Men's Biz Lather Bowl v2: Blue

Men's Biz Lather Bowl v2: Blue

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These porcelain shaving bowls have been handmade in Melbourne by ceramic artist, Bridget Foley. Fired to 1300 degrees, the bowls are heat resistant, strong and durable. The thick walls retain heat to keep lather warm and the steep sides of the bowl stop lather from escaping. The outside of the bowl features an ice porcelain glaze, while the inside is a deep blue (also available in black) and has ridges on the base to assist the creation of lather. Each bowl is individually hand signed by the artist. Made in Melbourne.

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Height: 60mm. Diameter: 120mm. (These are handmade items and as such, no two bowls are the same - there may be variations in size, shape and colour).


Soak bowl in warm water before use (the heat of the water will warm the bowl and keep the brush and lather warm while you shave). Scoop out an almond sized amount of shaving cream and use a damp shaving brush to work up a rich, protective lather in the bowl.


Bowl Lathering, Wet Shaving, Working up a Lather, Lathering Shaving Soaps and Creams.

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Cant beat this Review by: Shaun 16/07/2018
Great bowl and one you wont regret buying. After having many bowls this is the only one I use now. Take note of the size as it is larger than you think it will be but is a great size
The only lather bowl you will need. Review by: Matt 18/11/2017
I received this lather bowl as a gift and it is a real performer. The slots/grooves on the bottom agitate both creams and soaps to a smooth and fluffy consistency each and every time. Not only does the bowl look and feel amazing in the hand with its deep colour and earthy appearance but doing so whilst supporting Australian artists... there is nothing better.
V2 > V1 Review by: Izzy 1/06/2017
Great Lather Bowl! I, unfortunately, broke my V1 BF/Mens Biz Bowl so had to replace it. I loved the first one but V2 is so more refined. All the little details are just better! A must buy for any collection!
Proper shaving bowl! Review by: Mark 11/03/2017
The bowl is bigger than I expected but it fits well and safely in my hand. Cream, croap or soap it lathers up a storm. I've tried proprietary bowls and other hand-made ones but this is by far the best to lather with.
Great bowl Review by: Shaun 19/08/2016
Love this bowl for creams. It is for me the perfect size. Wouldn't want any bigger.

Don't buy if you want perfection. It's handmade and the bowl is not perfectly round or flat on the base. I love that and it shows its unique and no other like it
Excellent Review by: Joshua 30/06/2016
This bowl is the perfect size, fits comfortably in my hand and after a few weeks use has never felt like being dropped. The thick walls retain heat well and it floats happily in the sink if needed. The glaze is patchy in places and the star indentation feels like it could be slightly less deep. But it's handmade and beautiful and a huge step up from my old large coffee mug. Buy it.
Best shaving bowl I have. Review by: Fester 19/05/2016
I've tried a number of cheap as chips bowls and I even bought a proper scuttle (which is a beautiful little thing) but it's just too small. The Men's Biz bowl however is a good size, is solid and has a starfish indentation in the bottom that really helps to whip up a lather without much effort. I sit it in another bowl half full of tap hot water to keep the lather and brush from going cold. I'm very happy with it and it was well worth the price.
Looks great works great Review by: Alex 25/03/2016
This bowl looks great sitting on your vanity and when its time to go to work it makes it a breeze to get a great lather.
Great bowl, but coating's starting to wear off Review by: Yee Ming 23/02/2016
The bowl is perfect for it's purpose - lathering. The size and the thickness of it, it's just beautiful. Only down side now is that the blue coating is starting to come off in some areas, perhaps from the abrasion from my brush.
Great bowl! Review by: Noel 11/11/2015
Very happy with the design of this bowl. No spillage, and the ridges in the base make for a great lather in no time. Only downside I'd say is its a lot bigger than I expected - a comparative picture next to a brush or razor could be good for reference.
Beautifully made Review by: Declan 14/10/2015
Really nice product. Lathers well, holds the heat, and is very clearly hand-made. Would recommend.
A very well made bowl Review by: Alfred 27/07/2015
This bowl is nice and thick which works well to hold in the warmth within its porcelain walls however it is a little difficult for me to hold in a comfortable manner as its a little awkward to hold due to its lack of base or handle.
The interior of the bowl is nicely finished and has some great indentations in the bottom which assist in the process of creating a lather however I find the side walls to be much too high which may be a pain when vigorously trying to create a lather as one may hit their brush handle on it causing it to cling and clang.

