Men's Biz Standard Safety Razor Shaving Kit

Men's Biz Standard Safety Razor Shaving Kit

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The Men's Biz Standard Safety Razor Shaving Kit contains some of our most popular, most highly reviewed products: a Merkur Classic Razor, a Trumper Shaving Cream, some blade samples and a Shaving Brush. No matter which way you look at it, it's a small price to pay to enjoy shaving again.

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Great way to start shaving Review by: Vincent 31/03/2018
This is a great way to start your journey wet shaving. The Merkur is a great first razor to use as it isn't very aggressive. The shaving cream lathers brilliantly with the brush. My only concern is that my brush has a few straggely bits already only after a few uses,I'm not sure if this is normal, but I'll keep an eye on it anyway. (I mean the bristles are going to get bent and stuff as your brushing your face right?)
Impressive Review by: Chris 13/09/2017
Was told that using safety razors are better for sensitive skin as they don't cut anymore then you need. I ordered this kit, came the next day. Overall this is a great starter kit. The shaving cream was really gentle on my skin and the brush is great quality. My first time using it i didn't cut my skin and i had no irritation, which usually would occur later that day or the day after. If you are thinking about giving safety razors a shot, don't go past this awesome deal.
Great start or restart to shaving Review by: Stefano 10/06/2017
This is a really good starter kit. The razor is a classic and has a nice weight to it. The avocado shaving cream is luxurious and prepares your skin and beard for a beautiful shave.
All you need to get started Review by: Andrew 7/04/2017
I went ahead and purchased the starter kit and after a few weeks I'm getting pretty good and faster at it. Takes bit of time to get a technique. Shaving WTG, XTG then ATG works for me.

I find it shaves so much closer that I get an extra day out of it so I can skip a shave. I strongly recommend lashing out on the '1092 Razor Brush and Stand' (SKU 1092-9) as it just completes the set and looks great also. The Avocado lather is super. I can't see there would be anything else better.

Great work Men's Biz.
Great Starter Kit Review by: Cuong 8/02/2017
For a closer shave, look no further! It can take time to adjust to using and cleaning the razor and brush, except it gives variety to your shaving routine. In future I would look for a longer and heavier razor, but this will do as a introduction to safety razors.
Excellent kit Review by: Jun 1/11/2016
I bought this kit as a start to my DE adventure and have to say it has been an absolute pleasure. Now I actually enjoy and look forward to my shaving ritual. I'm saying good bye to my old cartridge razor.
Fantastic Kit! Review by: Simon 30/08/2016
I bought this kit looking for a razor that would give me a straighter edge to my beard and i wasnt disappointed.

I loved this razer so much that i ended up shaving my beard off just to use it.

Great little kit, great quality and i can see these razors lasting me a long while with my usage.

If it could be improved in any way it would be with a stand and bowl included but really minor issue.
Thanks Men's Biz!
I'm a changed man! Review by: Scott 15/08/2016
What can I say. This has change my life. From hating a shave in the morning and basically not shaving for 2-3 days a week, to loving my morning shave and shaving close to 7 days a week (Sunday is still a day of rest). Why wasn't I told about these razors sooner?!?!? I've now convinced another 2 people to buy this kit and they love it!
Couldn't recommend higher Review by: Oliver 26/07/2016
Love this kit. This is my first wet shaving kit and it has everything you need. The first thing my partner noticed was no more razor burn / rash. Highly recommend to all
Happy as Larry Review by: Tim 22/07/2016
Excellent service. Excellent brush. Excellent razor. Excellent everything. After using a shavette for the past 9 months thought it was time to try D/E shaving and all roads led to the Merkur 34c. Thought I would go with this kit to upgrade my brush and try some different blades and also add to the cream/soap collection and to say that I am ecstatic would be an understatement. As soon as it arrived I opened it up and was immediately impressed with the wrapping /packaging. Had to have a shave straight away and it was hands down without a doubt the best shave I have ever had. Period. A few seeps but BBS all over my face. Anyone wanting to try D/E shaving must buy this kit right now. Thanks mensbiz for everything.
Great Starter Kit Review by: Euan 19/07/2016
This is a fantastic place to start off if you have never used a double edge razor before, has numerous different blades to try out and see which suits your skin. Could have used a few instructions but nothing a few youtube videos didn't fix. I took the Tobs Avocado Cream as I have sensitive skin however I wish I could have just got Proraso White as an option instead. If you have big hands you might find the 34c a little small in your hands, I don't have overly big hands and I feel it is quite small.
Great place to start Review by: Scott 22/02/2016
I bought this kit after 20years of electric shaving. I had been convinced of the benefits and so wanted to give it a try. The 34c razor is still my go-to razor as it is not to mild but forgiving. The finish is excellent and the handle both comfortable and non-slip. Wide rage of blades to try as each face is different. I chose Proraso Red cream which is easy to lather and provides good protection. There are better soaps out there but for again, this is a great place to start. If I had my time again I would choose Speick or TOBS. Really the only let down in this pack for me was the brush. It is not bad, in fact a nice bush with soft tips, does not hog the later etc but for me I prefer a stiffer brush, it needs more backbone for me. As with everything this is personal and subjective. You might love this brush to pieces and the only way to know what you like is to get one and start. This brush is a good start.

