Women's Starter Shaving Kit

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Our Women's Starter Shaving Kit has everything you need to replace your disposable plastic cartridge razors with an environmentally-friendly reusable safety razor. We've included 4 great quality products so that you can begin shaving straight away.

In addition to being a cost-effective method of shaving (i.e. each blade will provide 5-7 shaves), using a safety razor helps to prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps, so you can enjoy an irritation-free shave.






How to shave with a safety razor:

After applying your shaving cream lather, hold the razor against your skin at a 30 degree angle. Using short, smooth strokes, go with the grain for your first pass (that's downwards for most people if shaving your legs). This will significantly decrease your chance of cutting yourself or developing razor burn.

Ensure that you use very little pressure as the weight of the razor will do the work for you.

For areas such as your underarms or bikini area, you may want to use your free hand to stretch your skin to keep it taut while shaving.

Go over every area with care and precision. With every few strokes, lightly rinse your razor with hot water to clear any clogged hair and lather, before shaking off excess water and shaving again.

How to replace the blade:

The included razor is of 3-piece construction. By carefully holding the sides of the razor head and twisting the handle, the guard and head removes and a blade can be carefully slotted into the device at the head. The guard should then be placed on top of the blade and the handle can be screwed back on. With the blade inside, the razor now has two edges exposed, ready for shaving.



Why using a safety razor helps to prevent ingrown hair and razor bumps:

The cartridge razor uses a tug-and-cut approach with its multiple blades, cutting hair under the skin, and as a result can push hair follicles back into open pores, leading to ingrown hair. A safety razor on the other hand, cleanly shaves off each hair at the skin level with every pass of its single blade.