Overall its a quality build which should last for years to come.

If I dropped this I'd probably look for an alternative design however I'd be pretty upset to see it go.
Great Bowl Review by: Cameron 7/06/2015
After spending too much time looking for suitable bowls in various department stores and flea markets, I saw this bowl on the site and decided to purchase.

This bowl is very well suited to the job. It lathers well, with the diameter and height pretty well spot on. The bowl feels secure when held in a wet hand.

The ceramic holds heat quite nicely. I usually leave the bowl in a basin of hot tap water while showering. That's OK, though in cooler weather it pays to re-heat it with freshly drawn hot water just before making the lather so as to provide enough heat for multiple passes.
Bowled over Review by: Gregory 30/11/2014
Handsome bowl and great design (V2) makes the most of your cream - especially good for the more difficult to lather types eg Triumph & Disaster.Prob wouldn't hurt to design in some finger grips say on the rim AND the base to avoid slippage,especially for those with a shorter grip,but nonetheless a great design .
Simply Outstanding, Unique Product! Review by: Jateen 2/09/2014
This is a short review to say that I have purchased 2 of these already. They have such a great shape, style and quality that I am in the market for a third. Truth be told, I accidentally dropped both of them (from quite high albeit) and they broke but the point is - they are so good that I'm buying a third!!!

Also the service from MensBiz has been outstanding for every product that I've purchased from them!
Need a bowl? Get this one! Review by: Alex 10/02/2014
Qantas decided that they wanted to smash the shaving bowl (hand made in Africa!) that I had been using ever since I started DE. Bummer.

So I looked around and found the MensBiz V2 bowl.... in short, as others have said, it's awesome. Nicely made, compact size, looks good, it lathers very quickly, keeps heat in well and is just awesome.

Unfortunately, because i'm a klutz, I dropped my V2 in the sink, smashing it into peices, not 2 weeks after receiving it. Sigh!

So I bought another one.

They're that good. Get one.
YES! Review by: Marty 15/12/2013
In my ignorance, I really thought that you couldn't do much to improve on the bog standard shaving bowl... Then I bought this little treasure.

The standout feature is the hyper-quick and voluminous lather you get on account of the grooves in the bottom. Otherwise, it's a great size, it's stylish, it's very high quality it's handmade... There is just nothing more to say.

A deceptively simple bit of kit has turned into an extraordinary stroke of genius. Just get this thing and be confident you've got the best darned shaving bowl in existence.
Good bowl Review by: Hugh 10/12/2013
Works well and looks great. The new design grips the cream enough to cause decent lather build up. Nice to have a warm bowl heating up the lather a little on a cold morning. Really makes shaving a more pleasurable experience.
Recommended AAA+++ Review by: Christian 12/08/2013
No wonder these bowls sell out within weeks. I cannot recommend these enough. Perfect size and the ridges help a lot to generate a nice lather. They hold the heat very well too.
Must have ! Review by: Bazinga 2/08/2013
As others have said this bowl lathers so quickly with the new ridges and it does retain the heat really well too.. Really love that fact that it's aussie made too .. Nice work Mensbiz !
I LOVE this new bowl! Review by: Evan 31/07/2013
These bowls are fantastic as they hold heat very well, are comfortable to hold, are Australian made and look great. I own the older model and this new model v2, I would have to say that the new star shaped pattern (ridges) inside the v2 bowl is by far the best asset for this new bowl. The new pattern noticeably speeds up lather time.
This change is a winner! Grab one before they sell out.
Must buy!! Review by: Hman 25/07/2013
What a great bowl!! I would really recommend this shaving bowl if you are in the market to buy one.

You get a faster lather with the design of the inside of the bowl. Been using this bowl for months, and am very happy with it!!


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