Skin Care Kit for Dry Skin

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The Men's Biz Dry Skin Care Kit has been put together with dry skin in mind, combining our most popular and the most effective products designed to tackle the symptoms of a dry skin type: tight, rough, and scratchy feeling skin, dehydration, inflammation, flaking, and a dull uneven skin tone and texture. The result is soothed and hydrated skin, with a simple regimen working towards an even texture and restoring skin elasticity, protected from environmental aggressors. This bundle can be put to use straight away, forming a complete daily skin care routine.




Anthony Algae Facial Cleanser, 237mL: this cleanser employs hydrating algae, which actively attracts water and promotes water retention on the skin, conditioning it and immediately improving complexion. Rose hip oil delivers a crucial dose of omega fatty acid content, working at the skin’s natural oil barrier for plumper looking skin. This is combined with a generosity of ingredients chosen for their effective anti-inflammatory, moisturising and soothing properties such as soothing azulene derived from chamomile, olive oil esters, glycerin, lavender and aloe vera.

Jack Black Dry Erase Ultra-Calming Face Cream, 73mL: this is a lipid-rich product that readily absorbs into thirsty skin, combing powerful natural extracts that have been dermatologically tested and blended for their effectiveness. Hydromanil™ and jojoba oil provides long lasting hydration and moisture, while SymRelief™ mixed with aloe vera calms redness and irritation.



Daily Routine:

Good skincare begins with cleansing and respect, using a minimal number of the right products matched to the needs of your skin whilst maintaining its integrity. Dry skin requires efficacious moisture and thirst-quenching hydration to then achieve a smooth, supple and even skin tone. The most aggravated of dry skin types are sensitive to the touch, and require ingredients that calm and relieve. Cleansing must then take care not to further dry out the skin, but rather restore and rebuild the skin’s constitution.

Anthony's soft Algae Facial Cleanser is ideal for this task, providing intense hydrating factors while cleansing the skin of dulling impurities and congestion. After cleansing, the skin is soothed and softened, ready to absorb intense hydration. This comes in the form of Jack Black’s Dry Erase, an ultra-calming face cream, with its plentiful combination of natural extracts and lipids that provides sustained hydration and protection against aggravation, resuscitating the skin from its irritated and inflamed state.

This process can be performed daily: to begin the day, to end the day, or both.



Dry Skin Type:

The dry skin type is marked by an overall lack of sebum production in contrast to their oily-skinned counterparts. The causes for this are both intrinsic and extrinsic, including but not limited to prolonged environmental exposure, such as sun damage and dry air lacking moisture, irritating skincare ingredients, and the natural process of ageing, which exacerbates the presence of dry, flaky skin. Dry skin is identified immediately by way of textural and visible indicators, such as an overall roughness, unevenness of tone, redness, and a general feeling of tightness and discomfort. Individuals of this skin type need to avoid excessively stripping and astringent products, and rather opt for formulations rich in hydrating and moisturising qualities.