, the Merkur remains my favourite, it looks and works great, no mucking around.
Nice introduction to DE shaving Review by: Richard 9/01/2014
After using my new DE razor only 3 times I know I will never go back to cartridge razors. I get a much smoother & closer shave from the DE razor. So glad I came across DE razors.
One of my Favourites! Review by: Anthony 14/10/2013
I simply love my 1904 closed comb! This was my first razor when I started DE shaving. I fell in love with the design, and the price was awesome.

I get excellent shaves from this little shaver and find it to be more aggressive than the Open Comb variety!

The knurling provides both excellent grip and is nice on the eyes if displaying.

For the money, you can't go wrong. Just be aware that this is a smaller razor, but awesome performance once you get the hang of it!
I use this when traveling Review by: Jody 29/01/2013
This is a great razor. I only use it when traveling as I use a Dovo straight razor otherwise. Nicely weighted and stretches the skin well without causing razor bumps.
A truly great little razor Review by: Philip 8/03/2011
Have really enjoyed using this razor since I bought one several weeks ago. It is easy to use and keep clean. It gives you a fantastic shave every time and has a classic aesthetic about it which is very pleasing. I recommend this razor.
Great Value For Money Review by: Glenn 8/03/2011
I've used this razor for some time now and am very happy with it. It's a quality razor, especially for the price, and the detailing on the handle is a nice touch. The only negative aspect for me is that the handle is quite short, but that is not a reflection on the quality of the razor itself.
Get into DE Shaving for under $50 Review by: Josh 8/03/2011
For the price of a carton of beer, you can pick up a tool that will pay for itself many times over compared with the cost of Gillette cartridges. If you're tossing up between this and the $30 plastic Feather brand razor, I'd take this one any day.
Brilliant! This is how shaving should be! Review by: Bryan 8/03/2011
For years I have persevered with the various multi-bladed cartridge razors (and a couple of electrics) but have never been totally happy with the results. After my first shave with my new razor I am definately converted - this is the closest and easiest shave I have had in a long time! No clogged blades or dragging through the whiskers...

The handle of the Merkur is quite a bit shorter than my old razor (a Gillette Sensor) which took a few minutes to get used to but once I had figured out how to hold it, it felt quite natural.

My only negative comment is that when my razor arrived, it wasn't a smart black and silver like it appears in the picture on the website but a cheapish looking stainless steel finish. This doesn't effect the performance of the razor at all, it just wasn't what I was expecting.

I am actually looking forward to my next shave!
Nice Razor Review by: Simon 8/03/2011
I bought this Razor and have really enjoyed shaving with it. As suggested it takes a little getting used to gives a lovely shave. Great product - and great service from the team.


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