All in all, a top starter kit.
The bread and butter Review by: Ned 27/01/2016
This standard wet shaving kit contains the essentials to start. I came from using cartridges and disposable razors. I have found safety shaving to be less irritating on my skin with significantly less razor burn and a more fragrant scent. This kit can provide the bread and butter for any beginner.

However for a beginners kit, there was minimal information on how to use the safety razor, blades and cream in a shaving process. This was easily solved by a few simple youtube tutorials.
Great selection! Review by: Kenneth 5/01/2016
Great kit and everything you need as an introduction to using a safety razor.

Upgraded to the avocado bowl which has a pleasant and mild scent.

Only (slight) issue is the 34c razor feels a bit small for bigger hands, and I will be purchasing something with a longer handle in the near future.
Great introductory kit to wet shaving Review by: Callum 6/11/2015
Having only ever used an electric razor before this kit provided me with all of the basics needed to get started. Really helped ease me into the world of wet shaving. Also picked up some aftershave and a ceramic bowl to compliment the kit.
No better way to get started Review by: Matt 4/11/2015
A great way to get started on wet shaving. With so many options for razors, blades, brushes and creams it's hard to know where to start but it's all good because Mensbiz has your back. Great selection of products at a great price. You really can't go wrong with this kit. The only regret you might have is not going straight to the deluxe kit...
Great Quality, Incredible fast shipping Review by: Dan 22/10/2015
Really liked the products that came in the kit. Everything you need to start wet shaving. Quality is great and still happy 2 months in. Delivery was incredible speedy, order on a Thursday came the next day. Was a lot better experience than ebay.
Dope Kit Review by: Brendan 19/10/2015
Long annoyed with the cost and quality of shave associated with cartridge razors, I delved into traditional wet shaving with this kit -- and I cannot recommend it enough.

Although I don't claim to have perfect technique AT ALL, I've successfully shaved for a week, working through the blades as suggested, without any cutting, weeping or any skin irritation. In fact, my skin hasn't felt better since I started shaving more than a decade ago!

Anyone cautious of wet shaving (as I was), needn't be with this kit on hand. Highly recommended.
First stop for any newbie Review by: Rob 23/09/2014
Introduction into the world of the DE shave can be a confusing time, which razor, which blades, what cream or soaps etc. This pack does a great job at simplifying the world of shaving.

I always thought it was a bit of a yarn in terms of blades, I mean, a blade is a blade right? Well, it turns out I was incorrect and each blade is slightly different. Yet another beauty of this pack.

Thanks to MensBiz for putting together this pack, it's turned shaving from what had become a chore, into a ritual which I look forward to again. Cheers guys!
Great kit for a starter Review by: Jack 14/06/2014
Decided to get into DE shaving and bought this kit based off the reviews here. Tried it for the first time this morning and was very happy with the result.

Also, delivery to Sydney was incredibly quick.

