ATX All Terrain Razor

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The HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Razor makes shaving faster, easier and more efficient than any previous HeadBlade. The ATX utilises rear mounted multi-blade technology with flow through design and is an effective and versatile face, body and leg shaver. Includes one HB4 cartridge, but is also compatible with HB6 cartridges (sold separately).

Awards: Winner of the Men's Health Grooming Awards for Best New Razor.





Wet head with hot water. Lather up using a shave cream designed for head shaving. Put HeadBlade on middle finger. Rest it between the first and second knuckle. Take long smooth strokes along your scalp (leading with the blade).

Always keep the wheels in contact with your scalp and don't apply any pressure. When you're done, rinse with cold water and follow with a good moisturising lotion.