Skin Care Kit for Oily Skin

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The Men's Biz Oily Skin Care Kit has been put together with oily skin in mind. Combining our most popular and the most effective products, these three chosen products are designed to tackle the symptoms of an oily skin type: a shiny complexion, open pores, a congested appearance, and pimple/blackhead prone skin. The result is skin that is regulated and balanced, respecting the skin without excessively stripping it of its essential fats and moisture content. This bundle can be put to use straight away, forming a complete daily skin care routine.




Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser, 142g: a multifunctional product, this clay based cleanser balances and mattifies the skin, washing away an excess of oily sebum as added glycolic acid purifies and improves skin clarity. This can also be used as a face mask, which deeply absorbs oils and offers deep down cleansing.

Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner, 236mL: utilising witch hazel with its high tannin content, the drying properties of this toner acts as an astringent and anti-inflammatory agent which helps the skin feel cleaner, soothed and firm, closing open pores that have been excavated of clogging pollutants during the cleansing stage.

men-U Ultra Concentrate Matt Moisturiser, 100mL: crucially oil-free, even oily skin types require moisturising, and this product additionally boasts mattefying properties with effective sebum absorbers to combat greasy skin. The addition of vitamin E provides effective antioxidant properties, ensuring suppleness and environmental protection too.



Daily Routine:

Good skincare begins with cleansing and respect, using a minimal number of the right products matched to the needs of your skin whilst maintaining its integrity. For oily skin, cleansing begins with Jack Black’s Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser, a clay-based product which foams with the addition of warm water to effectively enter and clean the skin of its oil-congested pores. Its acid content further interacts with the oils on the skin, neutralising and breaking these oils down, increasing skin clarity.

Toning completes the cleansing stage, and the natural properties of Baxter of California's Herbal Mint Toner ensures the skin is totally purified yet balanced, soothing the skin of redness whilst closing the now cleansed pores, and priming the skin for moisturiser.

men-u's Ultra Concentrate Matt Moisturiser replenishes and restores the skin of its moisture and hydration content with oil-free moisturising factors without weighing it down or producing an unsightly glossy appearance. Vitamin E supplies protective properties against harmful environmental pollutants.

This process can be performed daily: to begin the day, to end the day, or both

Weekly Face Mask:

In addition to daily cleansing, Jack Black's Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser acts as a mask that is appropriate to use weekly. The use of a clay-based face mask, applied to the face and left to dry for approximately 5-to-10 minutes, thoroughly decongests and extracts excess oils and pollutants, improving skin texture and tone and providing a thoroughly deep cleaned feeling targeting inflamed blemishes and open pores.



Oily Skin Type:

The oily skin type is marked by an excess of sebum production, creating a shiny oily appearance that renders the skin prone to clogged pores, pimples and blackheads, especially in the 'T-zone' area of the face, consisting of the forehead, nose, and chin. Those who experience a glossy surface of skin shortly after washing and cleansing are characteristically of the oily skin type, and require ingredients which dry and balance.