Couldn't be happier with the product or service :-)
Perfect starting point Review by: Damian 5/06/2014
If your reading this, your obviously interested. Just buy it and try it.
Compared to retail your getting the soap and blades for free.
I've had endless trouble shaving by many means, after using this once, I can see how this is much better. It doesn't feel at all sensitive right after shaving. My tip is to listen to the blade running over your skin, no sound means no hair. It just comes off, no pinching or tugging.
Would be great if you could get a cheap stand, at least for the brush.
Definitely impressed. Not at all as complex as it seems, if anything it's easier then that disposable crap everyone else uses.
Great Review by: Cameron 9/04/2014
First time using a safety razor got directed to this packaged, ordered on a Tuesday delivered on the Wednesday.. very happy with the product and the site.
Excellent Kit Review by: Luke 13/02/2014
This is an amazing starter kit. Works perfectly. I used to get bad razor burn and ingrown hair not any more thanks to this kit. Highly recommend and makes shaving fun again!
Great value, great beginner set Review by: Peter 29/01/2014
Really great value. Brush is awesome. Cream (Proraso Sandalwood) is awesome. Blades are great, will last lots of shaves while I try them all out. The razor is good. Heavy, feels solid. Not too big at all. Easy to use. The only small gripe I have about the razor is that I accidentally pulled out the bottom while twisting it & had to figure out how to put it back together (it's not easy). Awesome set though. Can't see myself ever going back to disposable razor shaving.
Great starter! Review by: Ben 14/01/2014
I was very hesitant at first moving from multi blade cartridge shavers to de razors. All I can say is, why didn't i do it sooner!?

This kit is awesome for those looking to start their de shaving experience, the razor has a nice weight to it meaning little to no pressure is needed to get a nice close shave and with the added bonus of the sample blade pack means you can pick the blade that suits your skin type.

If you buy this kit, you won't be disappointed!
A very classy kit Review by: Simon 9/01/2014
Although dubbed "standard" the components of this kit are all high quality, guaranteeing the best start to wet shaving.
Great kit for DE virgins Review by: Frizz 30/12/2013
After cartridge shaving for over 25 years and also trying out a couple of electric razors to try and save on buying cartridges I finally came to Mens Biz on a colleagues advice.
I picked this kit because it included everything I would need (apart from a bowl) as well as a wide variety of blades.
After watching some how-to videos I had my first ever DE shave and was more than impressed. Not a single nick or spot of blood, baby smooth face and neck, no irritation or itching. Just a perfect shave.
The Proraso Eucalyptus and Menthol cream works perfectly and smells nice and clean.
And I can't finish this review without mentioning the awesome delivery speed. I ordered on Sun 22/12. The order shipped Mon 23/12 and arrived morning of the 24/12. Considering that this is prime Christmas time I wasn't expecting it to arrived before Christmas but the wife and I were pleasantly surprised.
I love it. Review by: Adam 25/12/2013
As a young man, I only have started to shave recently. This is the best, simply no way to put it. It gives me a high quality razor, cream, and and brush. I'm shaving great, no irritation and it's giving me a really close shave. Would highly recomment, thanks again!
5 Star Starter Kit! Review by: Shane 28/10/2013
After using disposable for 30 years i decided to go back to a wet shave kit. This one was doing the rounds in a forum i frequent so i dug it up and placed my order.

It arrived within 3 days, i was astounded already. upon opening i had a great collection of blades, and all the requirements of a complete kit. looking good so far, now to actually shave with it.

I admit that being out of practice it took me a couple of goes and I had to learn to go a bit slower than my old rushed scrape and run disposable days. But now after a week or so shaving is a breeze. ahh the joys of the soft bristles lathering your face.

in summary this is the ideal starter (or if you're revisiting wet shaving) kit. definitely worth the price.

Now i just need to work out which blades work for me.
Great pack to get started Review by: Cads 22/10/2013
I bought this after researching into the world of safety razors and its a great starter.

The Merkur 34C is the perfect razor to start with and the extensive selection of blades lets you find what you like. You can't go wrong with the choices of creams/soaps to get started and you quickly figure out what you prefer.

