Rosam EDP Spray, 60ml

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An ode to wisdom, silver symbolizes the moon. It gives gold its brilliance and highlights the radiance of a delicate and sophisticated rose. She gloriously emerges at the head of a bouquet composed of oud, incense and saffron flowers, unveiling the spirit of a vibrant East.

Majestic, royal and fragile rose, embraced by oud and caressed by incense.



Fragrance Family:
Woody Oriental

Main Note:

Eau de Parfum

A stunning rose - wear this all day, every day!

Made in France



This is the rose lover's rose. The rose here is potent and blooming, with all of its facets on display, sweetly fresh with citrus-and-honey nuances, deeply green and charming, earthy yet ethereal all at once. It's beautifully lavish, and rendered even more profound with the glorious addition of saffron and oud, completing the exotic trifecta. Rare notes make for rare and beautiful fragrances - and Rosam smells like a bounty; a persistently beguiling, and never exasperating combination of fragrant materials that just work. This is more than a rose, but it is never not a rose fragrance - the addition of incense, patchouli, and citrus should also be noted: they do wonderful things to the rose, forcing us to see the note through a idealised filter - heightened, contrasted, brightened, and saturated perfectly. Glorious.



Rose petals, Citrus, Saffron flowers, Incense, Rose Absolute, Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Oud