My only issue is with the brush. I know its an entry level kit but it just looks cheap, almost like it was given away free on a magazine. Mine has a glue mark on it and the 'Mens Biz' logo is not on too well. But it is badger hair and lathers really well. Its probably the first thing I will replace for something that looks a bit classier.

I really enjoy shaving (and I hate shaving) with the items in this kit. I would recommend purchasing Proraso pre-shave cream and an alum block too!
Great Purchase Review by: yan 9/10/2013
I am new to wet shaving and am really happy with the kit. Having hated shaving for so long it has become a ritual I quite enjoy and after getting the hang of it (it does take a little while) there is no way I'm going back to cartridges. Smoothest shave I've had! For those newbies out there, give it a few weeks before you make the call, you need to get the hang of it.
The delivery time was super quick too!
Great place to start Review by: Scott 29/08/2013
I have purchased a few of these kits now, starting with one for myself.
These are perfect starter kits and a great idea for gift sets. Just recently I gave one to a friend for a birthday and he loves it!

Shipping was super fast even all the way to Cairns. Can't wait to give this to another person.
All good, would recommend to others Review by: Fiorello 12/08/2013
I used disposable razors for years and got a bit bored of the average shave they provide.
The double edge razor is a bit weird at 1st but after a few shaves to get used to it gives a really nice close shave. The old school aspect to it is also very cool.
A must for any real gentleman.
Good value and good way to test the waters Review by: Daniel 7/08/2013
Completely new to wet-shaving, loved the idea, read the reviews and took the plunge.

Wonderful starter pack and good value for what you get. The Merkur is great, I've yet to nick myself although am saving the feather blades for when I have more experience.

Got the Proraso Menthol and Eucalyptus and it leaves a lovely fresh tingly feeling after you're done.

Brush is decent and lathers well - I have nothing to compare it against though.

Main con? I like it so much I've now looking to buy more shaving creams/aftershaves brush holders etc! This wet shaving business is addictive.
Great Starter Kit Review by: Jon 5/08/2013
I have just switched to DE shaving. This kit was a great way to start! Even the missus has commented how better my skin is and how smooth I feel, even after a full day. Definitely worth the investment.
Excellent entry kit Review by: Ian 23/07/2013
Was on the fence about DE shaving and bought this kit. Best decision I made, everything I needed. As others have said, changes shaving from a chore to something I enjoy doing.
The TOBS cream smells amazing.
Can't go wrong Review by: Luke 5/07/2013
This is a great value pack to start out with. You're getting a good quality badger brush and an excellent razor.

The selection of blades will keep you going for ages and as mentioned in previous reviews, Proraso shave cream is very easy to lather.

No regrets here!
Wow, love this shave Review by: Scott 25/06/2013
Shaving used to be a chore and razor burn used to be the norm. I searched numerous websites as well as ebay but ended up settling on this kit. It was the best value for money kit on the market and included an amazing brush and razor that you couldn't purchase separately for the same cost of the kit. I absolutely love the Proraso (green) shaving cream, nothing like the crap in a can from your chain stores. Good assortment of blades to get you started. I would have loved an aftershave to go with it though, but that will be next on my list of things to buy off Mensbiz.

Thank you guys for your help with my order and making the transition into DE shaving a pleasant one. Now no more a chore and a massive reduction of razor burn (which should reduce to nil with more practice). Overall, love this kit.
Great new way (for me) to shave Review by: Harry 27/05/2013
Bought this kit because I wanted to try something new and get away from crazy cartridge prices. Used the online chat option to ask for a recommendation and this is what I ended up with. Chose the sandalwood cream. Just finished my first shave and although I've got a nick or two I have to say overall I'm really impressed. Felt an immediate difference between these results and a normal cartridge shave. Plus I really enjoyed myself while I shaved. Looking forward to the next time I use it.

Also couldn't have asked for better service from Men's Biz. The guy in the online chat was great. I placed my order on a Friday afternoon in Townsville, and it showed up today (Monday morning).

Looking forward to buying a nice case next. Thanks.
Great way to get started Review by: Deits 20/05/2013
This has been my introduction to wet shaving. To be honest it has taken me a few weeks to get used to using a DE razor and to get my technique right. But now I have figured out what blades work best for me and how to get a great lather using the Badger Hair Brush. I am now really enjoying shaving!
A great way to test the waters Review by: Ash 23/03/2013
Being new to the caper I did a lot of research and found this kit to be what I needed to delve into wet shaving. The sample packs give you a great idea as to what blade is going to work best for your beard, and the Merkur 38c is quite user friendly once you get into it.
The shaving brush generates a nice lather, and I went for the Proraso Sandalwood & Shea shave cream. I've had the kit for roughly a month and have barely scratched the top off the tube of shave cream, so the claims that it's a 6 month supply are pretty spot on.
Overall, I would recommend this as a great kit. It arrives via post promptly and is well packaged so I can't fault anything.
Fantastic starter kit! Review by: patrick 30/01/2013
Bought this a couple of months ago. Great starter kit with easy to use DE.
No better way to get started! Review by: Reddos 25/12/2012
My first DE shave experience was with this kit. As soon as I got the package I couldn't wait to try it. I was not disappointed. The Merkur HD is comfortable in the hand, the selection of blades and the enclosed guidance on blade selection is great.
I could not believe how fast I got the product. I ordered on Thursday night and received on Monday in Sydney, I did not expect to get such fast service this close to christmas!
Just placed my second order and I am sure I will get the same satisfaction.
Amazing Review by: Danny 10/12/2012
I was a bit edgy when i recieved it as i was sick of paying $25 for a set of 4 plastic cartridges and consistantly bleeding from shaving and having to re shave over spots to get a consistantly good shave as well as always getting black heads.
just go ahead and do it. This is amazing and the best shave i've ever had. This kit is a perfect way to help you replace your shitting plastic piece of rubbish. no more black heads, no more rashes, and no more bleeding as well as a baby smooth shave. you really cant get any better. little expensive to start off with but youll make the money back straight away with just how cheap the blades are
Great starter package! Review by: Stevo 26/10/2012
First of all just let me say how quickly I recieved my order,got it the next morning,fantastic.Now for the review.I am amazed how effortless the razor glides over my skin with no hesitation cutting everything in its path,unlike the cartridge razors you pay a fortune for.
This shave is far superior in terms of quality,closeness and value per shave,its unbeatable when you jump into DE shaving,im wondering why isnt every man shaving with a double edge razor! two thumbs up from me !!
Good value & what super service Review by: Hairy 28/04/2012
I haven't DE shaved since the eighties.

Can I comment first on the service from Mensbiz?

I placed the order yesterday & it arrived today!

Myer are you listening? The reason your business is going down the tubes is because you offer no service & your staff are crap.

Ok got that off my chest.

Razor is great, I am going to use all the blades & when I settle on the best for me that is what I will use from then on.

Thanks Mensbiz for bringing something nice back to retail.
Very impressive Review by: Luke 24/03/2012
My entry into wetshaving, and exit from the big brand cartridge razor treadmill.

No harder to use than a cartridge razor after a very short while, and much better for the wallet after a few months. Enough razors are supplied with the kit for at least 6 months and the shaving cream should last almost as long. Even the tiny sample pack of skin food provided has lasted 3 weeks -- I didn't expect quite that level of value from these high end products.

World land speed record must have been set during delivery of my kit?
Great Entry Pack Review by: Jeff 29/01/2012
I was tired of spending an ever increasing amount on cartridge systems and decided to get rid of all of it and try DE shaving.
After a lot of research on youtube and other online shops, I decided to purchase this pack.
I think this pack has great products for a reasonable price.
The only thing I'd like added is a stand.
Great kit for those new to wetshaving Review by: Adrian 10/01/2012
This kit is a great way to get into wetshaving, with a razor that is well suited to those completely new to wetshaving, like me. I highly recommend this kit to others, it was a brilliant decision to get it.

You may want to buy an aftershave as well, but unlike the creams, the aftershaves in the shops are pretty good.
nike ( just do it ) Review by: Aaron 21/12/2011
if you are on the fence, do it. Excellent starter kit, helps to find the blade that works for you. I started off not knowing what the hell type would work best, now i can order the blades i will use that will. thanks guys, exelent product.


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